(Review) Lashes from Lash Bar (Midvalley) X My First Fake Eyelash Application Experience!!!!

Hello lovelies, this is a very exciting / awkward post for me coz it is my FIRST time ever applying fake eyelashes myself.

I just never feel the need to apply fake eyelashes and also love to explore around different brands of mascara.

The last time I had fake eyelashes on was during our pre-wedding photo shoot and also our wedding dinner. (HERE: Pre-wedding Bridal At? ...)


Have you heard of Lash Bar before?

Last Tuesday I went to Lash Bar at Midvalley , thanks to Kiple via the Kiple's Influencer Program (KIP). Also super grateful for Ms Shanise (owner of Lash Bar) there to introduce to us their highlight and also answer a newbie's question on fake lashes patiently.

That's Ms Shanise.

This is her colleague. If you are not sure which to choose, they can suggest to you too.

If you did not bring enough cash, you may simply go download Kiple app and transfer a certain amount from your debit card to the app itself and pay with selected brand/merchants. Also, take note of the referral code above to get a RM5 discount!!! Download now, click HERE!!!

The highlight in their store are the various choices of Fake Eyelashes and also brushes. The sides are of other make up accessories that you can think of.

These are usually used in bridal makeup and lashes are from Taiwan.

All are of different designs by the way ^^ 

They have promo for some of their brushes. Go check them out ^^


In this post, I will focus on the type of eyelashes available at Lash Bar.
Price ranges (/pair) : RM8 - 40ish

1) Fiber Lashes from Lash Bar

Yes, its their own brand already sold over a 10 year period (package is revamped!)

This is recommended by lady boss as its of a softer band therefore easier for first timers.
All you see on the shelf are of different designs (NO duplicate on rack!)

2) Natural Hair

They are made from REAL Human Hair!!! So soft!!! Shall try next time! ^^

Anyone tried before? Do comment down below if you like it or not! ^^

3) 3D Mink Lashes

These line is more for those who loves VOLUME!

It's a 3D triple layered luxury handmade eyelashes which provides vivid appearance and for longer wear too!

The more volume it has, the thicker and harder the band will be. Best to bend it around for a more comfy application.

4) Nylon Lashes

They are the most affordable ones but are more plastic-y. Each strands are organized and identical as it is machine-made.

*Darkness Eyelash Glue*

I also got a Eyelash Glue that dries invisible.

Recommended by lady boss, Ms Shanise, as its easier for first timers.
Normal glues are black in color which can be messy for first timers (due to multiple adjustments).


My Experience

I got the Fiber Lash from Lash Bar (in code LASHES C01) & also 3D Mink Lash (in code LASHES MK14).
Also got one eyelash glue that comes with a wand. Not sure if I am using it correctly but lets jump right in ^^ 

Fiber Lash from Lash Bar (in code LASHES C01)

The Fiber Lash from Lash Bar (in code LASHES C01) has an invisible base and of lesser volume compared to the 3D Mink Lash so it base is more soft and easier application experience for first timers.
I told Ms Shanise that I'd like something with a natural feel yet obvious infront of the camera. This is how the sides look like. For someone with sparse, straight lashes with medium length, this definitely makes me more awake instantly.
*I need time to get used to looking at myself with these lashes!*

That's how it looks like. Front is shorter and ends are longer. This makes the eyes more sexy-ish like the cats ^^

Love the look. Not too dramatic. I think when I went for more previous lash extensions (Celmonze Part 1 & Celmonze Part 2) , they look something like this.

Here I have applied the eyelash glue and waiting for it to become tacky before I apply it on.

Left is with Lashes from Lash Bar (in code LASHES C01).
Right is without any lashes or mascara.
Here I have edited my skin tone coz its my flawed bare face and its around the time of the month so pimples came visiting me.

The only flaw I think the invisible base gave me was how obvious it was especially at the front half of my eyes. Not what I expected it to be.
Overall Rating:

-1 is for the obvious appearance it gave when I close my eyes.
+4 is for the comfort and how easy it has been for application as I only adjusted 3-5 times for my FIRST ever self-application of these lashes.
Honestly I was pretty nervous and clueless when I first apply it but it got easier. I became more simple and lazy with my eye liner as I age coz since some time back I only draw the tail alone or tight line sometimes and that is it. So I do not think an invisible base is suitable for me. I personally would prefer a black base. Read below to find out what happened ^^
However, this eyelash made my eyes longer.
Stay tuned in my Instagram (@beeleec) for future make ups and selfies.

3D Mink Lash (in code LASHES MK14)

Here I asked for Ms Shanise to recommend me something more dramatic for picture effect and for the days where I had to go glam.

This is the 3D Mink Lash (in code LASHES MK14). Looks super long and voluminous. It ain't organize coz they are handmade. Very similar looking to eye lash extensions - that fluffy look.

Side Views to see the curls and fluffiness:

Before I apply them on, let me show you the Befores & Afters:






Overall Rating:

-0.5 is for the hardness and slight prickiness at the ends of my eyes.
(My pro friend, Ms. G, told me that coz I did not bend enough, my bad)
+4.5 is for how natural the application can be (no matter my eyes are opened or closed) and I don't even need eyeliners to go with it.
It is a raw snap so all applications are not cut into parts or shortened.
Will do the cutting some other time coz I am still a noob & when I get bored of it. XD
My hubby prefer the "me" in the mink lashes in pic!!
What about you? :)

Quick question: Do you think I can trim the lashes or should I let it be? Coz it is just super long and actually touches my eyelids XD



For more info/purchase,

Lash Bar (Sunway Pyramid)
Lot F1.AV.58, Sunway Pyramid, Asian Avenue, 1st Floor, No.3 Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Lash Bar (Midvalley)
LG-C6, Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Operation Hours:
10am - 10pm

"Save when you spend" with Kiple app, HERE.

(Event) A Dr. Morita Facial Mask A Day Keeps Your Aging Away!!!

Aging is a topic where not only women but also men are very concerned of.

From facials to massage tools, one will also get supplements (eg collagen etc) and vitamins to preserve one's youth. One may also opt for a surgical procedure if they "cannot stand" whatever it is on the face/body. I am more of the supplement and skincare kind of person.

A pleasant Sunday well-spent with a bunch of Dr. Morita fans and skincare addicts ^^

Before the crowd arrives, lemme show you abit on the vast range of Dr. Morita's products:

The facial cleansers cost RM16.90 for a 120g tube.
The masks ranges from RM5.00 to RM6.90 per piece.
The moisturizers cost RM39.90 in a 90ml jar.

It has 3 kinds of Facial Cleansers (Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Face Wash, Anti-Acne Face Wash, & Anti-Oil Charcoal Face Wash) & also 3 kinds of Facial Creams (Glycoprotein Moisturising Essence Cream, Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Essence Facial Cream, & High Purity Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Cream) 

The Basic Series mask are box 1, 2, & 4 (from L-R):
Basic Series provides the basic yet effective functions of moisturising, whitening, repairing & firming.
Nanopeptide Whitening Essence Mask (5s), HA Moisture Essence Facial Mask (5s), Collagen Repair Essence Mask (5s)

First row (Top, L-R):
These are the Ultra Slim Series. It contains different effective ingredients to enhance and nourish skin. Functions include moisturizing, whitening, repairing, & pore refining.
Snail Repair Essence Ultra Slim Mask (5s), Caviar Moisturizing Essence Ultra Slim Mask (5s), Narcissus Whitening Essence Ultra Slim Mask (5s), Oolong Tea Refining Essence Ultra Slim Mask (4s)
Second row (L-R):
These are the Double Function Series. A blend of 2 main effective ingredients to deliver hydrating/whitening/radiating effects and gives the skin a nourishing effect. Innovative Tianyu Silk Masks can increase essence absorption up to 8 times.
DNA Repairing and Moisturizing Facial Mask (5s), Natto Rice Radiant Facial Mask (5s), Pearl White Facial Mask (5s) 

Left Column:
HA Moisture Essence Facial Mask (5s) from Basic Series. Hyaluronic Acid Essence Facial Mask (5s) from the concentrated series.
Both are in the Single Piece BEST SELLING Facial Mask category: Intense Hydrating Serum Facial Mask (1s/10s) & Whitening n Moisturizing Essence Facial Mask (1s/10s).
Both are in the BEST SELLING Series from Taiwan: Tranexamic Acid Whitening Masks (4s) & 3D Hydration Facial Masks (4s).
Right Column:
Both are in the BEST SELLING Facial Mask category: Platinum Colloid & Hematite Extraction Whitening Black Facial Mask (1s/10s) & Platinum Colloid & Black Pearl Extraction Moisturizing & Whitening Black Facial Masks (1s/10s).
Both are in the Black Mask Series for deep cleansing and moisturizing: Volcanic Mud Whitening Essence Facial Mask (4s), Glacial Clay Seaweed Moisturizing Essence Facial Mask (4s).
Both are in the NEW Long-Lasting Hydrating Formula: Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing & Whitening Essence Mask (5s), Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing & Repairing Essence Facial Mask (5s).


The workshop started of with Emely telling us what she enjoyed from Dr. Morita's products (her holy grail is their cleansers and mask! We also got to know more about how Dr. Morita's product came about.

Currently, Dr. Morita's products are sold in 13 countries.

They use Japan Technology ever since 19 years ago.

In 2016, there were only 5 types of facial masks available in the Malaysia market.
In 2017, there are now 11 types of facial masks, 3 types of moisturizer & 3 types of cleanser available for Malaysia consumers.

The speaker for the event, MY FM Radio DJ Emely Poon. She is so down to earth and her skin is wow!

We got to all try the mask for 10 minutes together!
Unfortunately I forgot to bring my touch up so I did not do mask during the workshop.
The result was amazing. An increased hydration of as little as 5% (from approximately a 33% to 38%) to a 50% (from approximately a 29% to 83%) or more, depending on your skin condition.
My skin was so dehydrated and with all the recovering acne, :/

I went home to try it myself and was surprise by how moist and comfy my face feels after. Tho it requires some time for the face to totally absorb the serum.

Here, Dr. Jou (developer of Dr. Morita products) also shared with us useful tips to preserve our youth using masks.

PhD Chunhsu Jou (CEO of Dr. Jou Biotech Co., LTD), also told us the CORRECT way to apply facial masks.
Apply at your nose area first and straighten one side of the face before correcting the other half. This will ensure as little air bubbles as possible for better absorption.

I used to apply from my forehead and then adjust it from top to bottom. Now I know, thank you Dr. Jou!

Model's skin hydration level went from 35% to 65% in just 10 minutes of application!!

#1 Daily Mask-ing!!
I have actually heard of this before but I do doubt whether I can do that or not and also probably when laziness strikes...oh well, I cannot procrastinate any longer coz I am over my mid twenties already. I used to start taking collagen since I am about 22 or 23 years old. Yet, I fail to be super strict with my skincare regime.

Dr. Jou mentioned that masking is way better than ampoule or serums coz masking helps product to be absorbed better and when there is excess serums in mask packets, massage it to your neck, limbs or even apply it to your hubby's face.

#2 Always follow these 3 Steps!
Cleanser > Mask (after removal, massage/tap!) > Moisturizer

How does Dr. Morita's mask help in preserving youth?
They focus a lot in Hyaluronic Acid (Hydration) and Tranexamic Acid (Whitening & Repairing).

We are repeatedly reminded to drink sufficient water. Why? Other than helping our internal organs to work more efficiently, it also helps in making our body less dehydrated and overall healthier and less dull.

By supplying loads of HA, we can ensure the cells to be more plumped and lock in moisture.

From L-R:
Ms Sylvia (International Sales Department of Dr. Morita), Nicholas (Area Manager of Guardian Malaysia), Ms. Sheryn Soo (Head of Department of Skincare Department Guardian Malaysia), PhD Chunhsu Jou (CEO of Dr. Jou Biotech Co., LTD), Ms Meei Huey and Ms Siew Yin (Caring Pharmacy Malaysia Buyer) and Ms Melanie Wong (General Manager of Encompass Sdn Bhd)

From L-R:
Ms Melanie Wong (General Manager of Encompass Sdn Bhd), PhD Chunhsu Jou (fourth from Left; CEO of Dr. Jou Biotech Co., LTD), and all happy customers!

Final tip from Dr Jou if you are trying out the daily masking habit:
x4 hydration, x2 whitening, x1 anti-aging

Thanks again for the invite Jay Mee! ^^

Some goodies from the workshop. Gonna stock up a 3-month usage soon and test it out! Will update again, stay tuned! ^^

P.s. Check out their BEST SELLING HA based masks:
Hyaluronic Acid Essence Long Lasting Facial Masks (5s) & Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Essence Facial Masks (5s)



All products mentioned are readily available at AEON, Caring, Guardian, Sasa, and Watsons nationwide.

For more info:

(Review) (Part 1) MOCO Loot Box aka MocoCrate #001

Hello loves!
I bet all of us would be happy unboxing mystery boxes from time to time!

I love unboxing and here I am unboxing a MocoCrate for you.
Basically MocoCrate is a community where we bloggers/influencers review the items from various brands for you!

I have divided the post into "Beauty" and "For Fun".

Part 1 will be on Beauty coz its my most loved category.

Their platform will be up soon, so register if you too would like to review products ^^

Just posing with my potato head.
Wearing lens from BConnesso (full review HERE)

This is their first ever box and I am beyond honored to be part of the community.

Thanks Lee Yann for inviting me and nice meeting you Weng!
(Pic credits to Weng)


Before I review one-by-one, lemme show you my flatlay.
Messy but that's how I like it.
Will try to improve my photography skills ok... ^.^

Thanks to sponsors, CanMake Malaysia, Brrrloon, SkinCase, Posh! Nail Spa, 9 Familee Towel, Yan Society Bird's Nest, & Footsie
#mocomy #mocomedia mocopass #mocoapp #madmavericks #maverickmedia

Products in MocoCrate #001:

#1: Canmake Star Product- Marshmallow Finish Powder

Brand: Canmake
Item: Marshmallow Finish Powder
Origin: Japan
Rating: 4/5
Re-purchase: Maybe. ^^

I don't think I need to intro to you the brand coz it is a very popular Japanese make up brand adored by many including myself! I own their Canmake Stay-On Balm Rogue (SPF 11 PA+), Eyelash essence / serum, their beauty blender, and the newest Canmake Cream Cheek Tint.

Anyway, Canmake has been in Malaysia for more than 7 years now. Recently Canmake opened its first stand-alone store in Da Men Mall, USJ Subang, Malaysia.

I adore Canmake products from its packaging to product quality. It is portable, pretty / cute and finishing never disappoint me (so far!).

This Marshmallow Finishing Powder is to be used at the last step of your makeup and also for touch ups throughout the day. (I must confess I NEVER do touch ups coz I am just lazy and that the Althea Velvet Powder works so well for my skin that I do not need touch ups!)

> Achieve a matte finishing while concealing pores and even out skin tones.
> It also has a SPF 26 PA++ (advisable to use sunscreen first coz SPF26 is NOT enough for me)
> Additive-free mineral foundation that is kind to skin therefore it can be removed with any ordinary facial cleanser (72% mineral ingredients; free from surfactants, tar-based pigments, alcohol and fragrance!)
> Contains shine-free preventing powder thus make up lasts longer.
> Prevents skin becoming dry / rough over time. 
> The two different-sized spherical powder particles create a light-scattering effect makes the blurring of pores and evening out skin tone more natural

Important Ingredients & Functions:
Moisturizing Agents - Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Rosemary Extract, Chamomile Extract, Lemon Extract
Toning Agents - Horse Chestnut Extract, Perilla (Shiso) Leaf Extract
Emollient Agents - Squalene, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil 

make up base > foundation (cream / liquid is recommended) > Marshmallow Finish Powder

Available shades:
3 shades available! (Matte Ochre, Matte Beige Ochre, Matte Light Ochre)


It has a mirror but here I have darkened it.

There's a plastic layer which I think I shouldn't throw away but I did. Oh well. >.<"

The puff is pretty thin compared to the Althea's Petal Velvet Powder (Full review HERE)

After a few dab, this is how it looks like.

This is a #NoFilter pic. I only darkened the background and unsaturate the yan bird nest coz it is not the main highlight here. This is my final make up look finished with Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder. It does blurr out pores, skin smooth to touch and slight brightening of skin but no coverage for me so I need to scout for good concealers especially for my undereyes.

Scent? I personally feel fine about it but my sis don't really fancy the scent. I think it has a mild clay-to-neutral smell. I am totally okay with it. But of course, I love the scent of Althea powder that relaxes me more. I would recommend this to those who do not like much scent for a loose powder.
Texture? Its not the loose powder kind thus it is less messy during application. Matte finishing on skin and smooth to touch. Does have a tone up effect and bluurr out pores function too!
Coverage? Super sheer, like nothing on my skin la...
Lasting for how long? If you sweat, you gotta touch up. If not, it stays for quite some time ^^
Skin color suit or not? I feel it may be a tad bit lighter for my darker skin tone but over time I think it seems okay on my skin.
FYI, I think drier skin is not that suitable for any loose powder as it makes the dry skin more prominent.

For people with normal - oily skin coz it kinda mattifies the face thus it is sebum controlling (so if you have dry patches at certain area (ME!!), you may see it become cakey or drier areas more visible!)
Best to have a well moisturized base first!!
Especially great for those who are light on make up and want an effortless no make up makeup look on an evening out or just running errands.

You can get it at any Sasa, Aeon Wellness, Guardian or even Hermo Malaysia, 11street, and many other online sites!

#2: Yan Society Bird's Nest

About Yan Society Bird's Nest:
It is a premium bird nest provider which specializes in supplying quality bird nest. 

They guarantee:
100% pure & genuine without any additional ingredients
NOT bleached nor chemically treated in any form
FREE from colouring, additives and preservatives.
Strict quality control and safe packaging
HACCP / ISO22000 / HALAL ceritified

Price of the smallest bottles in a box of 6 cost about RM1XX.

Here I got 1 to try.
It comes in an extra small bottle compared to the ones I usually see in the market so I was a bit sceptical at first glance. Upon tasting it and finish it in less than 5 gulps, well....there's actually quite some bird nest in there compared to the usual other brands that I have tried. Others have more water in it and white fungus too. While this has more bird nest than solution and sweetness is just alright. Not too sweet and just nice for me. Now I get why its price is more steep in such small bottle.

If you have tried it, lemme know if you'd like the voucher coz I have bird nests too at home that I have yet to finish.

Re-purchase? Yes, if I am too lazy to boil my own XD

You can scout for products at their Facebook page.

#3: Posh! Nail Spa

About Posh! Nail Spa:
A one-stop pampering salon (from mani/pedi to hair and eyelash extensions as well as catering for private events). Previous story HERE.


We were given a RM50 voucher and I opted for their Indulgent Pedicure that costs RM75. Its a much needed pedicure coz I generally go for mani most of the time. The Indulgent Pedicure includes the basic (of shaping buffing etc) and also buffing of heels (to remove calluses) and also scrub session for your lower legs. Legs were smooth after and you can choose up to 2 colors for your toes!

Definitely recommend you to go visit and wind down yourself after a stressful day at work! Love their big comfy chairs.

However for more complicated details, always call to inform them so they are ready for you.

For more info, stalk their Facebook page or call the respective outlets for more information/reservation.

#4: Footsie

Not sure when I will be using it. XD

About Footsie:
They say its for people who looks for relaxation and comfort through massage.

I am interested in their Signature Thai Mixed Therapy
RM118 for two. Not sure how it works. Yet to visit.
I mostly go for shoulder and legs massage, not the body coz I am a very ticklish person.
Click HERE for reviews. 

Stalk their Facebook page.


That's all for this part.