(Review) Althea 7 Step Korean Skincare Box #40

Hello lovelies, if you don't already know about Althea Korea, Althea Korea is a website that ships globally (FREE; T&C applies) for best price & authentic K-beauty products (from Skincare, Make Up, Body Care, Tools, etc) and even curate themed boxes!!!

I love checking out beauty boxes coz you will save A LOT and also get the chance to explore around new products in full sized items!

This is the Althea's 7 Step Korean Skincare Box #40 consisting of:

Natural Pacific Perfect Deep Cleansing Oil
the SAEM HealingTea Garden Tea Tree Cleansing Water
Dr. Frog Control-Tox Peeling Gel
Son & Park Beauty Water
Leaguertox V-Shot Silhouette Lifting Ampoule
Rire Camu Camu Moisture Cream
Lebaton Pearl Whitening Essence Mask


Upon receiving the parcel the first night I was excited but slightly reluctant to start my trial session. The reason is in this 7 Step Korean Skincare Box, there is NO Cleanser step.

My usual routine is a water cleanser > cleanser > toner > mask > serum > treatment (acne cream) > eye cream > moisturizer > sleeping mask (sometimes).

I rarely use oil cleanser (even if its water based) coz I personally don't wear mascara or waterproof products which makes cleansing oil an unnecessary step. I also got used to not using oil cleanser ever since I got my first eye lash extension done (HERE).

I finally started the routine on February 2nd midnight.
I followed all steps for my pm routine. Only the exfoliator step I will do it once a week.

For my am routine I only use the Beauty Water! Then slowly added in the cleansing water from the SAEM and also the moisturizer from Rire.


BLee's PM Routine X Althea 7 Step Korean Skincare Box

Here's me with my full make up on (including my mascara!).
My face was clean after using both the cleansing oil and water in this box!

I love the simple design.

It comes with a stopper, meaning it is travel-friendly. ^^

Brand: Natural Pacific
Item: Perfect Facial Deep Cleansing Oil
Content: 150ml

Here's a quick look of the product. It dispenses in a pump bottle.
Colorless liquid comes out in pic #2.
Once you add water in, product is immediately emulsified.

Here are swatches from Canmake foundation to various lip products (matte ones as well as normal ones and also stains type as well as a lip liner) and some eyeliners (pencil and waterproof ones) (as in image #1 & 2).
With sufficient oil cleanser applied (in image #3), makeup are melted (in image #4) and emulsified effortlessly (in image #5), leaving an almost clean moisturized base (in image #6)! ^^
The only 3 1/2 swatches not fully melted are waterproof-based makeup ie shizens lip tattoo, dollywink eyeliner, & essence waterproof eyeliner pen!!!
I clean for the second round with the cleansing oil and its cleans ^^

[Texture] A colorless, oily & watery texture.
[Scent] I immediately fell in love with the powdery and light scent of the oil cleanser - it relaxes me.
[How-to] For dry skin users, cleanse it within 1 minute and rinse off with water. For oily / troubled / combination skin, cleanse within 1 minute, then cleanse specific parts that secretes excessive sebums.
[Thoughts] I love how its effective in removing my light makeup and sunblock. Scent is good to de-stress after a whole day out. However, I used a little too less and its bringing a bad effect to my skin (apparently I used it wrongly coz I thought using a little is sufficient. Using too little will cause me not able to emulsify the oil cleanser thus rubbing it in will actually clog my pores and oil seeds will form etc). Therefore, I use about 1-2 pumps everytime and make sure it emulsifies well for a healthy & moisturized skin!
One thing that bothered me a bit was when I dispense the product, the pump wasn't even so it can get a little messy at times.
FYI, oil cleansers are more suitable in cold countries.
So, I will only use this if I am using waterproof formula makeup or when my skin are flaky. ^^

Scent great for de-stressing.
Travel-friendly coz got stopper.
A little goes a long way BUT I highly recommend to use more of product and rinse with plenty of water after the emulsifying step to prevent clogging of pores.

Dispensing isn't the most even and may cause spillage.

Simple design & super affordable!!!

Brand: the SAEM
Item: Healing Tea Garden Tea Tree Cleansing Water
Content: 300ml

Colorless liquid cleans up just nice on days where I don't bother to wash my face XD
Its really light and may compete with my HG Bioderma Micellar Water coz of its effectiveness and competitive price.
It has minimal irritation when I cleanse my eye area.

Here I am testing my waterproof products. End result in my IG ^^
Of course some are still not fully removed XD

I don't know why but when I remove my own makeup with the waterproof eyeliner on, it cleanses easily after step #1 is done.

[Texture] A colorless, watery texture.
[Scent] It has a light green tea scent.
[How-to] Easily cleanses dirt and makeup residue. For point makeup, soak cotton balls for 5-10 minutes. You do not need to wash off with water, but if you really need to you can lightly wash off as a finishing touch.
[Thoughts] Cleaning is easy and face feels refreshed. I do not rinse with water at all and all is good so far! ^^ Definitely recommending as its a big bottle at a super affordable price!

Mild tea tree scent (suitable for acne prone skin IMO)
Super affordable

None at the moment ^^

Brand: Dr. Frog
Item: Control Tox Peeling Gel
Content: 120ml

Just showing you the texture of a clear water-gel like product (as seen in image #1).
While waiting for the products to work its magic I waited for a minute (as seen in image #3)
Giving it a little rubbing for exfoliation purposes (as seen in image #4)
And I will see little white roll ups of supposedly dead skin cells (as seen in image #5)
Voila! My are so soft and smooth like a baby's butt (as seen in image #6)

[Texture] Dispenses in a watery gel texture.
[Scent] Quite a strong mix of floral-fruity and perfume-y scent
[How-to] Apply gel & wait for 1 minute. Massage & rinse off.
*Advised to use once a week.
[Thoughts] Its interesting that it spreads as a watery gel texture. After a minute, I massaged in circular motions and it feels like an oily texture with little formation of white dead skin. It does feel somewhat rough while I massage, not sure if it does any good in the long run but does any of you feel that when you use this product??? ^^ Upon rinsing, it becomes the water gel formula again.
Result >>> Skin is super smooth after that!

Quick & effective exfoliation can be done.

I hope the scent can be made milder XD
It is somewhat slightly rough for my current slightly sensitive skin

I have reviewed this before from another box XD

Anyways, glad to be using it again.
It fits well and the material of the sheet mask was strong and packs alot of essence in it!
However in image #8 you can see how sticky the essence left me feeling and yes, I just swipe away with the Beauty Water. XD
My skin feels and looks brightened and more even ^^

[Texture] Soft & elastic 100% sheet mask that adheres well to the skin. It has plenty of essence.
[Scent] Light floral scent. <3
[How-to] Apply masks for 10-20 minutes. Then tap in remaining essence.
[Thoughts] This is my second time doing this mask and I am ready to give you my verdict. The mask did not dry up throughout the application. However it leaves a super tacky feeling even after a 20 mins wait. Either wash it off or I just wipe away with step 5. Face is obviously brightened.

Nice light floral scent.
Mask does not dry out throughout application period.
Face is obviously brightened!

Tacky feeling even after giving time for the essence to sink in. XD -- I cannot!

Brand: Son & Park
Item: Beauty Water
Content: 340ml

Dispenses in a refreshing citrusy colorless "smart" liquid.
My go-to quick cleanser, toner, & also to wipe away any tackiness after mask etc.
I also use the layering toner technique on my drier days (in image #4).
Look at my healthy glow (in image #5)!

A smart cleansing liquid made from natural plant extracts that gently cleans, exfoliates and moisturizes to deliver smooth, revitalized and hydrated skin.

[Texture] Colorless, watery texture.
[Scent] Citrus-like.
[How-to] Use as a cleanser (for long flights) step, toner step, wipe off residue (after mask application or massage cream), & even as a simple way to freshen up during the day.
[Thoughts] It definitely is a smart water as its multi-usage (I love products like this!). I use this as a layering toner step on days when I feel dehydrated (Thanks to the Lavender Flower / Leaf / Stem Extract, Rosa Damascena Flower Water and Orange Fruit Extract that delivers intense hydration). My face feels slightly softer upon wiping away with cotton (Protease, Carica Papaya Fruit Water renew the skin surface by lifting impurities of dead skin cells for smoother skin). When I tried masks that leave a tacky feeling, I use this too to wipe away and it was all good (Skin is cleansed thoroughly and gently with natural ingredients derived from coconut, corn, potato and wheat!) ^^ As someone with slightly sensitive skin, I approve that this beauty water is suitable even for sensitive skin users!

Multi-usage smart cleansing liquid
Gentle exfoliator for all skin types.
Moisturizes well.
My sensitive skin approves and loves it!

Slightly on the more high end side for me but justifiable since it has multiple usage and functions well. Anyone have a more affordable alternative?

It comes in a tube size for easy dispensing.

It has a weird perfume-y powdery scent.

Brand: Leaguertox
Item: V-Shot Silhouette Lifting Ampoule
Content: 25ml

It dispenses in a clear gel that leaves a sticky sensation before its fully absorbed by the skin.

[Texture] Clear gel that leaves quite a sticky texture before absorption.
[Scent] A weird perfume-y powdery scent. Weird and slightly overwhelming.
[How-to] Apply on area where wrinkle improvement and whitening is required (eg. on eye area, nasolabial fold & neck lines). 
[Thoughts] Other than the mentioned area, I also applied on my forehead lines too. It leaves a tacky tacky feeling but after sinking in, tackiness is minimal and a shiny layer is there.
I noticed that in order to reduce the tackiness, I can actually use lesser product and also tap in for a faster absorption ^^

Not sure if its the moisturizer or this amooule, I think my forehead lines are lesser. Haven't seen noticeable improvememt in my eye area as I still do sleep late XD

Not really a fan of the scent.
Packaging wise I don't know if I got the faulty product or its like that, but I experience spillage each time I open the cap. Right now, I make sure that I put the product upside down so the product are not dispensed upon opening the cap.

I personally find the packaging really classy and girly

It has a matte pink pearlescent glass body and a mirror-like rose gold cap.

Just showing you the mirror-like rose gold cap. I personally love love love this shot!

Brand: Rire
Item: Camu Camu Moisture Cream
Content: 50g

It is in a fancy tub.
What excites me the most was the stringy texture (in image #3) that you can hardly see in my image. Anyways, I love how moisturizing it is as I look forward to waking up everyday to see my well moisturized skin.

Got this cropped from Althea Korea's site. This is the stringy texture that I am referring to!

[Texture] It has a thick stringy consistency.
[Scent] It has a moderate floral scent (I think its Camellia!).
[How-to] Apply an appropriate amount. It spreads easily and is definitely moisturizing.
[Thoughts] Texture was interesting. Application was a breeze and after absorption, it leaves a little to no tackiness. I wake up with a moisturized skin every morning ^^ Its said to contain the function of skin whitening and anti-wrinkle. Need a longer time to observe ^^

I like the scent actually ^^
Interesting texture that moisturizes my skin well.

Not sure if its too rich coz I already stopped my oil cleanser and there's still clogging of pores XD



I only followed the full skincare routine halfway and...!

Left column: After my first day of using the box (view of front, left and right).
Right column: Two weeks after using the box (view of front, left and right).
*pics are taken under different lighting
What I observe: I can see obvious glow after two weeks of using this box! Face is more even toned. Brightening and lesser wrinkle require further observation. My forehead line is lightened - I am impressed!!

*lighting is different as the "Befores" were taken under indoor white light while the "Afters" were taken with me facing the morning natural lighting*

From 2nd - 9th february 2018, I kept with the full skincare routine.
So far so good ^^ I am lovin' the whole pm skincare routine as my skin does feel and looks like they are born with a healthy glow from inside out.

However on night 8 (that is, 10th February 2018) , I have skipped the oil cleanser step as I noticed little oil seeds formed coz I am not using it right (my bad!). I will definitely use it on days where I use waterproof makeup or when I need that extra hydration anyhow.

After cutting the oil cleanser step out, I still noticed clogging of pores tho. Notnsure if its the moisturizer from Rire/Billar too rich or what. What do you think my problem is?

Sometimes I still miss my cleansing step so I will go ahead with cleansing my face at least once a week XD

As for oily/acne prone skin, this box isn't enough for you. On days where my acne come visit me, I will add on my pimple gel and patch (if necessary!).

Share with me your experience too if you have any different experience!

More info on Althea's 7 Step Korean Skincare Box #40 or shop more at Althea Korea !!


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(First Impression) Multi-functional Diamond Sapindus Soap from Taiwan

Hello lovely, have you heard of this Diamond Sapindus Soap before?
I personally have not heard of it until recently.

It looks like a semi-opaque orange-y bar soap with a mild sweet scent.

About Diamond Sapindus Soap:
It originates from Taiwan & is made of 100% natural ingredients.
The founder of CM3 Premium has actually suffered from a dermatological virus warts (which is caused by viral infections, primarily HPV infections). Some recovers fast but some takes a long time to treat and may be recurrent too. After trying out various ways, he accepted his friend's recommendation & gave Diamond Sapindus Soap a try. To his surprise, the HPV infection vanished after a short period of usage! It was a miracle to the founder & inspired him to help more people with this soap. He also further researched on Diamond Sapindus Soap, improved its ingredients and began its mass production.


Let's jump right in!

This is how it looks like.
Classy and clean gold packaging that comes with a netting for easy lathering!

I love that its a double layer netting. However, I'd appreciate much more if a choker/stopper is on it to secure the closing!

This is how it looks like once its inside. Add water and give it a few rub to lather.

Brand: Diamond
Item: Sapindus Soap
Origin: Taiwan

Benefits of Diamond Sapindus Soap:
Since its made of 100% natural ingredients, it is suitable for all ages and skin types.
The sapindus genus has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory & anti-itching properties!!!
Coconut oil is added in to aid in the easy lathering, thus deep cleansing can occur effortlessly!

Rich tea polyphenols (in Sapindus) is able to clear facial oils, minimize pores, disinfect and has anti-aging (reduces wrinkles) properties.
Ferulic acid (in Sapindus) is big in the beauty industry as its known to help making skin delicate, shiny and elastic.
Citric acid (in Sapindus) aids in whitening (removes keratin accumulation), hydrates, reduces acne, and accelerate skin healing.

Suitable for people who desires:
a more moisturized, brightened skin
smaller pores & wrinkle-free
fresh breathe & NO body odor (or even menstrual odor)
NO dandruff & lesser hair fall
Overall a healthier version of yourself!
*long term usage will improve skin condition!*

From bathing, shampooing, facial cleansing & tooth brushing --- it helps solve cleanliness from head-to-toe!
(I wanna try too!!!)


Reviews (based on my first impression):

I like the golden outer packaging that symbolizes the diamond sapindus soap. It also comes with a soap net that I like coz its a double layer net. Unfortunately I would prefer the net to have a stopper so that it won't keep opening when I am lathering the soap.

It only closes if I hold like that but opens when I am holding the netting place. Maybe I should tie a knot instead?

I'd recommend you to take a pic of your product where the MFG date is printed on as the exterior boxes does not have it.

Lathering was easy and the foam is thick and creamy.

I tried applying it as a facial cleanser, facial mask, body wash and shampoo (on my scalp only!) and this is what I feel based on my one time usage:

Lathering and application of foam as face cleanser was super easy.
I like the mild scent. Face is squeaky clean and slightly soft but not drying.
Was surprised as for me, I tend to stay away from things that bubble a lot as they are usually drying to my skin.

Application with a waiting time of 1-2 minutes are the masking time and when deep cleansing is needed. It was a quick mask time which I like but as I rinse off with water I noticed that the cleansing was much stronger and feels the slightest itchiness for my recent more sensitive skin + some tight feeling for my T-zone. After I resume with my remaining skincare routine it was all okay ^^
I will only do this once a week. ^^

As a body wash, it feels nice and buttery. I was surprised too that it did not leave my limbs feeling tight as I have dry dry limbs. However after continuous usage on the third day I noticed some peeling....maybe its just shedding my dead skin layer? Will update you guys again coz I need more time to observe ^^

As for my scalp: I did not take a picture coz it was hard doing it alone. XD Anyways, I only apply at my scalp area (as I learnt its most important to scrub your scalp) and after rinsing my scalp feels squeaky clean but drying so the conditioner and serums help a lot! ^^

If this multi-functional Diamond Sapindus Soap interests you, check it out HERE!



(Event) NYX Professional Makeup 3rd Flagship Store @ Sunway Pyramid | My Mini Haul |

Congrats NYX Professional Makeup on your third flagship store opening in Sunway Pyramid! Now that NYX store is nearer, I think I will be broke more frequently. XD

The opening was at 10am but by the time I arrived at about 9.40am, the place was packed and thats how I spotted the venue XD

Upon bursting, this marks the grand opening, congrats NYX Professional Makeup!

Upon entering the store, this are what I did:

Just mesmerizing at all the pretty makeup from the I Love You So Mochi line.
(Image credits to Lee Yann)

This is actually the first thing I did when in store with Lee Yann

This is definitely THE Spot.
Anyone got it?
I will only get it once my makeup are gonna be OOS as I hardly use them XD

I enjoyed how each section are neatly divided and you know what you wanna get at which shelf.
There's the lippies section, face, brows, brush etc & a shelf of Top 10 items loved by customers!!!

I was only indecisive when picking out items such as highlighter, lippies and such coz there were just sooo much choices. Luckily the staff are so helpful and even attended each of us even when they are so occupied.
*thank you*

My shot cannot fit all the Eyes section but yes, you get the idea ^^

Just one column of the biggest lip section!

I love how instagram-mable this column is!! ^^

At the centre of the store was this cute selfie bar that functions similarly to a Meitu app ^^

Moving on to some wefies with gorgeous blogger friends I met for my third event of this brand new year!

This is Cici here. Miss you already ^^

From L - R:
Bee Lee, Lee Yann, Shannon

A quick wefie before we part ways for our shopping XD

From L - R:
Ya Na, Lee Yann, Bee Lee

From L - R:
Kathy, NYX's MUA, Lee Yann, Bee Lee
(Image from Kathy)

From L - R:
Fish, Janice, JQ, Misz-Ella, Lee Yann, Bee Lee
(Image from JQ)

I hung around with Lee Yann and Syafiera to meet the ever so gorgeous celebs / mua / influencers and one of them I asked for a picture was super gorgeous mommy of 3, Emma Shazleen ^^

She is soooo friendly and gorgeous!!!

Oh, here are my mini haul. Will be updating when I play with them ^^

You can also score yourself goodies if you take pics with hashtag #nyxcosmeticsmysunwaypyramid and #nyxcosmeticsmy at the Nyx Playground.

Anyone of you going to the masterclass on 24th February 2018??
Just sign up here!
I am interested definitely!
Lemme know if any of you are going and I shall schedule my time too ^^

Thanks once again NYX Professional Makeup X The Butterfly Project Malaysia for having me ^^