(Review) My Hair Treatment Experience at Hair Life Scalp Expert

Hello lovelies.

It has been awhile since I had a hair treatment done at the salon. The last one done by a professional was last year but I did not blog about it coz I wasn't exactly satisfied with the after-treatment and its a random shop at Serdang.

This time, I am satisfied with the after-treatment & also the service. So I decided to share with you my experience here.

Also want to take a chance to thank Kiple and lady boss of Hair Life Scalp Expert, Ms Irene, for trusting me and showering my hair & scalp with love!

Let me briefly tell you about my CURRENT hair condition:
1) I have oily scalp
2) I have dandruff and/or flaky scalp issue.
3) I MUST wash my hair every alternate day or it will be greasy.
4) My hair ends are more dry as I have dyed my hair multiple times.


About Hair Life Scalp Expert:
They have opened for about 2 years. Products they use have lower chemicals and more on plant-based natural ingredients. They are NOT your typical hair salon. They ONLY cater treatments (for various scalp and hair issues) and also educating consumers in caring for their scalp and hair.

Below are some of the natural ingredients used to tackle your hair / scalp issues:

They say beautiful hair begins with a healthy scalp!

Alopecia Areata
Greasy Scalp
Thinning Hair
Post-natal Hair Loss
Scalp Infection
Natures Organic Coloring
All types of Dandruff
Replenishes Protein to Increase Hair Growth

Today is my Trial Treatment
ONLY RM28!!!!
Trial includes consultation & scalp analysis, demodex microscope analysis, complete herbal treatment


Procedure - Intensive Scalp Therapy
(approximately 2 hours!)

1) Professional Consultation & Scalp Analysis:
My scalp is so ewww....I was told I had congestion & oil seeds (that can lead to hair loss)
Didn't know oil seeds can also form at my scalp XD

How a normal scalp looks like:

How ABNORMAL scalp looks like:

2) Complete Herbal Treatment

Detoxifying and Exfoliating

 First they applied a peeling solution. It is relaxing, colourless, & odourless solution that helps to remove my dead skin cells. 

It was applied thoroughly over my scalp followed by a massage to enhance blood circulation.

Shampoo for 2 rounds, both focusing more on your scalp. First round of shampoo (with lesser bubbles) helps to remove excess dirt, sebum and smell of oil on your scalp while second round of shampoo (with more bubbles) ensures a clean scalp. Also, use your fingers to scrub in moderate pressure to thoroughly clean your scalp. Always rinse off with warm or cold water. I love the smell of their shampoo. Their conditioner is said to have lesser amount of silicone thus more water is retained in the insides of your hair.

Deep Cleansing & Follicle Activation

This step is where scalp oil is applied to soften oil seed and dead skin cells as well as removing the "oil" scent. I need this!!! Thank you. It has a super minty scent (as it contains spearmint) thus chilly for the scalp but the massage helps to balance out the chilliness.

Steam for about 20 minutes and a big white brush is used to scrub each layer of the scalp to remove the oil seeds.
Rinse off with warm water.

Herbal Essence and Therapeutic Massage

This step helps to give nutrition to your hair and also a prevention step for hair loss

The serum is sprayed thoroughly to each layer of your scalp followed by a massage too. It has a very perfumey scent (but fret not, it contains more based-plant ingredients!) which I still can tolerate. It ends with a a jojoba hair mist to lock in moisture, blow dry and style..

This is just a bonus pic.
Its their infrared and ozone technology that helps to promote hair growth.
Have you seen this elsewhere? Its my first time. Totally in awe! ^^


Thanks for making my hair and scalp more healthy!

On my Left is Irene (Lady Boss) while on my Right is Delicia.
I learnt quite some tips in taking care of my hair and plan to bring my fam there some day when they are more free! ^^
Now everyone can enjoy the first trial - a start to healthier scalp & hair!

I like how they focus a lot on treatments that care for various problems for our hair and scalp. 
They say, "Beautiful hair are brought about by Healthy Scalp!"
Thus a healthy clean scalp helps us to extend the life and strength of our hair.

Wonderful - coz since it is appointment-based, you will get enough time to enquire and know your issue. They also don't push you to get certain treatment, unless you need to. They are very friendly and they can explain to you whatever you have in mind. I was curious and asked Ms Irene what are the age range for her clients and she says 13 - 80. Her 13 year old clients are mostly facing dandruff and hair loss issue so she also educate them in how to wash their hair properly when at home.
This shows how caring they can be as they take care of your hair and scalp WITH you.
Do note that they are not too "stingy" when it comes to treatment, no matter its your first trial or not. 

Interior, especially the bed to wash your hair was comfy!

It would be great if they have a blanket too then I am sure some of you (and me!) will just doze off. XD

My Treatment:
My hair feels soft & clean while my head feels lighter!
Let's see how long it can last ^^
Day 1 was , "A good hair day!"
Day 2 was, "A good hair day too, surprisingly!"
Day 3 was, "Welcome (minimal) oily hair! You look not too shabby!" *wink*
Of course I washed my hair on day 3, although I do intend to wash on Day 4. Unfortunately, I had a plane to catch so I had to ^^
Totally gonna spend more time scrubbing my scalp with shampoo and also coming back for my future treatments!
Also, cannot wait to be back for the organic hair coloring treatment.
Don't expect for bright or crazy colors coz they want your hair to be healthy (say NO to bleaching).

Here, you can also pay with Kiple app NOW!



Hair Life Scalp Expert:

No. 40-1, Jalan USJ 9/5p, UEP Subang Jaya, 47620 Selangor.

Always call to make appointment:
03 8081 6160   //  012 6580 617

Operation Hours:
Tuesdays OFF
Monday - Friday: 11am - 8pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am - 6.30pm

(Review) Lashes from Lash Bar (Midvalley) X My First Fake Eyelash Application Experience!!!!

Hello lovelies, this is a very exciting / awkward post for me coz it is my FIRST time ever applying fake eyelashes myself.

I just never feel the need to apply fake eyelashes and also love to explore around different brands of mascara.

The last time I had fake eyelashes on was during our pre-wedding photo shoot and also our wedding dinner. (HERE: Pre-wedding Bridal At? ...)


Have you heard of Lash Bar before?

Last Tuesday I went to Lash Bar at Midvalley , thanks to Kiple via the Kiple's Influencer Program (KIP). Also super grateful for Ms Shanise (owner of Lash Bar) there to introduce to us their highlight and also answer a newbie's question on fake lashes patiently.

That's Ms Shanise.

This is her colleague. If you are not sure which to choose, they can suggest to you too.

If you did not bring enough cash, you may simply go download Kiple app and transfer a certain amount from your debit card to the app itself and pay with selected brand/merchants. Also, take note of the referral code above to get a RM5 discount!!! Download now, click HERE!!!

The highlight in their store are the various choices of Fake Eyelashes and also brushes. The sides are of other make up accessories that you can think of.

These are usually used in bridal makeup and lashes are from Taiwan.

All are of different designs by the way ^^ 

They have promo for some of their brushes. Go check them out ^^


In this post, I will focus on the type of eyelashes available at Lash Bar.
Price ranges (/pair) : RM8 - 40ish

1) Fiber Lashes from Lash Bar

Yes, its their own brand already sold over a 10 year period (package is revamped!)

This is recommended by lady boss as its of a softer band therefore easier for first timers.
All you see on the shelf are of different designs (NO duplicate on rack!)

2) Natural Hair

They are made from REAL Human Hair!!! So soft!!! Shall try next time! ^^

Anyone tried before? Do comment down below if you like it or not! ^^

3) 3D Mink Lashes

These line is more for those who loves VOLUME!

It's a 3D triple layered luxury handmade eyelashes which provides vivid appearance and for longer wear too!

The more volume it has, the thicker and harder the band will be. Best to bend it around for a more comfy application.

4) Nylon Lashes

They are the most affordable ones but are more plastic-y. Each strands are organized and identical as it is machine-made.

*Darkness Eyelash Glue*

I also got a Eyelash Glue that dries invisible.

Recommended by lady boss, Ms Shanise, as its easier for first timers.
Normal glues are black in color which can be messy for first timers (due to multiple adjustments).


My Experience

I got the Fiber Lash from Lash Bar (in code LASHES C01) & also 3D Mink Lash (in code LASHES MK14).
Also got one eyelash glue that comes with a wand. Not sure if I am using it correctly but lets jump right in ^^ 

Fiber Lash from Lash Bar (in code LASHES C01)

The Fiber Lash from Lash Bar (in code LASHES C01) has an invisible base and of lesser volume compared to the 3D Mink Lash so it base is more soft and easier application experience for first timers.
I told Ms Shanise that I'd like something with a natural feel yet obvious infront of the camera. This is how the sides look like. For someone with sparse, straight lashes with medium length, this definitely makes me more awake instantly.
*I need time to get used to looking at myself with these lashes!*

That's how it looks like. Front is shorter and ends are longer. This makes the eyes more sexy-ish like the cats ^^

Love the look. Not too dramatic. I think when I went for more previous lash extensions (Celmonze Part 1 & Celmonze Part 2) , they look something like this.

Here I have applied the eyelash glue and waiting for it to become tacky before I apply it on.

Left is with Lashes from Lash Bar (in code LASHES C01).
Right is without any lashes or mascara.
Here I have edited my skin tone coz its my flawed bare face and its around the time of the month so pimples came visiting me.

The only flaw I think the invisible base gave me was how obvious it was especially at the front half of my eyes. Not what I expected it to be.
Overall Rating:

-1 is for the obvious appearance it gave when I close my eyes.
+4 is for the comfort and how easy it has been for application as I only adjusted 3-5 times for my FIRST ever self-application of these lashes.
Honestly I was pretty nervous and clueless when I first apply it but it got easier. I became more simple and lazy with my eye liner as I age coz since some time back I only draw the tail alone or tight line sometimes and that is it. So I do not think an invisible base is suitable for me. I personally would prefer a black base. Read below to find out what happened ^^
However, this eyelash made my eyes longer.
Stay tuned in my Instagram (@beeleec) for future make ups and selfies.

3D Mink Lash (in code LASHES MK14)

Here I asked for Ms Shanise to recommend me something more dramatic for picture effect and for the days where I had to go glam.

This is the 3D Mink Lash (in code LASHES MK14). Looks super long and voluminous. It ain't organize coz they are handmade. Very similar looking to eye lash extensions - that fluffy look.

Side Views to see the curls and fluffiness:

Before I apply them on, let me show you the Befores & Afters:






Overall Rating:

-0.5 is for the hardness and slight prickiness at the ends of my eyes.
(My pro friend, Ms. G, told me that coz I did not bend enough, my bad)
+4.5 is for how natural the application can be (no matter my eyes are opened or closed) and I don't even need eyeliners to go with it.
It is a raw snap so all applications are not cut into parts or shortened.
Will do the cutting some other time coz I am still a noob & when I get bored of it. XD
My hubby prefer the "me" in the mink lashes in pic!!
What about you? :)

Quick question: Do you think I can trim the lashes or should I let it be? Coz it is just super long and actually touches my eyelids XD



For more info/purchase,

Lash Bar (Sunway Pyramid)
Lot F1.AV.58, Sunway Pyramid, Asian Avenue, 1st Floor, No.3 Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Lash Bar (Midvalley)
LG-C6, Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Operation Hours:
10am - 10pm

"Save when you spend" with Kiple app, HERE.