(First Impression) Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Light Cream

10th May 2018 marks a historical moment!
It is a very meaningful moment and is something I never thought I would live to see or tell. This is the moment where all races unite for one aim-
"A better future achieved through peace and democracy!"
This is a story I would love to tell to my future kids and my godson :)

Many of us are proud to call ourselves, "Saya anak Malaysia!"

Weather is super hot and as a dry-combination skin type, I am always searching for good moisturizers that will keep me hydrated while running errands! As a Malaysian, who wouldn't know what our national flower, the Hibiscus is?

I have collage snippets of Hibiscus I took from Mr. Google ^^
Do you know that it actually contains a lot of healthy and beauty benefits?
I do not know that and went to MR. Google for help:
(+) Hibiscus tea helps in lowering blood pressure, bad cholesterol, & also body mass index (BMI).
(+) Hibiscus is nicknamed "Botox Plant" as it helps in exfoliating, firming and lifting for the skin.
(+) Hibiscus is a source for AHAs that helps in increasing moisture content in the skin.

Mamonde has incorporated our national flower into its NEW Advanced Moisture Ceramide range!
Today I will be focusing in only one of the product and its the Moisture Light Cream ^^
Mamonde always has beautiful packaging. This is the Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Light Cream.

WHY Ceramide? 
I pity our skin barrier coz they are damaging day by day with various external stressors as well as the chemicals that I have been applying throughout my journey of reviewing various skincare and makeup products on my face. The key to improving damaged skin barrier would be the common skin moisturizer and oil. It may not be enough so we will need ceramide that makes up 50% of the lipid  in skin layer that functions to supply ample moisture to the outer layer of the skin and eventually protect us from the various external stressors.

Sounds like a beneficial moisturizer to dry skin type user! ^^

Let's welcome a moisturizer like no other, a moisturizer that contains double the natural moisturizing agent found in Hibiscus to retain moisture inside the skin and its high concentraion of ceramide (it was exclusively developed for 20 years)  helps build a double layered moisture barrier on the skin surface to prevent the skin's moisture loss. Moreover, its soft and tight texture will definitely aid in better absorption upon application, plumping your skin instantly for a healthy glow! ^^

Claimed Benefits of Mamonde Ceramide Range:
(+) Doubled the content of Hibiscus extracts to enhance activation of the skin's moisture factor, thus reinforcing and strengthening skin's moisture barrier.
(+) Double-Moisture Barrier Technology to intensify the protective layer of the skin, thus preventing and limiting the inflow of harmful substances while ensuring that the skin is always moisturized and hydrated.
(+) The Lipid Networking System creates a smooth formula that allows the ceramide to adhere to the skin with its structure similar to the skin.


Tried & Tested:

Are you excited as I am? :)

Brand: Mamonde
Item: Moisture Ceramide Light Cream
Content: 50ml
Cost: RM139

I love freshly opened packaging! ^^

Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Squalane, Dicaprylyl Ether, Cyclohexasiloxane, BIS-PEG-18 Methyl Ether Dimethylsilane, Sucrose Polystearate, Glyceryl Stearate, Myristyl Myristate, PEG-100 Stearate, 1,2-Hexanediol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Hydroxyethylacrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyltaurate Copolymer, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Fragrance, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Glyceryl Caprylate, Tromethamine, Ethyl Hexylglycerin, Xylitylglucoside, Disodium EDTA, Adenosine, Anhydroxylitol, Sorbitan Isostearate, Xylitol, Glucose, Hibiscus Syriacus Bark Extract, Tocopherol, BHT, Stearyl Behenate, Sucrose, Polyglyceryl-3 Methylglucose Distearate, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Hydroxypropyl Bispalmitamide Mea, Inulin Lauryl Carbamate, Acrylates/Stearyl Methacrylate Copolymer, Tremella Fuciformis (Mushroom) Extract, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Hyaluronic Acid, Xanthan Gum, Polysorbate 20, Rosa Canina Fruit Extract, Ceramide NP, Indole Acetic Acid. 

According to Skincarisma:
(+++) Adenosine has anti-aging properties, Powerful moisturizing agent by Butylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate & Glycerol; Paraben-free; Sulfate-free
(---) Contains Alcohol (bad for dry and sensitive skin); Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter is potentially comedogenic (possibly block pores) for oily skin user. 

Claimed Benefits of Light Cream:
24-hour hydration with soft and refreshing texture
Protects and strengthens skin's moisture barrier to ensure skin is well moisturized

After cleansing and prepping, apply appropriate amount smoothing from the center of the face outward. Use morning and evening.

Sturdy classy white-red ombre tub.

White soft & light texture that melts onto skin leaving a fresh finish.

Light floral scent. Never really know how to identify how a hibiscus smell like. Pleasant ^^


Here is the swatch of white cream

It easily sinks in and dry down to a fresh finish!

After a week of usage, this are what I think. I love the light texture. Would recommend to those with combination skin like mine or those of you who do not like Intense Cream that are more heavy and rich. Definitely light like its name and get absorb into the skin easily leaving a dewy and plump looking skin ^^

Yes, but will still be looking around coz wanna explore with more brands ^^



You may check out the full range of this NEW Mamonde Advanced Moisture Ceramide Range at all Mamonde Beauty Counters (AEON 1 Utama, PJ; AEON Mid Valley Megamall, KL; Parkson Suria KLCC, KL; AEON Bukit Indah, JB; AEON Tebrau City, JB; AEON Queensbay Mall, Penang; Parkson Gurney Plaza, Penang;), Sephora stores (Mid Valley Megamall, KL; 1 Utama, PJ; IOI City Mall, Putrajaya; Komtar, JB; IMAGO Shopping Mall, KK; Nu Sentral, KL) & even online from 11street.com.my and lazada.com.my.

Mamonde Website
@Mamondemy Facebook
@MamondeMalaysia Instagram

That's all from me.
Comment down below if you have tried this and what you think about it! ^^


(First Impression) Tips for Embracing the Hot Weather with Mamonde!

The weather is just extra hot these days. Not only does it blind your eyes but burn your skin.

Did you realize the temperature has increase since February. During this time of the year, we perspire more and there will be situation where you get sun burn. There's even news report on the Meteorological Department warning the public about the extreme high level of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, that is, it can reach up to index reading of 15 on a clear day in the noon (any reading above 11 is considered as extreme, according to the international standard measurement of the level of UV radiation exposure).

So please do equip yourself with the UV shields and your skin will thank you!! ^^

So what UV shields can you equip?
They can be as common as an umbrella, hat, ultra thin jacket with UV protection properties, UV sleeves, Sunblock, Sunglasses as well as whitening skincare to maintain a bright, flawless skin!


5 Tips with Mamonde in coping with the hot weather:

#1: Surround Yourself with Flowers

Image from Enjoy Nature.

Best to stay indoor and surround yourself with flowers! Why flowers? Flowers is said to be the source of happiness and who doesn't love the scent of flowers that lifts your mood (unless you are allergic to the pollens then maybe you can try essential oils?). For example, Magnolia have therapeutic properties and is commonly used in Chinese medicine to treat stress. But if you die die need to go out, keep yourself protected with your UV shields and also hydrated with water and mist for your thirsty skin!

#2: Quench Thirst with Cooling Floral Teas
I love making my own flower teas at home and its so easy to regulate the sweetness level with addition of either honey or rock sugar. Example of dried flowers/leaves I usually love is the chyrsanthemum & mulberry leaves.

#3: Infuse your Food with Edible Flowers

Image from Tokopedia.

This I don't really do coz I find it weird and feeling like a rabbit or something XD Sorry for sounding silly but I shall learn to eat them since they contain beneficial nutrients that my body need. Rose is a popular edible flower. Do you know that the petals contain about 95% of water  & also some vitamin C? Bright colored edible flowers have great antioxidant properties as well as vitamins and minerals that our body need. Have a go during this extra hot season to replenish lost nutrients and minerals.

#4: Shield your Skin with Calendula

I have been wanting to try this Mamonde Calendula Sun Cream. Image taken from ebay.

With the high index reading, it is important to shield yourself from the UVA and UVB rays. Calendula in a sunscreen offers restorative properties that promotes healing from burns and inflammation, consequently restore a youthful glow. For outdoor activity, it is recommended to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours (especially during the peak hour between 1-4 pm). I believe in this and bring my sunscreen with me wherever I go. ^^

#5:Apply Whitening Skincare for a Flawless Radiant Skin

Image from Akeru Feed.

I do not use whitening skincare everyday but more of an alternate day thing as whitening skincare may dry out my already dry skin. I personally think this method works best for my skin. What about you? Meet Mamonde's Pure White - it's a whitening and anti-aging range that dispels effect caused by the sun. It is formulated with only the buds of the white Magnolia flowers before blooming. These Magnolia buds contain the highest amount of active ingredients that fights aging signs, blemishes and yellow skin tone in exchange for a brighter, fairer complexion. Mamonde Pure White Ultra Active series consist of :

Pure White Ultra Active Skin Softener, Pure White Ultra Active Skin Emulsion, Pure White Ultra Active Essence, and Pure White Ultra Active Cream.
(Image by PR, not mine)


First Impression:

After testing the Mamonde Pure White Ultra Active Special KIT for a few days and here are my first impression.

This is my bare skin after applying step 1-5. Glowy isn''t it.

#1: The Mamonde First Energy Essence (25ml) is watery and light colorless liquid. It also has a mild citrus and floral scent. A little goes a long way. I use it as my toner step.

#2: Pure White Ultra Active Skin Softener (25ml) has a gel-like consistency. It has a mild floral scent. It absorbs and plump my skin immediately.

#3: Pure White Ultra Active Emulsion (25ml) also has a mild floral scent in a milky light cream texture.I take it as a light moisturizer.

#4: Pure White Ultra Active Essence (5ml) looks so unique! It dispenses in a clear gel that can easily be absorbed into the skin.

#5: Lastly, seal all the goodness with the Pure White Ultra Active Cream (15ml).

Get this kit for FREE if you spend RM350 at Mamonde beauty counter.
This Pure White Ultra Active 5-piece kit worth RM129.
Promo ending on 7th May 2018.


That's all from me today.
Thanks for dropping by and tell  me which tips you find the most effective for you? :)


(Event) Workshop on AHA-GINN Magic Detox Treatment

On 7th April 2018, we attended a workshop at WSPACE, Northpoint, Mid Valley City.

The speaker is none other than Ginnie Lam, the founder of Ginn International.

Meet Ginnie! ^^
(Image from Google)

This is a snippet during the workshop when she tells us about her victory in her first pageant. In a gist, one should always be confident no matter the result but enjoy the process and learn from it.

Here is a list of achievements by Ms Ginnie (obtained from Google). She have had bad reaction after a treatment at a beauty saloon at 19. Nothing in the market help improve her condition so she eventually have low self confidence. She attended various classes (beauty, nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and natural ingredients) in the hope that it would improve her skin condition. She did it! It did not stop there. ^^

Up till today, she have successfully improve the lives of many with sensitive skin, acne inflammation, hormone imbalance, and porous skin.

She is such an incredible, inspiring, strong woman!

What does Ginn mean?
Ginn comes from the founder's name. In korean it translate to "zhen" which means truth.
Ginn International aims to be a fairy instead of a goddess so she created a group called Ginn Fairy Club.

What does it mean to be a fairy?
Being a 'fairy' means to posses positive qualities (such as continuous self-improvement, open-mindedness, confidence, gentleness, graceful beauty, well-mannered, knowledgeable, appreciative, helpfulness, selfless dedication, happiness, being understanding, full of energy. love yourself and love others) and fight through darkness (obstacles in life).

The speaker is Ginnie Lam herself while the one demonstrating the facial is Alice (a loyal user and her testimonial link is below!)

"Being born with a pretty face is not something everyone can have. But maintaining the youth and improve our skin texture requires commitment and discipline. To being truly pretty, one should know and regulate their flow of 'chi' essence. A poor flow of 'chi' leads to fatigue, lowered immunity and metabolism, cold hands and feet, insufficient sleep, and inability to focus. To improve the flow of 'chi', it is important to care for the heart, lungs, spleen, liver and kidneys," says Ginnie.

To improve the flow of "chi", you must incorporate all 3 qualities in your lifestyle:
1- good fitness program
2- good diet
3- healthy mental & emotional well being

About Ginn Fairy Club?
It is a platform to provide knowledge & technique in fighting darkness together (stress etc).
Register HERE.

Here's a group pic with the models of Ginn Fairy Club, Ms Ginnie, fellow bloggers and the Madmaverick team.

Ginn Fairy Club Membership?
5-year membership for HK$2000

You'll get?
1. Redeem HK$2000 worth of Ginn Skin products
2. Benefits & Privileges **Refer to webpage for the "Monthly Ginn Fairy Club Member Benefits"**
- Join online on various training courses (such as Beauty Makeover, Self Image & Mannerism, Nutrition Regimen courses, Slimming & Beauty Recipes, Model Training, Speech & Presentation Skills Technique, Social Etiquette, KOL Training, Therapist Training Course).
- Join GinGin Facebook Live (to join lucky draws, quizzes, complimentary health and beauty consultations and birthday parties).


About Ginn Skin:
Ginnie (the founder of Ginn Skin) believes that beautiful skin comes form proper skincare with healthy lifestyle. Ginn Skin is a chinese herbal skincare series that has the best ingredients with maximum effect for your skin. Ginn Skin is a fusion of Western nutritional concept with Oriental Chinese medicine theory.

Why Ginn Skin products?
Suitable for all skin types. Protection. Moist. Nourishment. Anti-allergic. Soft. Suitable for pregnancy

Does not contain:
Artificial flavors. No metallic elements. Does not block pores. Does not influence hormones.


Workshop with Ginnie Lam
AHA-GINN Magic Treatment : Face DetoxSlim

AHA-GINN Magic Treatment is a collaboration with Korea technology where AHA plays an important role in extracting toxins. This magic treatment helps detox and repair our face.
Who doesn't want a more toned, V-face & improved circulation to remove excess water that causes water retention?

Here, Ms Ginnie is explaining how our toxins and excess water (hiding in the very deep layer of our skin) are flushed out.

Here she is highlighting the star product of her series, the Extra Healing Herbal Mask! It has the most overwhelming TCM scent that does soothes the skin coz of a cooling sensation and a very moist finish for the skin. It can be either used as a wash-off mask or a sleeping mask. ^^

It's an informative session to hear and see for myself the effectiveness of the Magic Treatment after just 1 session!

This is the complete Ginn Skin series.
You may hop over to their site for more information or consultation!

#1: Lymphatic & deep tissue massage using AHA Balance Massage Cream
This massage motion helps to "liquify" jelly-like toxic substance under the layers of your skin.
#2: Deep press acupuncture beauty points using AHA Aroma Oil
Stronger massage to improve circulation in lymphatic nodes. Also able to stimulate blood flow to enter deeper layer to get ready to flush out excess "water and fats" in step #4. You may feel stinging pain at this stage. 
#3: Stimulating massage using AHA AC Gel Base Cream
Its like a thick gel texture and requires some time to dry. During the process of drying, toxins and dead skin cells are "pulled" out. Your skin will feel tight as the cream dries up. 
#4: Release toxin, soothing and calming using Ginn-Herbal Mask
It gives a cooling feeling. Make sure to scrub well and cleanse off.
#5: Re-structuring the face shape & balancing the hydration of the skin with roller ball using Ginn Skin Essence Treatment Water, Ginn Skin Eye Serum & Ginn Skin Face Serum
Ginn Skin Essence Treatment Water helps to refine pores and control oil secretion. With enough hydration, it helps to moderate skin condition and de-swells puffiness, moderate oil secretion and allow skin to regulate to a more normal condition. Ginn Skin Eye Serum hydrates your eye area. Tap a lot to improve circulation and it also give a lot of positive stress to encourage your body to work too! Same goes to when using the Ginn Skin Face Serum.
#6: Conditioning and protecting the skin using Ginn Skin Eye Cream and Ginn Skin Face Cream
Its the sunscreen step. Its like a tinted moisturizer but with weird clumps that you need to press in and it will melt into your skin if its well-hydrated.

We got to try a few products on our skin and to be honest, they all are light (like water!) but have this herbal smell. The sunscreen melted so well into my skin but not on Sharon or Karen. I don't know why but I guess a super well-hydrated base is important and I kinda like applied it right after a moisturizing water or cream!


This is Joanne (Volunteer, User, and Blogger).
One side of the face is treated, can you see which side?
Its the Left!

There is obvious lifting & toning comparing the face on the right and left! Lifting-toning is seen at the tail of the eye, cheek, and jaw line. Oh, eye bag also much reduced and dark circles are almost gone? :)  Much energized and more youthful looking already! ^^


Testimonial and video on Alice's skin improvement, click HERE.
For other testimonials, click HERE.

Thanks again for having me.
For my review on a few goodies I got, stay tuned! ^^



(Event) All You Need for A Perfect Unicorn Party

Hello lovelies!

Another year of birthday celebration for The Butterfly Project Malaysia! This is a community that welcomes all lifestyle & beauty bloggers, thanks to founder, Tammy mamasan. I had countless opportunities & growth!

A quick pic with Mamasan Tammy
Pic credits to bae Bella :)

The theme this year for The Butterfly Project 5th Birthday is "Unicorn"!

It was both exciting & nerve-wrecking!
Exciting coz its my first ever Unicorn party & who doesn't love a unicorn party!
Nerve wrecking coz its a challenge in finding for cute unicorn-inspired outfit. XD

This is me looking all crazy when walking to the venue through the Starling Mall.
But we all looked normal once we have reached the party venue ^^

(Shot by bae Angie)


Here are 5 important points to take note when throwing a Unicorn Party!
1: Dress the Part!
2: Venue & Decorations
3: Food & Desserts

4: Activity
5: Unicorn Goodie Bag

1: Dress the Part!
Makeup: Inspired by Kayleigh Noelle Unicorn Makeup Tutorial. Blings I got it from Mr. DIY. Eyebrows concealed first before using Mamonde Creamy Lip Balm for a pair of pink brows ^^. Blusher all over where my contour are supposed to go and go cray with the glitters I got from NYX.
Hair: A few days before the party, I had my sister dyed my hair with my newly purchased Espesso Diamond in Sky Blue & Violet (or go for color extensions!). Luckily it works on most part of my bleached hair! Next, I tied it up in a sleek ponytail with hair wrapped around, inspired by Unicorn Hairstyle Tutorial by Princess Hairstyles.
Nails: It is totally optional. You can either paint them yourself but I really want a cute unicorn so I visited Bee Q Nails Lite @ Da Men Mall ^^
Outfit: A rainbow pastel mini swing dress paired with a white long sleeve top. White top resembling a unicorn body and a last minute rainbow pastel dress from two years ago. Bought but never got the chance to wear XD

The common color scheme of unicorn when I go search on pintrests are of pastel pink, purple and blue, & also loads of blings. Do you think my look today fit the unicorn theme? I know I gotta improve especially my eye shadow as its my second attempt in putting together the makeup. Others (the hairstyle and attire) are a last minute decision XD

A full unicorn #ootd shot by Eros aka fishmeatdie (the most awesome photographer!).
Check his post and IG for his beautiful shots as always!

2: Venue & Decorations
There are a lot venues that you can rent! Simply choose one that is spacious and with plenty of natural lighting for good photos!

Good lighting + beautiful unicorns + awesome photographer = memorable moments perfectly captured!
(Image by Eros)

This is the must-have desserts and unicorn cake. Also some marbled balloon decor and tassels by Brrrloon (more details below!)

Look at Leonard's hair flip! Its always fun with him being the emcee!
Brrrloon also made the party initiation more fun by providing the balloons filled with confetti for our Leondard (Emcee) and Tammy mamasan (founder of The Butterfly Project) to burst.

3: Food & Desserts
Its a must for a party to have awesome food and desserts as you want to keep your guests' stomach happy too! ^^

Look at the party table of desserts and also 'The Spot' for photos!
(Shot by bae Angie)

This is our lunch.
(Image by Eros)

4: Activity
This is the activity card specially curated by Tammy. SO PRETTY!
Definitely enjoyed all the activities
You may consider this for your future party activities too!

Super duper cute activity card purposely printed for this activity.
Mamasan the perfect party planner!!!

#1: Boomerang Photoboox by GNG Studiobooth

The GNG Studiobooth team.
(Image by Eros)

This is the star of the show and all parties should have it! Why? Coz it offers unlimited photo printing & even boomerang photobox (nope, its different compared to your normal GIF photobox as boomerang photobox is the on the spot live action video recording!) How awesome is that! They will directly send the soft copy to you too! This has the longest queue throughout the party session! ^^

Posing for our pic!
(Image credits to Eros!)

With my baes, Angie & Bella. Had one of the GNG Studiobooth staff to take our pic coz the lighting and background is on point!!!

I love the good quality of the printout as it is waterproof and anti-fingerprint! <3

Full List of Services:
GNG Studiobooth
GNG Photobox
Wedding Studiobooth
Portrait Studiobooth
Follow You
Green Scree
GIF Booth
Boomerang Booth

Stalk GNG Sudiobooth:
Website   Instagram   Facebook

Hon Leong 016-528 5810
Ling Ching 017-870 7290


23, Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 6,
Sri Edaran Light Industrial Park, Batu 7 1/2.
52100 Kepong Baru. Kuala Lumpur.

#2: Flower Bar by Everyday Flowers

The Everyday Flowers team.
(Image by Eros)

This idea is so romantic and definitely would cheer up someone's day including yourself!
I love the idea of gifting myself coz at a lot of times we forgot about ourselves! Here is the flower bar filled with a variety of flowers for your guests to choose from. All you have to do is just choose two stalks and they'll customize your mini bouquet for you! I like the idea that we get to bring 
back a little part of the celebration home!
They also make great props and makes me feel loved ^^

Just us girls selecting our stalks and there are the mini bouquets ready for collection ^^

Doesn't it look lovely and matching with my outfit? :)

About Everyday Flowers:
Everyday Flowers is an online based flower shop located at Subang Jaya. They provide creative flower bouquet for your special occasion. Place your order three days in advance and delivery are available.

Stalk Everyday Flowers:
Instagram   Facebook

014-663 4913

T2-07-07 The Square, One City
Subang Jaya

#3: 50gram
I was surprised that we all actually had the opportunity to 'adopt' our own unicorn mug.
We also got our adoption certificate <3

For the Unicorn Mug, click HERE.

About 50Gram:
They are an online florist shop that also deliver fresh flower bouquets to area in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and also Penang. From Flowers to cake, plush toy and even other stuff for various celebration you can think of! ^^

Stalk 50Gram:
Website   Instagram   Facebook

018-261 8219

18-03A & 18-06, Menara K1, Commerce One, Bedford Business Park
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#4: Brrrloon

Here is the Brrrloon team!
(Image by Eros)

Have you already caught up with this first ever in Malaysia, the auto-inflate coloring balloon yet? I personally think this is an activity suitable for both the children as well as adults ^^ We had an enjoyable time coloring and self-inflate our own balloon (by hitting the center and shake it for a minute or two!).

Thanks bae Lee Yann for capturing me while I color! ^^
It was a hobby longggg ago ^^

About Brrrloon:
They deliver smiles and happiness since 2016 with all sorts of balloons you can think of. The different balloons includes: Personalized Bubble Balloon, Helium Balloons, Auto-inflate Coloring Balloon, Balloon Powered Toys, Balloon Sculpture, Balloon Arches and more!

Stalk Brrrloon:
Website   Instagram   Facebook

018-277 7130

Block Gurney, Unit G-1-2, Plaza Arkadia,
No. 3, Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa Park City, 52200 KL.

#5: Best Dress Award
Thanks to the biggest sponsor, Trollbeads Malaysia, for rewarding the three most outstanding unicorn!

Congratulations once again to the 3 most outstanding unicorns that day!
From L-R:
Tammy Mamasan (Founder of The Butterfly Project Malaysia), Syafiera (she looks like a unicorn fairy!), Rawlins (the most glam and bling unicorn!), Bella (the sweetest unicorn princess!), Tehmina (gorgeous emcee/host/producer/journalist)
(Image by Eros!)

About Trollbeads Malaysia:
They are a premium customization jewelry store since 1976. If you have read my post on it, I love how each beads carry a different story so each bracelet of a customer is unique & meaningful. There are a variety of choices and you can customize your one and unique jewelry from charms, pendants, clasps, bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and also tiara (You may have a full intro in my blog HERE)!

Stalk Trollbeads Malaysia:
Website     Instagram   Facebook

Trollbeads Sunway Pyramid
Jalan PJS 11/15, 47500 Petaling Jaya
Tel.: 0060 356130728

Trollbeads Mid Valley Megamall
75, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel.: 0060 322020728

Trollbeads Vivacity
Jalan Wan Alwi, 93350 Kuching.
Tel.: 5646 654654

#5: Unicorn Goodie Bag
Unveiling what's inside is just sooooo exciting ^^

Can you guess how many goodies are in this tiny yet cute unicorn bag?
(Image credits to Eros!)

Read on below and I will highlight in more details of where to get it, and my mini review/thoughts!

1- Thank You Card from Tammy Mamasan
As always, the most thoughtful mamasan!
We love you always! Thanks for the guidance all along! ^^

So creative & thank you for giving me another unicorn brush from Wanderlust Things (is it a concealer brush? I think so. Thanks anyway! ^^)

2- NYX Cosmetics Malaysia Makeup Products
Thank you NYX for gifting us these two creative items: the Vivid Brights Eyeliner (VBL09, Vivid Blossom) & #lotd Lip of the Day (LOTD08, Cherished). I love the lip liner as it gives a metallic finish and is really smudge-proof. The eyeliner is really pretty and rich color pay off. It is also smudge-proof too! I will be using both of these on both my lip and eye area! ^^ Am a long fan of NYX Cosmetics Malaysia! Comment down below if you are too! ^^

Vivid Brights Eyeliner (Blossom) cost RM30
#lotd Lip of the Day (Cherished) cost RM35
You may get NYX Cosmetics Malaysia product at their physical store and also other online sites.

3- Koji Dolly Wink's Eyelashes
There are 4 new variatons No.28 Lovely Girl, No.29 Pure Dolly, No.30 Chiffon Nude, & No.31 Airy Doll. They are priced at RM58.90 each and is available at selected stores such as Watsons and Sasa Malaysia.

I got No.29 Pure Dolly

4- Unicorn Necklace with gift card from Wanderlust Things
Do you want this too? It cost only RM14.90.

A direct link for purchase HERE.

5- Dear Beaute (Japan)
Himawari Hair Shampoo and Conditioner Samples

Will update when I use it.
If you wanna try them, you may purchase them at your nearest Guardian!

6- Belif Malaysia, Bestsellers On-the-Go
With only RM89, it is definitely a bargain to test all the bestsellers from Belif Malaysia. I brought this for my 4D3N Songkran festival at Dannok and it is so convenient. Not sure what to expect but I have heard a lot of good reviews on The True Cream - Aqua Bomb! This set consist of a Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist, Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner, Hungarian Water Essence, Moisturizing & Firming Eye Cream, The True Cream - Aqua Bomb. So I only need to bring an extra pimple cream and sunscreen ^^

Impressions (based on 4 days of usage):
#1: Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist - Cleanse effectively without drying my skin. I like how it foams easily with a mild lemongrass-like scent.
#2: Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner - It is watery and light. My skin quickly drinks it up.
#3: Hungarian Water Essencce - It further adds in more water to my skin. I like the pump dispenser.
#4: Moisturizing & Firming Eye Cream - It is of a thicker cream. A little goes a long way. Deeply hydrates my eyes with minimal tackiness. I believe I can use this for quite some time ^^
#5:The True Cream Aqua Bomb - Its a gel-like texture that really does give my skin a longer lasting hydration. Takes some time to be fully absorb into the skin. Now I know why many loves this! ^^


Thanks once again to Tammy, BRO team, and participating sponsors for making this unicorn party a dream come true!

Here I would also like to take the opportunity to thank each and every unicorns, pixies, mermaids and whatever magical creature you are that came into my journey, making my journey a more meaningful one! Didn't manage to talk to all of you but we shall meet when we meet! Meanwhile, I will follow you on your instagram/facebook ^^

Unicron Aliza & Miriam with their unicorn goodie bag.
Unicorn Betty & Ivy coloring their self-inflate balloon by Brrrloon.
A pic with my unicorns Bella, Angie, & Shirley.
A unicorn group pic of our table by Eros! ^^

Just capturing memories coz I don't think we will always have a unicorn party! ^^
From L-R:
Carmen, Rawlins, Shirley, Syafiera, Rika, Cindyrina

From L-R:
Juneci, Aliza, Betty, Ayue & RaneIvy

From L-R:
Cheryl, Tiffany, Miriam, Tiffany, Leonard, Eros

From L-R:
Tehmina, Mira, Azwar, Syafiqah, MissJasJas

From L-R:
Bo & Sydney, Shannon & Bella, Nicole, Sharon, Ya Na, Shin May, Angie

An annual group pic!
Thank you Eros for sharing all the amazing photos!

To more fruitful years, Happy 5th Birthday The Butterfly Project Malaysia!
I am still feeling overwhelmed with all of the pretty unicorns that day such that the 2 hour session is just insufficient. Once again, its an honor being part of this Butterfly family!