(Review) NEW Cetaphil Baby with Organic Calendula helps keep Little Z's Skin Healthy

 Hi lovelies, finally I am back with a new post. Not about adult skincare this round. Continue reading if you would like to know about my baby's latest skincare that helps with his eczema / dry skin journey.

At birth, his skin was soft but flushed red. After some days later we noticed his skin, especially his face, looking pretty bad - peeling and just heartache when I see him. It looks painful. We assume it was just newborn dry skin issue that will go away on its own. However each time after shower, his skin will look flushed red then when its chilled he will look better. As time pass, it became worse. We went to a paed and he says its eczema. We were prescribed with a steroid cream for faster recovery. We delayed a little but it shows no sign of improvement so we went with some time of steroid cream plus prebiotic drops...slowly he recovered till today. However, I still noticed his skin is more on the dry side and especially after mosquito bites, so I do prioritize what I apply on my baby to build a stronger skin barrier for my Little Z.

I thank you Aliza for introducing me this Cetaphil baby line. Its now approved by us (me, hubby and Little Z). We really love this as we are now addicted to smelling our baby's head. Its subtle and like a very "clean" scent. I love that Little Z love using it coz he will tell me the lotion smells nice. More  of what we think below.


About Cetaphil baby Calendula line:
- This line helps with improving hydration of skin, protects skin against damage by irritants and also help promote skin healing process.
- Helps skin maintain soft and supple.
- For face and body.
- Certified with Organic Calendula & Paediatrician recommended.
- Suitable from newborn onwards.

This is my baby's 3-step skincare routine with Cetaphil Baby line:

#1 Cleanse: Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo (230ml  /  RM88.90)
- For daily use.
- Keep skin and hair soft and smooth; overall improvement of skin texture.
- Clinically proven gentle formula to keep skin moist and hydrated.
- Cleans baby delicate skin from birth onwards.
- Gentle, tear free moisturizing wash
- How-to: Use twice a day
- Texture & Scent: Dispense in a clear runny liquid formula with flowery scent.
- Thoughts: Lathers up easily and bubble goes away quickly. Easy to wash off. No after residue leaving on which is awesome! His hair feels softer and smells great for longer period. Little Z is also more open to washing his hair ever since using this line 2 weeks ago. ^^

#2 Moisturize: Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion (400ml  /  RM47.20)
- Clinically proven to keep baby's delicate skin hydrated for 24 hours
- Soothes, softens skin and improve skin texture.
- How-to: Use immediately after shower to seal moisture in.
- Texture & Scent: It comes in a big, hygienic pump bottle. The pump also has a twist lock function which makes it really handy to bring around. It dispenses in a light yellow runny liquid.
- Thoughts: It feels watery, ultra light and absorb quickly into skin leaving no tacky sensation. The light floral smell dissipates after awhile. Little Z loves it and ask for daily night application without fail. This ultra light feel is definitely suitable for daily use.

#3 Protect: Cetaphil Baby Advanced Protection Cream (85g   /  RM33)
- Gentle, multipurpose cream formulated to soothe and protect baby's sensitive and delicate skin from dryness and irritation.
- With Organic Calendula, Allantoin, and Shea Butter to replenish skin's moisture barrier and strengthen skin.
- Reduces discomfort caused by very dry, irritated, chaffed skin.
- How-to: Use immediately after shower or as needed on dry, irritated or chaffed skin (elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, cheeks, diaper area).
- Texture & Scent: Dispense in a creamy white formula that has almost no scent. Texture is definitely thicker than the daily lotion, therefore more suitable to treat drier skin/patch.
- Thoughts: I only apply it when his mosquito bite is recovering or on peeling skin. It is definitely a boost of moisture that stays as long as baby don't go rubbing it off.


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