(Review) Brands Innershine Marine Collagen with Kyoho Grape Jelly Strip

Hello lovelies, it has been awhile since I last reviewed about collagen.
I have mentioned before but lets refresh on the topic on why should one consume collagen and what time is it the best to consume collagen?

 #1 As we age, about 25 of age, we should start consuming collagen coz the natural production decreases over time.
#2 It is best to consume collagen on an empty stomach for optimal absorption.
#3 For best result, consume regularly or as advised.

A week ago I have been invited to Brand's Suntory for a potboy event.
Thanks for the invitation Pey Wei. 

Felicia Zoe & I. Nice to finally meet you ^^

There we were given a quick tour (and you too can go!!) around Brands' factory. 

Let's get back to today's topic.

What is Collagen?
Most abundant source of protein in human body
Large network of extracellular matrix proteins
Provides strength and flexibility
Abundant in bone, cartilage, tendons, ligaments blood vessels and skin

3 Main Types of Collagen:
Type I Collagen (90%) - skin, tendons, bones, vital organs, and blood vessels; facilitates faster wound healing
Type II Collagen - present in joints, cartilage, cornea, and lens
Type III Collagen - commonly found in internal organs and bllod vessels; structurally similar to Type I collagen

Many collagen that I have taken are made of Fish Collagen:
[Anti-aging, Bone healing & regeneration, Anti-bacterial properties, Wound healing, Increases protein intake]
Rich in Type I Collagen (90%), essential for our body.
Maintain the strength and flexibility of skin, ligaments, joints, bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, gums, eyes, nails and hair.
Rich in 18 types of amino acids.
Source of collagen: fish skin, scales, fin and bones.


Brands' Innershine Marine Collagen:

It comes in a slim packet containing 14 convenient strips of jelly collagen.

A 10g strip of jelly collagen provides 16Kcal energy to consumer.

Nutrition & Benefits

Vitamin B3 & E
Maintain youthful & supple skin
Protects the skin from photo-aging effects
Provides skin cells with energy for growth & repair
Reduce and avoid formation of wrinkles & age spots

Micro-collagen peptide
Better absorption.
Each strip contains 1000mg of fish collagen with low molecular weight

Look at how convenient each strip is?
It is fat-free with no added sugar.
The naturally sweet taste comes from the Premium Kyoho Grape from Japan.

Tried & Tested:

I like how easy it is to strip open each individual package, whenever and wherever I go.
Super travel friendly and definitely can share with hubs if he was more "like me". Heh. ^^

7 days trial for me but no before & after pic for comparison as it is too short a trial.
I consume 2 strips a day (day & night)

I was actually super excited coz its my first ever jelly collagen.
Before that it was all in powder and solution form.

At first bite, it was super sweet for me. Missed having desserts (coz I have been abstaining from most of my go-to desserts for quite some time)!
It was also tempting coz its actually quite a short tube and make you wanna open more.

I always chuck the strips into the fridge to ensure an enjoyable consumption. For me, I think a chilled jelly collagen makes it overall less sweet and enjoyable. And, a bonus point when I crave for cold desserts.

You may purchase at a more affordable deal via the Potboy app:

For more info and deals, you may download potboy app or stalk their Potboy Groceries Facebook Page.



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(Event) NEUBODI's Bra Drive is back!!

October is here so what's on your mind?
Mine was definitely #Pinktober , a month to spread awareness on breast cancer.

On 7th October 2017, Neubodi (a Malaysian lingerie specialist) has officially launched its month-long "DONATE, SUPPORT, RECYCLE" Bra Drive campaign. This event is a partnership between Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA). Congrats for the 5th year of the Bra Drive and looking forward to more. Read more below on the initiatives and activities that day!

So good to see you again babe FeliciaZoe! Check out her Youtube or Blog here!


About Neubodi:
Established in 2008 by founder Ms Anne Tan, Neubodi is a lingerie brand dedicated to providing the right fit of beauty and confidence for every modern women today! Neubodi has 10 retail outlets nationwide (AEON Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre, Bangsar Village II, Empire Shopping Gallery, Encorp Strand, Gurney Plaza, Imago Shopping Mall, Mid Valley Megamall, One Utama Shopping Centre, Vivacity Mall, and Suria Sabah Shopping Centre). All outlets carry over 600 sizes including plus size for the well-endowed, designs and colors catering for all.

BCWA is an independent tax-exempt voluntary organisation led by Ranjit Kaur Pritam Singh, a breast cancer survivor since 1988; President of BCWA; Chairman of Together Against Cancer Malaysia). Consists of medical specialists who provides peer support for women with breast cancer.


Since this is my first official #pinktober event, I would like to thank mommy Jane for the invite. So glad to be able to make it! I also would like to express my respect to those who have survived it!!!

Oh, if you haven't drop your unwanted bra at their pink Bra Banks at 1 Utama Shopping Center's Ground Floor - Highstreet Concourse (its over already), you can still drop it at any of their outlets!!!! till November 5th!!!



I am doing my part, what about you? :)

Donated gently-used bras for who?
Victims of sex trafficking, enabling their rehabilitation into society as they earn by selling secondhand bras. (Beneficiaries of "Donate" initiative are communities in Malaysia, Cambodia, Nepal, India, and Africa including those in poverty).

What about donated bras NOT suited for donation?
Life Line Clothing will convert raw materials of bras (spandex, nylon, metal wire, plastics) into reusable solid fuel (commonly used to power industrial boilers and generators).

About Life Line Clothing:An international company that is a leader in the recycling industry worldwide led by Barry Wilson (founder). They have a global mission to help communities reuse, renew, and recycling clothing, shoes, toys, and household goods. Thank you Barry fro  Life Line Clothing for making a better planet for us and the next generation.

Fact #1: Breast Cancer is 'gender blind'!!!

Yes, you heard me right!
Males, get more info on this and protect yourself too!

Do not be afraid if people question your masculinity as it is found that 1 out of 1000 men are diagnosed with breast cancer EVERY Year in Malaysia.
More info on this can be found HERE.

For Breast Self-Examination (BSE) "look" & "feel", click HERE.

If you did visit the event last weekend, you would know there's beneficial activity for you!

Activities that day:

1. Promote importance of self-examination & early detection while raising funds for Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA) 's "Hospital Angels" programme.

2. Funds are raised via Neubodi's "Pedal Forward" cycling convoy that concluded on last Saturday morning.

3. Exclusive sales from its GO PINK collection during the launch. RM10 from every PINK BRA purchase will be donated to BCWA.
(Promotions are ongoing at all Neubodi outlets).

4. Flash mobs, Makeover sessions etc

Just me spinning my wheel of fortune. ^^

Also had a skin consultation with Doctor (& founder) of Melissachens

Launch ceremony officiated:

United in a common cause of raising breast cancer awareness.
(From L - R):
Dr. Tan Gie Hooi, Breast & Oncoplastic Surgeon at Tropicana Medical Centre; Chiam Chean Wen, Director of Neubodi; Yang Berbahagia Puan Sri Datin Seri Dato' Akmal Abdul Salam, Patron of Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA); Shukri Abdullah, Deputy General of National Population and Family Development Board, Ministry of Women, Family, and Community Development; Anne Tan, Founder & CEO of Neubodi; Ranjit Kaur, President of Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA); Barry Wilson, CEO and Founder of Life Line Clothing Malaysia.
(Image from Neubodi Facebook Page)

Over RM60k official cheque donation to BCWA from Neubodi's "Pedal Forward" initiative.
(Image from Neubodi Facebook Page)

Launch event attended by celebrities like Amber Chia, Agnes Wang, Carrie Lee, Jan Chia, Lavin Seow, & Thanuja Ananthan, and public figures like Puan Sri Dato' Akmal (Patron for Non-Communicable diseases), Alvin Lim (Malaysia's first national paralympic handcyclist and two-time gold medallist, & Key Ng (fashion designer).(Image from Neubodi Facebook Page)

Thanks again for having me!


(Event) (Shoutout) Watsons New Concept Store Grand Opening

On 4th October 2017, I attended Watsons New Concept Store Grand Opening with sis.

Their Contactless Campaign Launch.
Have you purchased with your Mastercard there yet?
(Image credits to pretty Ivy)

Watsons partnership with Mastercard is an awesome news to consumer as they hope to deliver a seamless and unique customer shopping experiences, which are of course hassle-free. "The initiative is to advocate and drive shoppers to go for a cashless and contactless customer experience with Watsons using Mastercard Contactless," says Caryn Loh (General Manager and Country Head of Watsons Malaysia).

Token of appreciation
Perry Ong (Country Manager, Malaysia & Brunei, Mastercard) & Caryn Loh (General Manager (Country Head), Watsons Malaysia)

Official opening of Watsons second store at Midvalley Megamall
Caryn Loh (General Manager (Country Head), Watsons Malaysia), Perry Ong (Country Manager, Malaysia & Brunei, Mastercard), Jessica Ng (Chief Customer Officer, Watsons Malaysia), Rennie Lee (General Manager Megamall), Daniel Looi (Sales Operations Director)

Ribbon cutting ceremony of Watsons second store at Midvalley Megamall
Caryn Loh (General Manager (Country Head), Watsons Malaysia), Perry Ong (Country Manager, Malaysia & Brunei, Mastercard), Jessica Ng (Chief Customer Officer, Watsons Malaysia), Rennie Lee (General Manager Megamall), Daniel Looi (Sales Operations Director)

The second launch of Watsons new concept store took place at Level 3, Mid Valley Megamall.

Now, let me show you a few of my favorite corners in the store! ^^

The mask corner sandwiched between the promotional rack and also the skincare rack (below!)
These are just some of the products there.

My eyes were immediately glued to their first rack!

Yes, I am looking at it long and hard coz I just cannot believe my eyes!
I actually got 2 of it from my latest trip to Hong Kong!!!

If only I knew it would be in Malaysia, I wouldn't.... *sigh*
Impulse buying all the time >.<"
I think its a temporary color dye coz it says treatment at the top of the box.
Will try it soon ^^

You gotta visit their make up section!
I am gonna go back to see a few more items too! ^^

I saw this online the other day and got 1 product from it too >.<"
Now you can get more K-beauty products from Watsons store!!

I wanna get some tools from here! Some are a definite steal!!! ^^

Others section (Hair , Man , Supplements):

> Shoppers can enjoy instant rebate of RM10 with a minimum spend of RM100 when using their Mastercard Contactless card at any Watsons store nationwide from now onwards!!!!
(ONLY applicable for first 20,000 customers!!!!)
> Watsons will offer Mastercard cardholders FREE DELIVERY with a MINIMUM purchase of RM50 for the first 20,000 customers (online or via Watsons Mobile App)!!!!
> Watsons VIP member can also enjoy exclusive deals via Watsons Mobile App on EVERY WEDNESDAY!!!!

Have you shopped yet?
I am interested with their new K-brand (forgot the name but its my first time seeing it!) & some of their beauty tools are quite affordable too! Sis is interested in their collagen promo!

Signing out,

(Shout Out) (First Impression) (Review) Discover Lustrous, Healthier Hair with FOLLOW ME's Reformulated GREEN TEA Shampoo

First post in October.

Time flies!!!!

Here's my first review of shampoo after sticking to one brand for a near 6 months.
Will reveal the brand and review in another post ^^

Let's get back to the topic of the day, Follow Me hair care brand?
Anyone here are fans of Follow Me products?
My second sis said its her first hair conditioner brand and she loves it.

I personally have not been using this brand for soooooo long or never use before.
Cannot remember XD

Anyways, on 14th September 2017, Follow Me has just launched its reformulated Green Tea shampoo in a brand new premium packaging.
Thanks to Circuit Communications for looping me in ^^

I find the new packaging quite environmental friendly (just coz its GREEN in color!). However, I would personally love transparent or semi-transparent bottles coz #1 I know how much product is left & #2 they look more classy IMO.

Benefits of Green Tea and Natural Plant Extracts:
Vitamin C & E protects hair follicles giving you smooth and silky hair.
Polyphenol (a type of natural compound found in green Tea Extract) helps keep scalp healthy.
Plant extracts are good sources of antioxidants that protect hair from free radicals to strengthen hair roots, promote hair growth and prevent hair thinning.

I have stressed the importance of healthy, clean scalp in my last post.
(Full review at Hair Life Scalp Expert!)

In our hot & humid weather, it is especially important to wash our hair regularly and correctly as it helps to prevent the accumulation of dirt, debris and sebum. Consequently, we may face issues like dandruff, oily & itchy scalp, congestion and hair thinning & the most horrendous experience would be hair fall (I am worried about this so I do take time to really clean my scalp this time ^^).

Follow Me came out with 5 variants to help you tackle with the various hair issues we face everyday.

Follow Me Green Tea 6-in-1 Shampoo
Follow Me Green Tea Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
Follow Me Green Tea Scalp Care Shampoo
Follow Me Green Tea Soft & Smooth Shampoo + Follow Me Green Tea Soft & Smooth Conditioner
Follow Me Green Tea Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo + Follow Me Green Tea Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner

I know I know, you'd wanna know how much it cost.
Both the newly upgraded Green Tea Shampoo (320ml / 650ml) and hair conditioner (320ml / 650ml) retail at RM10.90 and RM18,90 respectively.
They are available at all leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and selective pharmacy stores starting September 2017.


OUR FIRST Impressions:

I received the Follow Me Green Tea Soft & Smooth Shampoo + Follow Me Green Tea Soft & Smooth Conditioner & a giant towel ^^

[I] ...the scent of the shampoo is abit too strong for me coz I have been so used to milder scents. Scent of the conditioner is ok, nothing much to say about it.
It does its work in making my hair much softer and smoother, but I don't think my scalp is compatible with the shampoo coz I feel abit itchy after that. After second usage, it is no longer that itchy but the scent,  XD

[My mom] ...loves the scent and effectiveness is great for her. Moreover, she does not feel itchy after usage


Go get yours and let me know if you like it or not ^^
Everyone's experience after all would be different.


(Event) (Shoutout) CRÉ Arts Asia NOW at KLPAC --- 2 Days Left!

Before I let you in on a little sneak peek, I'd like to first thank you Racheal (from drLife & Foodilifecious), Angie (from Angie Tangerine) & Yiki (from Viva Circus) for the invitation for both the Press Conference and show of Cré Arts Asia 2017.

If you have missed out on what happened at the press conference, click HERE!


29 September 2017 - It was the first day of Cré Arts Asia's show and Gala Night. If you don't already know, Cré Arts Asia is Southeast Asia's largest modern circus troupe.

Cré Arts Asia is a collaboration between two Malaysia's leading home-grown performing arts studios, Viva Circus (an award-winning physical arts theatre company) & Psycusix (Malaysia's leading modern and contemporary circus performing group).

Fun thing:
We got to print our photos using Wechat app so do take tonnes of pic first and select your best 3! ;)

2 DAYS LEFT (30/09/2017 & 01/10/2017) for you to secure your seat at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC)!
Come support since its their first time ever performing in Malaysia.
I promise you, you won't regret going!
(Full video will be out after 02/10/2017)
Read more below on my thoughts!

Upon Reaching:

A group photo with fellow blogger friends and Yiki (in white dress!)

Image credits to Racheal

From L- R: Nana Shan (Creative Director, Dance Choreographer), Aifique Khaikal (Creative Director, Flow Arts Choreographer), Yiki Chan (Marketing Manager, Producer)

Gala night with cocktails, lemonade, coffee and finger food ^^

With Shannon ^^

Before the show start, a quick snap of sponsors & donation presentation by Cré Arts Asia to International Medical University Malaysia (IMU) Chariofare, the largest fundraising event at IMU.

With sponsors, and a donation presentation by Cre

Some snippets for you:
(Full video soon!) ^^

Cré or 'earth' in Old irish sets the theme of the performance. To showcase the beauty of Mother Earth, interpreting the natural elements of air, water, earth and fire through the use of human body as a medium.

I was enjoying myself from the start to the end of the show.
Hubby wasn't an art person but I forced him to come. He was totally enjoying himself during the FIRE chapter. :D

Go now and see for it yourself! The aerial acrobatics, contortions, mesmerising dance performances, bubble manipulator, pyrokinetic are just ... WOW !!!

I highly recommend it to all ages as it will be an entertaining yet meaningful performance NOT TO BE MISSED !!

Get your tickets now!!

Tickets for Cré are available for RM98 (Fire), RM128 (Water), and RM168 (Earth).
Tickets for kids below 12 years old are available at RM68 (Water and Earth only).
***Fire seats are FREE-seating while Water & Earth seats are numbered***

Special Package Promo is available where you purchase five (5) Earth tickets will be entitled to one (1) additional FREE Earth ticket.

Here is a step-by-step guide in purchasing your ticket:
1. Click the link
2. Sign up member
3. Choose the showtime
4. Show map to select seat
5. Add to cart and continue to check your purchase
6. Make payment by credit card / paypal

Thanks for a wonderful night!!!



For tickets and more information on Cré Arts Asia, please visit:
Cré Arts Asia Official Site
Cré Arts Asia Facebook Page
Contact: +6 017 646 6469
Email: CREARTSASIA@gmail.com