(Review) Power Up Your Glow with Melano CC Premium Brightening Essence

Hi, its been another mco after mco and I must say I almost forgot what it's like to makeup. So I have been seeing a lot of my own imperfections and always searching for solution for my dark spot issue. It has multiplied ever since after having my baby. I also do not have the time for facial treatments as I cannot find suitable person to help take care of my baby.

I am glad I found the NEW Melano CC Premium Brightening Essence as it help with improving my overall skin tone and textures. I may also be bias as I have love its brand ever since last year when trying its moisturizer.


Melano CC Premium Brightening Essence

Formulated with 4 types of Vitamin C to reduce dark spots and even out skin tone. L-Ascorbic Acid is the most stable  and powerful form of Vitamin C - give us brighter, smoother and even skin tone. It is also able to penetrate deeply into the skin layers to fight skin concerns as it uses a high penetrating technology that ensures full absorption.

This is the unique packaging and texture of product.

Who is it for?

Someone who wants to lighten stubborn dark spots, pimple marks, acne scars, minimize pores, revive dull skin and rebalance skin tone for a visibly brighter and more radiant complexion.

Key Ingredients:

Pure Vitamin C, Penetrating Vitamin C, Oil Soluble Vitamin C and Long Lasting Vitamin C - penetrates into skin to actively fight stubborn dark spots, lighten stubborn pimple marks, lighten acne scars and improve uneven skin tone.

Vitamin B6 - controls excess oil production and minimize large pores.

Vitamin E - softens and hydrates the skin for glowing, radiant and healthy skin.

Allantoin - soothes redness and calms irritated skin. It also gently removes rough and dead skin cells to reveal smooth and radiant skin beneath, and boost skin moisture to keep it plump and youthful.

Alpinia Seed (Ginger) Extract - helps brighten and balance skin tone. 

Grapefruit and Lemon Extract - rich antioxidant properties that can rejuvenate dull skin and even out skin tone.


Bare face, snapped with iphone 7+ back camera.


It comes in an aluminium tube and special nozzle to prevent oxidation, keeping the Vitamin C essence fresh till the last drop! 

Scent & Texture:

Dispenses in clear liquid that feels like oil. Has citrus scent that dissipates quickly.

What my Skin Thinks?

.It spreads like very light oil texture and sinks in quickly with light massages. Applied area feels soft after and dry skin is less obvious. I initially tested for first impressions on the back of my hands (image below) and I am blown away! Then after trying this on my face for a 1 week period throughout my inconsistent 2 week period, I do notice how it helps with improving my overall skin tone and texture (above pic). I will definitely include this in my skincare routine. Also recommending to sensitive skin buddies who is looking for a Vitamin C essence that works well! You should give this a go. ^^

It retails at RM75 and will be exclusively available at all Watsons starting July 2021


If you are interested in brightening your skin with Melano CC, you can try any of their range product from Lotion, Essence, Premium Essence and a Brightening Gel. Below is the recommended steps for your daily skincare regimen:

#1: After cleansing, hydrate and brighten skin with Melano CC Vitamin C Brightening Lotion

It has a refreshing, citrus scent infusing with Vitamin C that intensely hydrates and brightens skin for a radiant, evenly toned and healthy skin. It also helps prepare the skin for better absorption of the active ingredients contained in the subsequent skin care products.

#2: As treatment step, use Melano CC Premium Brightening Essence

It is formulated with 4 types of Vitamin C, B6, and E to brighten skin, even out skin tone, fight dark spots/pimple marks and minimize pores for a healthy glowing complexion. You can use it as a spot treatment or an all over face application and massage gently onto problem areas. Alternatively, 

#3: Seal off goodness with Melano CC Brightening Gel

Apply generously onto face and neck. Gently massage to allow full absorption into the skin. Now everyone can enjoy spotless beautiful fair skin!


(Review) Mentholatum's All NEW Color Correcting Lip Balm

Hello loves.

I am finally back.
Its been about half a year since I last publish a blog post.

A separate post will be up on my own personal update but first let me introduce to you my recent new found love, the all NEW Color Correcting Lip Balm by Mentholatum.

I don't know about you but I have been experiencing peeling and crack lips ever since I have been masking since last year MCO 1.0. Because of masking (even when I don't mask at home) I gave myself reasons to skip lippie and lip balms. After taking it off I was occupied with other stuff and forgot all about it. I will only apply if I am annoyed by any peeling or bleeding. So lazy and forgetful. Lol

So now I make it a point to keep it moisturize before it cracks. I will apply once in the AM and another in the PM. This new color correcting lip balm, color correctsmoisturizes and also has spf protection.

Please remember to not be like me and take care of your lips more. Apply lip balms even if you are going out with your mask! Get your hands on these Tone My Lip lip balms already available at all leading pharmacies and hypermarkets.

Tone My Lip Color Correcting Lip Balm

This is a triple action lip balms that works to correct lip color, moisturizing, sheer color, and spf protection. This color correcting lip balm is perfect for those who do not like wearing colored lipsticks! It makes my lips look healthy and glowing naturally.

The Tone My Lip range contains hydrating skin care ingredients such as Hydrolyzed Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and nourishing vitamins A, C and E, and a sheer wrapping formulation that gives lips a fluffy 3D effect.

Variants Available:

Blossom Pink - for pale and dull lips.
Bright Up Red - for dark and dull lips.
Yellow Pink - for uneven lips; when used consistently over time, it will help turn lips slightly pink to even out the color of your lips.
Green Clear - for lips with too much redness; it also has Pure Pearl Nuance to neutralize redness and bring out naturally shine of lips.


Package of lip balm is like any other. I love that each lip balms tackle different lip concerns. Its already day 6 of MCO 3.0, no matter we work form home or when we are needed to go out for important work, remember to keep your lips moisturized and looking healthy! 


Color correct.
Spf protection.

Get yours at:

It retails at RM19.90 and already available at all leading pharmacies and hypermarkets starting this June 2021!