(Review) Favorite Past Time with English Tea Shop MAMA ME Tea

 Hello lovelies, how are you in this MCO?

It's been a month-ish of no blogging for me and I am back.

Little Z has been really mobile and independent these days. Patience needed is 120%. Anger management for my part is very much needed. A lot of discipline, repeating necessary while trying my best to not use the word "NO No" to him coz afraid it will make him less confident.

Our past time
Walking the park and snacking is our favorite past time ^^

Anyways, let's go through some positive little worth mentioning things like:

1- YAY! He can finally walk more steps on 23/10/2020 - approx 14 months 12 days old.
Now he walks everywhere and take everything.

2- Thankful to be able to breastfeed him till now.

3- Starting on another new project. Online shop.

4- Favorite past time (other than skincare) is milk (or tea) + cookie whenever I have some alone time.


Recently I was introduced to English Tea Shop Organic - MAMA Me Tea.

Here we are having English Tea Shop Organic Mama Me tea available at Gan Teck Kar.
Pairing wonderfully and to boost milk supply is the Ruuah Lactation Cookies.

Mama Me tea is a rich, caffeine-free blend of fruit, spices and vegetables. It has a beautifully balanced blend which is just the thing for new mamas and mamas-to-be. It is Halal certified, USDA Organic, Non-gmo verified and portable as it comes in 20 individually packed sachets. 

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A close up before I gobble it ^^

Ruuah Lactation Cookies is by Pensive Bakers. They are made with mainly organically sourced, healthy ingredients like oats, flaxseeds, chia seeds, virgin coconut oil, dates, brewer's yeasts, and fennel seeds. It comes in 2 flavors- Caramel (subtle and comforting) and Chocolate (rich and indulgent).

Ruuah Website  /  Ruuah Facebook  /  Ruuah Instagram


Organic Herbal Tea with Cinnamon (39%), Chamomile (19%), Nettle (6%), Fennel (13%), Beetroot (12%), Orange (7%), Blackcurrant (2%) and Blueberry (2%).



Lovely inside out till the sachet. So much details and the packaging from bags, boxes and outer packaging are fully compostable. Tea bags are staple-free and sachets are recyclable.


100 degrees hot water. Steep tea bag for 3-5 minutes. Ready to drink :)

Taste Test & Thoughts:

Upon opening the box I can smell fragrant rich cinnamon scent. When I steep with hot water, red color tea is immediately observed with the same rich cinnamon scent. I was at first hesitant coz I never really like any cinnamon. This Mama Me tea has become a favorite to my surprise coz the first taste of tea is smooth cinnamon with calming chamomile and a cooling sensation. The after taste is of fruity taste that makes it a very refreshing beverage to wind down ^^
After 2 weeks of consumption, I take 1 sachet of Mama Me tea every alternate day with Ruuah chocolate lactation cookie, I can feel the boost in my milk supply coz I had to pump even after baby has latched. 


Yes. Definitely re-purchasing coz I am still breastfeeding on demand and don't want any caffeine in me. Definitely recommending to mamas and mamas-to-be or cinnamon lovers! ^^


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