Tuesday, July 25, 2017

(Event) (Review) Linola Dry Skin Workshop

Hi Lovelies, today's contentwill be especially curated for people with dry, rough, crackekd & sensitive skin(me!!!)

I personally am someone with quite dry limbs (including my hands too) as well as rough & mildly chipped calluses on my heel and side of my feet. 

I remember I tried various lotion. They do not help EXCEPT for the L'occitane foot cream that works like magic. It however is quite expensive so I only specifically use it for my cracked and bleeding feet last time.

So do you wanna hear my thoughts on how the Linola product fares on my "quite dry limbs, dry hands and rough & chipped calluses" on my heel and side of my feet? (It'll be at the most bottom!)

About Linola:
Linola is a well-loved pharmaceutical skincare range developed by Dr. August Wolff in Germany since 1957.
The company is a family run business with his son, Dr. Kurt Wolff in the cosmetic division while Dr. August Wolff himself in the medical division.
Linola simply means - the one with linoleic acid (its the key ingredient!).
Linola is wholly formulated and produced in Germany.
Dr. Wolff products are now available in more than 50 international markets.
Linola is exclusively available in Caring Pharmacy nationwide :)
It claims to be a super hero to users with troubled skin!
Its #1 in Germany under the best supportive medical care category for all types of dry skin for two years consecutively (2012 & 2013).

FYI, linoleic acid is not physiologically synthesized (not produced by our own body) & needs to be replaced externally.

Example of products with high content of linoleic acid:
Thistle Oil (79%)
Sunflower Oil (74%)
Rapeseed Oil (30%)

How dry skin is triggered:
Frequent shower.
Hot water used is more that 32 degrees.
Extensive use of soap/cleanser (especially alkaline ones).
Extreme temperatures (too hot coz using central heating / too cold coz using air conditioner).
Season (wind, sun, etc).
Aging skin.
Chronic  mechanical irritation.
Frequent travel.

Who need Linola:
For all types of dry skin.
For chronic and acute atopic eczema sufferers
To improve specific skin problems eg dry, itchy scalp, psoriasis, & chafing.

Result of a Study:
2 weeks of daily Linola Lotion application leads to increased skin hydration 103% & water loss reduced by 3%

Linola Products:
Linola Lotion (200ml) - RM79
Linola Shower and Wash (300ml) - RM69
Linola Face (50ml) - RM69
Linola Hand Lotion (75ml) - RM35
Linola Foot Lotion (100ml) - RM55
Linola Protective balm (50ml) - RM55
Linola Forte Shampoo 200ml) - RM69
Linola Sun Lotion SPF50 (100ml) - RM79

Mini Review:
I wanna thank you Everquest and Nuvanta for the Linola Dry Skin Workshop by Dr. Wolff-Gruppe GmbH. Totally informative for me! Since it is a specific & medicated product, all ages can use as long as they are approved by your doctor!

On the overall, prices and contents of product are affordable. I got Linola Hand, Linola Lotion & Linola Shower and Wash. Packaging is simple and informative so you won't use it wrongly.

Linola Hand is of a matte packaging, love it! The Linola Lotion is of a normal shiny packaging, such a big tube!

The Linola Hand (75ml) is only RM35. It comes in a white tube and matte blue cap. Product is easily dispensed, portable and hygeinic. It is a Oil-in-Water emulsion, contains vegetable oil, free from urea (thus suitable for sensitive skin), preservatives, silicones and mineral oils.. The application is slightly watery but does not feel heavy and is quickly absorbed into the skin. It is surprisingly not sticky or oily, for me. Overnight, my hands are still very moisturized. It has a mild buttery scent.

The Linola Lotion (200ml) cost RM79. It is of a similar tube but the cap is not matte. It is a Water-in-Oil emulsion, contains vegetable oil, free from mineral oils and silicone, suitable for dry & eczema-prone skin. The application is more watery than the Linola Hand but richer and forms a layer of slight stickiness barrier on the skin. After sometime, it is less sticy but you can see the glossiness on the applied area and feel that layer is there. It has a slightly more sweet and perfumey scent which I like.

Look at the dispensing cap for the Linola Shower & Wash. Any of you know what it do?

The Linola Shower & Wash (300ml) cost RM69. It is of a white sturdy body with a lid where you flip open. I think this kind of lid reduces spillage and lets you control the amount you dispense. It is of clear microemulsion-gel, contains vegetable oil, skin friendly pH of 5.5, does not burn the eyes, and free from mineral oils and parabens. It smells of sweet body wash scent. After mixing with water it lathers easily but with little bubbles & smells like baby powder. Upon wash off and pat dry, skin feels gentle and not as drying, also, I smell so nice, lol.

Love your skin, try Linola!
Thanks for saving my skin Linola!

Just wanna appreciate the cute little figurines of Lino!


Friday, July 21, 2017

(Event) Be Envied with the New NV Range by Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse Global

Before I talk about its innovative launch of new product, lemme give you a little background info on Jeunesse.


About Jeunesse:

Jeunesse Global is turning 7 this year! It is a direct sales cosmeceutical company with over 140++ dealers worldwide. Malaysia was one of the earliest country to start selling Jeunesse product, currently entering their 6th year. Products range from skincare to supplements.

Jeunesse is built based on 2 words: Generation Young (Not generation Y, its not a typo!). Generation Young basically means a new way of life, the staff / user are not limited by age.

We all want to look young.
We all want to think young.
We all want to feel young.

In short, Jeunesse helps to improve / extend the duration of youth.

Dr. Donna Antar (Medical Advisor from United States) shares a very interesting scientific study correlating application of foundation and what others as well as the women themselves felt. Women with natural-looking foundation are perceived as more trustable, likable by others; while the women themselves have more confidence.


Star of the day:

New NV Range by Jeunesse
(L-R) : Skin-Perfecting Primer, BB Mist Foundation, & Bronzer.

Suitable for ALL ages and ALL skin types!! ^^

NV is FREE from Parabens, Phthalates, Talc & Sulfates.

NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation has 9 shades of colors for all needs. You can use alone or blend with other shades too. Youth-enhancing Polypeptide Technology is exclusive in Jeunesse product. APT makes you look good on the outside while also healing/repairing your skin.

It also has anti-aging properties, thus it is more than a concealer. It also improves and rejuvenates skin. It also contains skin nourishing antioxidants, Vitamins A & E, and nutrient-rich aloe. All of them helps to moisturize and prevent dry skin in a lightweight formula.

NV will definitely make you the envy of everyone you meet!  

Spray on face, spray on back of hand and dab on selected area, use with brush, sponge, etc.
Bronzer can mix with moisturizer etc for limbs too.
Less than 5 mins from primer, foundation, concealer & bronzer.

To make you youthful (Repair our DNA) 

From the demo performed by Mr KF Bong (International & Celebrity Makeup Artist) on 3 different skin tones of models, it looks super easy and flawless.

He first demo each step on the first model.
The second and third model actually sprtiz themselves and blend a bit and ta-daaaa.

Most importantly it is portable and you actually do not really need any tools so it is very handy and convenient to always appear flawless.

It also can be layered for the different degree of coverage you are looking for.

According to Mr Bong & Cassiah Jay (Senior Director of Digital Marketing), they experience no cakey-ness of makeup after multiple layering or sweat etc.

FYI, a same tone of Foundation used can look differently on individuals as everyone have different skin tones.

Thanks for the door gift of awesome skincare goodies Jeunesse Global! ^^
Will try next month.
Meanwhile, stay tuned!



For purchasing or enquiries, head over to Jeunesse or any licensed distributor in Malaysia!
(Full list of contact that you need, HERE)

For more info, hop over to:

Jeunesse Global Sdn. Bhd.
Ground Floor, West Wing, Quattro West,
No. 4 Lorong Persiaran Barat,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Operation Hour:
Monday - Friday 10am-10pm
Saturday            10am-4pm



Friday, July 14, 2017

Happy Birthday Althea Korea #AltheaTurns2

Hi Loves!

How is your July going?

For me its awesome as July is the Birthday month of Althea Korea!

Bet you have heard or even shopped there before!

A few days ago I just checked out my second cart of babies from Althea (you would have known if you have been following my IG)

Firstly I would like to wish Althea a Big Fat Happy Birthday!

Thanks for giving us so much surprises and reward in your birthday month! You have been doing such a wonderful job. Getting my hands on Korean products are made easier and at the BEST price! You have come a longgg way for you are only 2 years old this year!

May the rainbow always be with you!

There are numerous freebies and contests.
Read till the last. Don't say I don't share with you good stuff ok? :)


The Birthday Box last year was pink.
This round, it is like a cake!!!
I got the largest box with some party kit for you to deco. Looking forward to either a small or medium sized box ^^
(Image taken from Althea's Blog)

Next, Althea is giving FREE product (1 item per customer) everyday. So keep an eye out on their site for different different things to add into your cart before checkout!

I missed the sunscreen oh well.... :(
I cannot believe that I actually stalked Althea Korea's site almost everyday before I make my purchase ^^
Do you do that too? :)

Ooohhh.....this is something new. :)

Its the 20 Days Giveaway!
(Image taken from Althea's Blog)

Hop over to Althea's IG page to win various goodies, credits etc
Also visit Althea's FB page for their Weekly  Giveaway (every Monday ; applicable for those residing in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines & Indonesia!)

The contest starts from 3rd July 2017 till 30th July 2017
(Image taken from Althea's Blog)

This is every shopaholics dream, for me at least ^^
How this works is EVERY Week, ONE winner will be chosen PER COUNTRY to win some Althea shopping credit (ie, 6 winners per week)!

Saving the BEST & BIGGEST for the last!
*drum rolls*

All you have to do is decorate your birthday box with kit and upload to your IG!!
Submission starts from 3rd July 2017 till 15th August 2017.
Best "cake" & caption with #AltheaTurns2 will win the following:
Grand Prize: Round Trip flight to Korea for 2 pax*
First Prize: 1 year Free Shopping on Althea*
Second Prize: 3 Months Free Shopping on Althea*
Consolation Prizes: Althea USD$100 Shopping Credits x10*
(Image taken from Althea's Blog)

*Terms & Condition apply!


This is my creation:

The birthday kit and that baby blue 'cake'.

Ta-daa! Sorry for the over-edit of contrast and saturation. ^^

Blessed birthday for Althea Korea!
Go wish them! ^^

The reason why I have painted my two with laquer is coz I have no glue so I took a long time in taping it up and securing all the other deco and wishing bubble with clay. XD

These are my hauls:

Can you guess which are the freebies I got & which are the ones I actually put into my cart?
Answer is....
The black ones are the ones I put into my cart while the others are freebies!


I feel so impress looking at it!

Freebies: Birthday deco cutout, birthday bunting, Half Moon Eyes Wash Off Mask [Pink Fruity], WondeRuci Light Light Eye Balm, Pure Smile Neco Punch Point Pads [Jasmine], Skinature Second Skin Mask Brightening [Goat Milk], Whamisa Deep Rich Toner [Organic Flowers] x7, AquaBlossom White Effect Oled Cream x5, Beunis Energy Sleeping Mask, Beunis Nutrition Sleeping Mask, Beunis Hydro Sleeping Mask, Beunis Whitening Sleeping Mask, Beunis Soothing Sleeping Mask, Beunis Pore Clay Mask, Beunis Honey Scrub Mask.
In my cart: B & Soap Fresh Wash Off Pack [Apate Black], B & Soap Fresh Wash Off Pack [Scadi White], Ri Re Bosong Bosong Powder Sheet [Baby Powder], 9Point Fabric Perfume [Warm Cotton], CP-1 Premium Silk Ampoule, CP-1 Premium Hair Trreatment, Too Cool For School Marshmallow Puff, Ri Re Silicon Puff, Innisfree Air Magic Puff [Glow].

If you would like any review in detail, do comment down below! 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

(Event) (Review) Pika Pika Sparkling Bright Tea Party

How do you like to spend your weekend lovelies?

Last Saturday morning was well spent with the amazing people of Butterfly bloggers and Pika Pika team! Thanks to mamasan Tammy from The Butterfly Project & Watsons Malaysia for introducing to us the cute & effective product from Pika Pika.

Pika Pika simply means clean and bright/sparkling, if you are wondering.  ^^


08.07.2017 (Saturday)
Pika Pika Sparkling Bright Tea Party
49-G, Petaling Utama Avenue, Jalan PJS 1/50,
Taman Petaling Utama, 46150 PJ,
Selangor, Malaysia.

It is a great venue for small parties or gathering.
You can order & also get really interesting cakes and desserts!
Head over to their Facebook for more photos for your next party idea!

Obviously gotta take pics with the star of the day, Pika Pika Deep Cleansing Range
( Definitely using meitu app coz I am having minimal makeup - where are my brows?!)

Surprise #1 - Alicia!
Cannot believe my eyes. I was shocked. This month is getting better and better! First I get to go to this workshop & now I get to meet Alicia in real life. I am just always feeling so surreal when meeting inspiring people I have been watching in Youtube, IG, FB, etc... for some time / forever.

(Left - Right) : Sparkling Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid, Sparkling Bright Hot & Cool Cleansing Gel, Sparkling Bright Peel Off Mask.

Pika Pika is a Japanese product. These are the deep cleansing range that contains natural fruit extract, AHA and BHA to help dissolve dead skin and impurities in clogged pores. It also contains mineral and whitening complex to help purify dead skin and absorb excess oil.

Suitable for:
Oily-combination skin

Recommended for:
~ those who wants clean pores
~those who wants a gentle yet effective deep cleansing product
~those who wants brightening, hydrating and also strengthen skin barrier!

Tried & Tested
Class gets more  interesting when we get to see, smell, touch & use the product!
Did I mention it can remove WATERPROOF products too! ^^
Read on to see how our No Mirror Makeup Challenge went ^^

<3 <3 <3

In case if you wanna watch a video of the cleansing effect, have a look HERE !

<3 <3 <3

Our teacher of the day! ^^

1) Sparkling Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid (190ml)

[Claims] To remove makeup effortlessly. It contains natural fruit extract, AHA & BHA that helps dissolve dead skin and impurities in clogged pores.

This is a snapshot from my IG story. A face I rarely go out with coz it is of VERY Minimal make up (for me!).

After No Mirror Makeup Challenge!
What I had on my face prior to challenge: tone up moisturiser, mini eyeliner tail, light brows
What I applied during the challenge: concealer, eyebrows, lippie, curl, mascara, blusher

After makeup removal using Pika Pika Sparkling Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid.
What you think?
My super bare face, no eyelid tape too but only my contact lens.

Removal of makeup using Pika Pika Sparkling Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid.
It is so effortless and the fruity apple scent makes your mood more relaxed. Slightly sting the eye if there are too much applied. Do it little by little and it won't really sting. After rinsing, the face feels clean, smooth and brighter.

2) Sparkling Bright Peel Off Mask (80g)

[Claims] To help purify dead skin & absorb excess oil! Contains Arbutin to help inhibit dark spots & freckle and prevent skin aging! Helps to revive dull skin!

It is NOT suitable for people with sensitive skin as they contain high amount of AHA and BHA. For me I think it smells like glue. Since I only tried this on the back of my hand, I feel that it dries pretty well and is a little tough as you can kinda remove it in one piece. However, for those who don't do peel off masks like this may find it slightly painful. Its bearable for me though. The applied area is smooth.

3) Sparkling Bright Hot & Cool Cleansing Gel (35g)

[Claims] It purifies dead skin and absorb excess oil. Thermal effect enlarges pores for removing blackheads and dirt. Menthol helps to soothe the skin and shrink pores. It is double function in 1 tube, Cleansing + Repairing.

This is only for your T-zone & chin (where blackheads and whiteheads are prone to form!). Its of very sticky clear texture that has light floral scent. I can immediately feel the warm sensation. After a while my nose area feel slightly more chill (but not extreme cold ok!) and nothing much at my forehead though. It is slightly troublesome for removal as it is of a sticky texture but that means it can effectively pull out your blackheads and whiteheads! After cleansing, my nose is so smooth! I am not so sure about the shrinking of my pores but my friends said it was obvious on theirs. Will try again and let you know ^^

Behind the Scenes
(thanks to mamasan Tammy)

No Mirror Makeup Challenge
I look so funny here IMO.

After that, we each get a water bowl prepping for the makeup removal process!

[That epic face]
I think I was surprised looking at how much Joanne's makeup were removed by Pika Pika Sparkling Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid. It was so gentle and fast!

Meet my new friend Cheryl. Us with our clean bare faces.

Desserts after lesson!

Thank you so much Foret Blanc for the love.

All of the look so pretty and instagrammable I kid you not!

The chocolate melts in my mouth!

My friend love the macaroon but I still love the one from La Rose Noire.
The ones in the cup I LOVE it! It was of yogurt, berry jam, nuts and cream I think.

We love these coffee cake too!! Yum Yum.

Scones received the most praises and it was finished fast.

Surprise#2 - This was a last minute surprise <3
Thank you Foret Blanc!
Surprise #3 will be on my IG tonight!

A MUST Selfie with it! It is already melting by the time we are all done with pics, boomerang etc.

Last wefie, see you soon ^^

[Overall Thoughts]
It was a really good first impression other than me tasting the bitterness of using the first step of Pika Pika Sparkling Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid. Effective for Waterproof Makeup & Blackhead Remover!! The overall effect after using it was : gentle, clean, soft, brightened and smooth! Pores are significantly smaller for a few of my friends after using the Pika Pika Sparkling Bright Hot & Cool Cleansing Gel. When wiping away the sticky gel you can see black-ish stuff or yellow-ish stuff (that's your whiteheads and blackheads!). There are no allergic reaction or tightness even before putting on skincare. However, for my drier counterparts, I do need moisturizer.

P.S. You can get them at Watsons Malaysia Nationwide!
If you have tried them, do comment down below what you think!
I have been using them for a week so far and its not disappointing me yet! ^^
Thinking of getting the Peel Off Mask...should I or should I not...need to finish my stash... *cries*


Sunday, July 9, 2017

(Review) My First Name Card from IdeaBee Creative

Hi guys.

This is not a sponsored post.
I just feel like reviewing it in case you are searching for one.

It has been the longest time.
I have been searching and wanting to design my own card.
Just because I feel like I NEEDed it.

Then I had a little talk one day with my friend Sienny.
I was actually recommended by my friend Sienny who was sponsored for it and her card looks amazing. She is someone who speaks her mind so I trust her recommendation!
The main reason I have decided to approach IdeaBee Creative was because she swears by for their awesome service tho it may be somewhat pricey IMO. Her name card was actually designed by Patricia, the founder of IdeaBee Creative. Sienny told me that Patricia actually went to her blog to take her hand drawn art and put that as the main design of her card. This is a very warming move and makes the owner of the card feels like they OWN the card. So I ignored the price part and just go with it.

The special thing is the hot stamping service. You can either choose Gold or Silver.
Love this, just imagining my card to look chic!
I like how it says it is a 1-stop Design & Print partner.

Read on below to find out how my purchase and product experience is!!

19th May 2017        I whatsapp-ed Patricia + also emailed her my design.
 19th May 2017                 She sent me the re-designed version of my card.
21st May 2017                   I made an online transaction for my purchase.
28th May 2017   Patricia informed me that she have sent it to the courier.
31st May 2017                                                           I received my parcel.

In short, it takes about 10 days for my not-in-a-rush order to reach me.

She informed me of two choices that they have, with at least an order of 2 Boxes:
RM60/box of 100 pieces with matt laminate finish on both sides + including design fees. 
If more than 3 boxes than it'll cost RM55/box

My Choice:
RM120 for 2 boxes + RM10 for 4 rounded corners
Size: 8.5cm x 5.4cm
Paper: 260g art card
Finishing: Matt laminate finish on both sides + silver hot stamping 1 side
*Inclusive of free delivery & design*

I also asked her to help me re-design where necessary coz its my first time designing my Blogger Name Card using Canva.

My Card:

I like how efficient she is in replying my messages and the re-designing part. Just minor editing and that's it. 10 days for them to print and deliver sounds okay to me as I wasn't in a hurry. Although it came Without my wanted 4 rounded corners, it seems okay. Patricia quickly refunded me the money when I informed her about my issue. Price-wise I think it was a on the high end, most probably coz of the hot stamping thing. Will need to do more affordable printing without hot stamping coz not everyone will bother to keep your card anyways! (I was told!)

Anyways, do comment below what you think on the end product and price as I have not really surveyed around.

Thanks for reading till the end.

No code or anything but comment and recommendation will be very much appreciated.

If you are interested for hot stamping name card like mine or other enquiry, contact:
ideabee.creative@gmail.com or Whatsapp to 016-263 5775


Friday, July 7, 2017

(Event) (Review) Luminous Grand Opening

Hello lovelies
Its Friday today and weekends are meant for pampering! ^^

Today I'd like to share with you yet another beautiful place for pampering your face, nails and embroidery all in one spot.

This kind of beauty parlour has been increasing these days!
Beauty parlor are important for me as it helps to make me look and feel beautiful, increase my confidence as well as rejuvenate me from time to time! ^^



Grand Opening
Luminous Beauty Parlour

The Entrance

I love the logo. Of embossed rose gold wordings with a clean white background.

The lions and the God of Fortune has given blessing to the launch of Luminous Beauty Parlour. Three gorgeous ladies behind are the lady bosses of the beautiful place!

Opening ceremony is officially launched by the Guest of Honor, Leng Yein, & lady bosses of Luminous Beauty Parlour.

I love desserts!
They are just looking too pretty to be consumed.
So I just had sandwiches and sausage with tomatoes instead.

Posing with champagne!
Thanks to CJ for the brilliant idea!
Image credit to CJ too!

A simple list of services can be found here .

Lemme show you around Luminous Beauty Parlour.

Spa room

Honestly I have not heard of Babor skincare brand before this.
Apparently Babor is an international company with a long family tradition.
Babor  is represented in 60 countries & has the "Made in Germany" seal of  approval.
It is sold in various platform just by searching on Google ^^
But of course before your purchase, you can always visit Luminous Beauty Parlour for their facial experience and see if you like the products or not.
I like the logo and the packaging seems like other dermatologist brand, classy.

Anyone tried their skincare before?
Do comment below! ^^

Nail room

I really like this shot. XD #shameless
Although there are only two mani seats for now I am sure it will expand soon ^^

Here are the three pedi seats which looks so comfy!

Yes! Its comfy and I like it!
Filter : B612
Image credits to Betty

A closer shot by CJ !

DIAMI is a well known Korean brand in the nail industry.
So far, Luminous Beauty Parlour is the only one carrying DIAMI's Gel range of nail polish.
If you want to get a non-gel polish instead, they have the famous OPI.

I did ask the manicurist what's the difference between OPI gel nail polish and DIAMI gel nail polish. She says that both has their own unique features just that DIAMI gel nail polish offers a wider range of colors. From bold, classic colors to glitters and then pastel! <3
I am sold!

These are just one of the trays of jewels.
Love it!
*pardon my blurr capture on this one!*

Designs are fully drawn and designed by their manicurist!

I love love love the one on the most bottom right!

This is the color calendar according to color trends and season of Korea, designed by DIAMI.

Look at the deal on the right!
#1: Spend RM150 Above, FREE Basic Mani Pedi

Or Deal #2: Get 20% OFF by referring a friend for mani pedi services.

The goodness doesn't stop just here!
I am sharing with you my mani experience here at Luminous Beauty Parlour.


I almost almost picked the Violet of Winter Series. But I don't think I want purple all the time just coz I love purple. Meanwhile the manicurist did give suggestion that since my skin tone is darker, I shouldn't go for light/pastel colors so much. Thanks for the advice! ^^

I chose Blue of Winter Series ^^
Its of Dark Blue, 
Sparkle, Milky White & Dark Red.

I followed the order of colors.

I cannot believe the sparkle is soooo soooo sparkly!
Normally (to my knowledge) you will need to use sponge to make the sparkle consistency like the above but my manicurist did not need the sponge! It was wow! And, my nails ain't too bulgy like the ones I did before in my hometown.
Flower design was hand drawn by another manicurist.

Mine cost:
Gel mani (DIAMI)   RM128
Design                        RM30
*inclusive of removal
*removal of nail polish (done at other place) +RM30

I like how the color palettes are printed and matched already.
Colors are pigmented and service is wonderful!

I can see that the manicurists are precise and friendly when doing the nails for me.
They do give suggestions and tip but the final choice is still decided by me.

Overall, I do like the color palette I chose, of the blue range.
The flower pattern ain't something I have ever drawn but I let the manicurist decide for me. Maybe my nails is just too short to actually do anything. Mostly will want to do another pattern again with my choice ^^
I like how the nails ain't bulgy and the bling is on point, just what I have been looking for quite some time! Finally! ^^

Last shot of the lovely nails!
Will update again after 1 week, 2 weeks and so on to see how long it can last! ^^

Thanks Luminous Beauty Parlour for the door gift! ^^
*nail polishes are for deco purposes!

Thanks again for having me at the Grand Opening of Luminous Beauty Parlour!

My wishes for you:
"May your business flourish
May you reap your rewards
And may you reach your dreams
Good luck with your business!"


For appointments / enquiry:

Luminous Beauty Parlour
G-1-7, Plaza Arcadia No. 3 Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa Park City
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 52200
+6 012 696 6183
Operation Hours:
Mon - Sat : 11am - 8pm 

Much love,