(Shoutout) Aurora Italia X Color of the Year - Purple

Hello loves.

February passed by in a blink and here comes March.

If you are into gold accessories and looks for something more modern and valuable, here I introduce you Aurora Italia.

This is their branch at Mid Valley.

About Aurora Italia:
Originated from Italy. Founded in 2017.
Its a premium jewelry brand that specializes in hand finished jewelry made of high purity gold. "Pick and choose from their wide array of charms made from 18K gold and 18K white gold, all tailored to suit one's uniqueness and occasion." A jewelry of elegance, comfort and dazzling style.
It has a few choices from the glass bead range to make your charm more interesting!

Also, their charms come in limited quantity so grab your preferred choice before they are sold out!

I am glad they came out with white gold range coz I am not that much of a fan to gold accessories.

Since purple is the color of the year, let us focus on their limited selections of purple!

From the gold charms, there is only 3 charms with purple in it. I actually really love the purple butterfly charm, carriage charm and also the fortune cat charm. Aren't they cute?

As for the white gold charms only 2 of it has purple element in it. I'm a sucker for fairy tales so I'd love the Beauty and the Beast series, the rose! Most of their charms are available in both gold and white gold so go have a look if anything caught your eyes ^^

Curate your own bracelet for your loved ones or let them mix and match themselves in the long run!

Firstly, choose your preferred bangles or bracelets (18K gold / 18K white gold / leather).

These are the available choices so far.
Which do you like?

I am surprised that their leather bracelets can double up as a necklace too!
Also, I kept stressing on the word 18K gold or white gold is because you need not worry if they rust or not as they do not rust even if you shower or swim with them! Of course, this special feature is not applicable for the leather bracelet!

Next, a wide range of selection for you who love charms!
I was told that their charms can fit into Pandora bracelets too.

Just be free to create your unique bracelet/necklace for your loved ones!

I think Aurora Italia is great as you can wear the charms without worrying of rusting and such. It is suitable for a younger generation or people who are young at heart! Definitely a more polished look that some of you would prefer. But for the glass beads range, I'd recommend you to also look at Trollbeads shop! (My review of Trollbeads here!)
Also recommended for those who are into jewelry of value as they do take in trade-in pieces!
But if you are gifting it to someone (no mater male or female) who are minimalistic, I'd recommend the leather bracelet that can double up as a necklace too! I love how wearing it alone as I think I look charming enough! ^^

This is how I style them ^^
Which do you think looks better on me?

Looking forward to 18K Rose Gold series:

Stalk Aurora Italia at:

Visit Aurora Italia Stores at:

Aurora Italia Gurney
170-G-K13 Plaza Gurney, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Georgetown, Penang

Aurora Italia Queensbay Mall
GF-K6 (Postal No. GF-126), Ground Floor, Queensbay Mall, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang

Aurora Italia Mid Valley City
GK-03 & 04, Mid Valley Megamall, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

+6011 1055 3750 


(Event) NH Colla Plus 3 & Brand Ambassador Joey Yung

On 4th March 2018, Joey Yung, the Hong Kong heart-throb, came to Malaysia!

It was a Meet & Greet session in Malaysia at Pavilion KL!
Joey Yung is also the ambassador of NH Colla Plus 3.

About Joey Yung:
Queen of Pop in Hong Kong's music industry. She won the Best Newcomer Award with her debut EP's song, 'Not Know' at Hong Kong's four major music awards in 1999, became one of the top female singer in Hong Kong. She was the opening and closing guest performer for Beijing Olympic Game in 2008. During 2011, Joey became the first female Chinese singer that performed at Royal Albert Hall. She had won 12 consecutive times of Most Popular Female Artist. She had also held more than 150 world tour concerts spanning the globe. 

NH Colla Plus 3:
NH Colla Plus 3 beauty drink is more than your regular collagen drinks in the market.
Each bottle contains yeast ceramide and olive extract to give user amazing skin with minimal time and effort.

Suitable for?
NH Colla Plus 3 beauty drink is suitable for both men and women with ALL skin types.

This is the signing gimmick with Chairman of HerbalCeutical, Mr. Wong and Ambassador Joey Yung.

Wonders of Yeast Ceramide:
Restores and retains moisture.
Enhances collagen production in the skin.
Supports skin structure to prevent wrinkles and lines.
Inhibits melanin production and promote pigment lightening effect.
Replenish lost ceramide (due to harsh environmental factors and aging).

Wonders of Olive Extract:
Hydroxytyrosol is a world-class antioxidant found in olive. It has 15x the antioxidant activity of green tea and 3x the antioxidant activity of CoQ10.
It stimulates the body's own glutathione system, to help reduce skin pigmentation and promote brighter skin tone.

Remarkable results after first pack (of 12 bottles)!
*Results may vary among individuals

Recommended Consumption:
Day 1-6: Consume 1 bottle daily on an empty stomach in the morning or before bed time.
Day 7 onwards: Consume one bottle every alternate day.

You can get it exclusively at ALL Watsons outlets nationwide.
It currently retails at RM98 but if you purchase online its only RM93 for a box of 12 bottles! (HERE)

VIPs (Watson & HerbalCeutical Management with Brand Ambassador, Joey Yung)

Who went and have tried the collagen already?
Comment down below how long before you see your results?

P.S. Do you like the distinctive taste of NH Colla Plus 3?
Its said to be slightly bitter that comes from the 100% all-natural ingredients and devoid of any preservatives, synthetic flavoring, coloring and chemical additives!
(I think I can deal with that coz my previous collagen drink does have slight bitter taste! ^^)

Signing out with a mandatory pic from the event. Pic credits to Bella.
Sorry for brightening coz the lighting with my phone sucks.XD

Stay tuned for my review.
Meanwhile, head over to my purple tea party at Caffe Bene! Its their seasonal menu, go go!!


(Event) Diamond Sapindus Soap Launch

Remember I wrote a review on an interesting 100% organic soap before?
Just incase you need a quick recap of what this 1 Bar solves ALL, HERE is my full first impression review!

Congrats on their official launch and thanks for having me!

This shows you the various method of usage and how this one bar helps one maintain one's hygiene and improves the overall health.

Its so gentle even your baby can use for various skin issues like milk rash and so on.

If you are interested, hop over to their product info HERE.

Mr. Carlos Yong, Founder
Our first speaker is the founder and user of Diamond Sapindus Soap, Mr Carlos Yong.
He used to have skin issues, primarily human papillomavirus (HPV) infections.
Doctors told him its very common and that it cannot totally be cured.
Later, a friend of his introduced him to try the Diamond Sapindus Soap. He tried.
Mr Carlos felt significant improvement of his skin condition and decided to explore more and later on improved its ingredients and began its mass production.
The main ingredient of Diamond Sapindus Soap is Sapindus!

What is Sapindus?
It is recognised as the oldest praying bead in India and "Sapindus kernel" have since been named the "Bodisu". The rich tea polyphenols extracted the Sapindus kernel is able to clear facial oils, act as an astringent to minimize pores, disinfect, sterilize, and stop skin from aging!

This is a Chinese idiom but "edited" by Mr Carlos. It simply means we are always surrounded by "poison" without truly acknowledging their presence.

This is relatable as he explained on. According to Mr Carlos, one's skin issue arises when your skin has accummulated too much chemicals (aka poison) and over time, when your skin have bad reactions such as itchiness, there is no "cure" and can relapse anytime when something triggered it.

Dr. Chong, Founder
Another founder, Dr. Chong, further explains the various usage and importance of Sapindus.
She says that its especially helpful for ladies with odor issue especially during their menstrual cycle.
I must say, I love to use this Diamond Sapindus Soap as compared to the normal liquid body wash as it much more moisturizing and lightens my darkened area gradually.

Dr. Chong also taught us how to do the "invisible mask". This means that when you do the 2 minutes masking, you do not need to rinse off with water and let it dry on your face. OMG, I actually washed it off the first time when I tried it. XD But its ok. Will try again next time with it on IF I need to treat any itchiness and stuff like that.

She also mentions that you can use the "invisible mask" on areas like baby's milk rash, or even on your scalp to treat your dandruff issue and so forth.

They have received feedback from customers saying that their dandruff issue have recovered over a continuous one year usage and the hair amount have increased too. Nope, this soap does not accelerate hair growth BUT it cleanses and detox your scalp. "With a healthy scalp, embrace your healthy hair," she says.

Congrats again in bringing a soap that is children friendly and environmental friendly to us!
I am sure many would be interested in trying this, especially for travellers and ladies! ^^

A quick demo was performed by Mr Carlos on the many different brands of organic soap already in our market as well as on the Diamond Sapindus soap.

Each soap will be burnt under lighter and when it melt it will drip on the plastic.
It is said that if the soap contains chemical ingredients, the melted soap will actually melt through the plastic creating obvious holes.

Mr. Carlos starts burning with other brands and a kiddo was smelling each of it saying if its stinky or not after burning the soap.

Each soap when burnt, created holes on the plastic and also gives out a stinky smell.

Surprisingly, the Diamond Sapindus Soap does smell slightly different but not stinky and what's surprising is that the melted Diamond Sapindus Soap does not create holes on the plastic.!

This round the kiddo smelled the burnt Diamond Sapindus Soap and he actually said that it does not smell stinky.

They also dripped the melted Diamond Sapindus Soap on the plastic and there were no holes!!!
Amazing! I, as consumer, will be using this with ease since I have seen this demo LIVE ^^

It was an educational session and thanks for the thorough explanation and demo!
Also, Dr. Chong is in her 60s but her skin looks amazing still!

More info at:

Signing out,

(Review) Ultra Violet Dessert Party at Caffé Bene 1U

Hello lovelies, if you have been following my IG stories, you would have seen a purple dessert tea party 2 weeks ago highlighting the seasonal menu of Caffé Bene, the Purple Sweet Potato series!

Everyone who attended, including me, was super duper excited as we embrace the 2018 pantone color both with out attire and food!

I rushed and just grabbed this purple dress from Cotton On 2 days before the event XD

My hubby for the first time in awhile complimented my attire saying I look Japanese ^^
Pic credits to Tiffany!

But........ I was wondering if I would dare to eat it as I have never really fancied or eat purple sweet potatoes in my life! XD

Indeed, the appearance encouraged me to take a bite from every dish & beverages in the series.
ALL of them looks so pretty and definitely instagram-able!

I ,too, like many of you, did not imagine that food in purple will look so good! ^^

By the way, this Caffé Bene exterior looks different right? I love how there is more natural lighting for perfect selfies and pictures! Also a perfect place to hang out with friends and work if you do not have internet yet (plenty of plug points!) XD

This is the outlet at 1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing, facing open air carpark)

I like how we can get our order quickly ^^
I am actually greeted with this scene before going up! ^^

Awesome Butterflies (from L- R): Anis, Syahira (Althea Kr trainee; she so cute!), Sydney
More info of The Butterfly Project HERE.

Miriam and Sydney briefing us the all new Ultra Violet series by Caffé Bene

It was a cozy session in getting to know the new series by Caffé Bene.
We were also (forced) to ask a question each. XD
I love that Tammy mamasan made us do this as we actually get more info and ideas from other butterflies. ^^

Look at all of them! So much purple hues in a picture! I love purple as it gives me a sense of calmness, creativity and just mysterious and happy feels (depending on which purple it is!) 

A mandatory selfie with butterfly Choy Peng. Love her vibrant hair!

Twin for a day with butterfly Anis!

Purple Sweet Potato Series consists of:

Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Bingsu RM29.90
Ultra Violet Sweet Cream Waffle RM18.90
Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Latte (H/C) RM14.90
Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Frappeno RM16.90

Who caught my heart?
*drum rolls*

Its the Ultra Violet Sweet Cream Waffle!

It may look small but I think its quite a filling snack with your beverage for a quick tea time ^^

What I love about the waffle is when the hot & crunchy waffle meets the cooling purple sweet potato ice cream with the purple sweet potato paste in between. This made me eat one scoop after another.

Second place goes to Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Bingsu!

Look how huge the bingsu is!! Pic credits to CJ

Bingsu has an interesting mix of taste and texture that makes me feel healthy eating it. It has granola, purple sweet potato paste, jelly, nuts etc... Love the various textures in one scoop! First time officially eating a bingsu from Caffé Bene and I am lovin' this!

For you who loves frappeno then this is for you!
Love the purple sweet potato powder on top of the cream.

I am more of a latte girl. You can have it hot or cold but I prefer hot drinks for better digestion and it definitely taste healthy and aromatic. Also, it is non-caffiene!
Best to drink whilst its still warm or it'll taste slightly less aromatic (in my opinion).

I personally think that this hot latte is a healthier choice as I can see the fibre sediments (maybe?) of the sweet potato at the bottom of the mug.

All of the food and drink are majorly made of purple sweet potato paste (as it represents a staple food in Korea) and is surprisingly well received by the public in Malaysia!

Are you eating your bingsu the right way?
Lemme share with you the bene-way of eating their bingsu.
Firstly, DO NOT eat by layer!

1- snap a pic or 2 or 3.. XD
2- press the ice cream down
3- mix the ice cream, toppings with the shaved ice at the bottom!
4- eat!

It may be messy but you can see it in my Instagram @beeleec.
Forgot to take a picture coz I am just waiting to eat  =>  super YUMMY!

Final verdict:
Go try as this is a seasonal menu (till April 2018)!
It is ONLY available in Malaysia!
I personally never consume purple sweet potato but I LOVE LOVE IT NOW, thank you Caffé Bene for coming out with this series!

A final pic with my lover of the day! ^^


Just sharing with you if you love deals and vouchers like me ^^
Remember to hashtag #caffebenemy when you upload your pics in IG to automatically enter Caffé Bene weekly giveaway!

Also, every Wednesday there are 30% OFF on selected items!! Don't say I never jio! ^^

Thank You!
Also wanna thank you to sponsors of our surprise goodie bags, Maison de Gigi, Caffé Bene, Juicy Malaysia & Photobook Worldwide Malaysia!

Outlets (FULL list here):

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Selangor
Business Hours: 10am to 10.30pm

Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours: 11am to 12am (midnight)

IOI Mall Puchong (New Wing, Main Entrance), Selangor
Business Hours: 10am to 10.30pm

Lot 10 Shopping Centre
Business Hours: 10am to 10pm

1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing, facing open air carpark)
Business Hours: 10am to 10pm

Mid Valley Megamall (3rd Floor, near GSC Cinemas)
Business Hours: 10am to 10pm

Sunway Velocity Mall
Business Hours: 10am to 10pm

Gamuda Walk (Kota Kemuning)
Business Hours: 10am to 10.30pm

Da:men USJ
Business Hours: 10am to 10.30pm



(Review) Achieve Ultra Soft Lips with Lano Soft Mentholatum

I always admire people blessed with supple, plump lips. Whatever lip care they wear...all looks amazingly gorgeous.

Me on the other hand has dry lips. At worst times, they crack and chap like no tomorrow. If you follow my Instagram (@beeleec) you would (maybe?) have seen me lovin' my HG lip care product but also expensive sugar lip balm from Frésh.


They say great looking lips require care and nourishment just like we usually give more attention to our face etc.

What’s more important is to use the right lip product for your lips.
I totally agree to this coz I personally have this eczema lips issue which I have just realized this 1-2 years back. It wasn't the most pleasant experience....so I am careful with what lip products I use.

Lano Soft — the latest Mentholatum lip balm that deeply moisturize & maintaining soft lips with the formulation of Premium Pharmaceutical Grade Lanolin* & Essence Extract that is purified using Japan’s cutting-edge purification technology.
*Lanolin - popular moisturizing agent in Skincare, haircare and lipcare! It is naturally derived from sheep wool and is highly emollient. The waxy texture allows easy application. Lanolin seals in moisture while also attracting moisture from air, thus moisturizing lips throughout the day.

About The Mentholatum Company:
Since 1889, it has grown and prospered from a small purveyor of soaps and toiletries into an international company, marketing quality proprietary medicines around the world. They have also earned a reputation for quality and value. Brands under Mentholatum: Lipice, Oxy, Hada Labo, Selsun, Sunplay, Rohto C Cube, Deep Heating Rub.

Claims of Lano Soft:
1) Moisturizing & Reduce fine lines (containing Lanolin, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil & Rosemary Leaf Extract)
2) High Protection (Lanolin!)
3) Gentle & Soft (free from artificial fragrance & colorant; mild with low irritation)



I am glad that my first experience with Lano Soft was a positive & apparently A M A Z I N G !!!

I had the softest looking lips upon application in the noon. After eating it away and everything my lips the next day look not too shabby!!! Usually when I wake up I will have dry chappy lips. But in this case my outer lips were smooth while the inner lips were dry but not cracked :) I believe by applying it before my bed time, the effect would be much better.

Definitely an alternative I would consider comparing to my expensive sugar lip balm from Frésh.

Just to let you know, your lips will look so much oilier and shiny when using the Lano Soft lip balm.
Comfort-wise goes to Fresh sugar lip balm as you don't feel that oily.
I think Fresh sugar lip balm will be my splurge and only use on days when I am going out out.

As for Lano Soft, I will re-purchase as it is much affordable and does its moisturizing work. It however melts way faster in my opinion but still affordable. I think if you do not like super oily looking lips, then do not wear it out.

Scent: Mild lemon scent
Function: Moisturizing & gentle
For: Dry, dull, & sensitive lips
Application: Slanted tip makes application a breeze. It melts fast and a little goes a long way.
There’s nothing I don’t like about it. It was a surprise for me coz I have sensitive lips and it works so good for me.
Rating: 4.8/5
Re-purchase: YES


Lano Soft retails at RM19.50.
Get yours at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets!!



(Review) Flawless Porcelain Skin with Science On Skin UV Porcelain+

Hello lovelies, finally finally I am back with a supplement review.

I noticed when I started out blogging, there were a lot of you who are really interested in the supplement/enhancement post that I write on such as:
Lennox Collagen 5000 NEW Review
Brands Innershine Marine Collagen


Coz something BETTER is here!

Ta-daa! ^^

I have recently discovered this supplement that has a 2-in-1 function, a
sunscreen + collagen.

Its been awhile since I have taken any collagen supplements, but this was just too good to say pass to so here I am trying it out with no obvious expectations. XD

But horr, quite hard to say I do not have any expectations coz it is said to protect one from WITHIN and attain luminous and porcelain skin. ^^

So here I am, hopefully, one step closer in getting a more even skin tone and flawless skin.


About Science On Skin (SOS):
SOS is a line of dermatologist-formulated treatment skincare products. Their products are effective and helps to simplify our busy lifestyle. All of SOS formulations are of cosmeceutical grade, yet each one is soothing and calming for the troubled skin.

SOS UV Porcelain+ , a breakthrough in skincare technology, is the next step in your daily skincare regimen, now simplified. It sets the new benchmark for oral skin supplements with its dual action formulation for skin whitening and brightening, broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection and stimulation of collagen and elastin production

An all-in-one oral supplement giving you the benefits of sun blocking, skin whitening, brightening, and an overall increase in skin elasticity.


Brand: Science On Skin (SOS)
Item: SOS UV Porcelain+
Cost: RM399.00 per box

Origin: USA

It comes in a box of 30 capsules.
Each capsule of 750 mg are hygienically packaged in individual blisters.
It is manufactured in USA and certified by US FDA.

*Only available at reputable clinics, dermatology and aesthetics practices.

SOS UV Porcelain+ is magic in a pill your skin will thank you for. May your inner sunblock grow and your skin glow!

Reduces sun sensitivity
Lightens and brightens overall skin tone for a luminous, glowing complexion
Blocks off harmful UV rays and provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection
Stimulates collagen and elastin production to increase skin elasticity and reduce fine lines

Solutions for:
Lack skin elasticity
Dull and lack lustre skin
Age spots, stubborn melanin patches and uneven skin tone
Sunscreen and protection against UV rays (suitable for those sensitive to topical sunblocks)

Scientifically Proven Ingredients & Function:
L-Glutathione: Inhibits melanin production for skin whitening effects
Alpha-porcelain: Allowws the active ingredients to maintain their singular benefits
Fernblock: Effective protection from UV rays
Vitamin C: Fends off signs of aging and promote skin glow
Collagen Peptide: Rejuvenates skin cells, reduce fine lines and increase skin elasticity


Take 1 capsule daily. Recommended to be taken on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before sun exposure.



Just 1 pill per day and I feel much protected. Just take a look at my before-after pics below!

I noticed overall improvement of my skin tone and texture - It looked more radiant and brightened!
It has worked well with my current slightly lazy skincare routine and I noticed too that I have lesser issues of flaky skin. Did it reduce my fine lines and wrinkles? I believe a longer time is required to see the full effect. Same goes to my little freckles on my cheeks area.

You can see obvious brightening effect in just 1 week period of daily consumption.
Just getting fairer and I feel more protected with not only the sunblock that I have applied but also the protection from WITHIN! However, I really really need to sleep early and drink more water to really enhance the effect of this magic pill!

I am surprised how much this 1 capsule can do in solving all my skin needs!

First row taken around 5.30pm
Second row taken around 5.00pm
Third row taken arpimd 12.00pm

Do you know:
It controls pigmentation by inhibiting melanin synthesis thus brightens, whitens & lightens one's complexion. It also reduce melanin already present in cells, including those in dark acne scars and freckles, resulting in an overall more balanced skin tone. It provide broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection against sun damage. Consequently, it optimize skin radiance and glow; Improve skin texture, moisture & elasticity; Firm skin and promote the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or planning any medical procedure, consult your physician before use.
Discontinue use and consult your physician if any adverse reactions occur.
Keep out of reach of children.
Store in a cool, dry place.
Do not use if seal is broken or tampered.

More info at:
SOS Website