(Review) Feeling Closer to my Baby Again ft. PITTARi Wrap from UnisonCA

Hello loves, how are you all doing?
Its been one hectic month. We are both finally resting abit from hospital trips as the doctor still cannot diagnose why my baby is still jaundice, all normal and is lowering pretty slowly. XD

This PITTARi Wrap came in a sturdy box and a manual. It is easily understood, if not you may enquire UnisonCA on suitability and choose according to your preference.

By the time I am penning down my first baby carrier experience my baby is already five months 10 days old. This babycarrier was one great help! Before that, have you ever thought there’s a need of a baby carrier or even heard of the term “Babywearing”? This is a very new word and something I didn’t even consider when I was in my third trimester...coz in my head it’s something for more clingy and older babies. But after delivering baby and taking care of him myself most of the time when my confinement lady left, I realize I can hardly have baby outta my sight and I just worry about him crying while I do my work. Do google on the benefits of babywearing! ;)

This is where PITTARi Wrap comes into play. Giving mommy/daddy a piece of mind and giving mom & dad a chance to be “closer” to baby. This would come in handy if you are alone caring for your baby while doing chores and work especially in the fourth trimester and onwards! This is also one of the best wrap to start with for first time parents, as I am one, and I do recommend! :)

This wrap requires little skills and some getting use to. What I love best is the unique clip for an easy and secure base and also hiding my ugly top at the last step of wrapping.

About PITTARi Wrap:
Traditional baby wraps have been widely used in European countries but not all new parents will have the skill to find it easy to use. PITTARi Wrap is an innovative baby wrap with waist belt. The wearer will easily wear their baby (after 1-2 times of practice) and feels comfortable & close to their baby. There is two ways to wear your baby with this PITTARi wrap- front & side carrying.
Recommended: From newborn babies and up to 2.5 years old (15kg).
Available colors: Navy, Turquoise Blue, Grey
FYI: The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) acknowledges PITTARi as a “hip-healthy” product.
Get at: Unison CA . You may also look at other carriers, skin care and accessories!!!
Unison CA values the needs of both mother and baby with products which offer comfort and convenience. I like that they think from a mother’s point of view (as founders are parents themselves) and look at the world through the eyes of a baby.

Firstly, secure at the desired place and clip on. Unroll the wrap and have one on each shoulder. Form an X behind and infront. Lastly tie a knot securely at the back.

This is how it looks like!
The pouch can also use to keep car keys etc.
You can pair with any outfit to make it more fashionable.
At the last image, you can bring forward the extra cloth and hide it or tie infront for extra security or decoration.

My Experience:
I got my hands on this Grey Pittari Wrap from UnisonCA after seeing blogger mommy, Aliza & Sebrinah, babywearing their little ones on their chest. It looks so comfy for both the mommy and baby. Also one reason why I’d like to have it coz it makes going to events or just simply running errands or doing house chores a breeze coz you still can have a pair of free hands while carrying and calming baby at the same time! I cannot believe I didn’t get it and introduce to my baby earlier.

I have been using it for approximately two months now and I must say it was a bit challenging for the first few times of usage. Firstly was coz my baby is used to lying down on me, the bed, couch, musical gym, or his baby rocker little spring bed while I do my work and I will just chat with him and look at him from time to time. That’s how my 3 months was before PITTARi Wrap came. Another challenge was he was on a month long (still have an additional 2 months supply!) medication making it harder to babywear him as often as I’d like to. He feeds every hour or two last month (now no more) just like he’s a newborn while also coz I need to have a good 20mins rest before I babywear him after feeding or not he will vomit. These are my challenges but after one month of a few tries, we got better and he shows much excitement when he sees the wrap :)

As a new mommy, PITTARi Wrap has been quite a best friend of mine as I get to free my hands while doing all these my own:
Running errand eg grocery, laundry, prep dinner, eat, evening walks as well as going for hospital check ups :) Hubby is also less worried when I can do all these alone with our sometimes fussy little baby πŸ‘ΆπŸ»
Breastfeeding him while wearing the wrap takes some practice but I think I got the hang of it a bit and glad that it’s not obvious at all when I do remove him to breastfeed in shared nursing room :)
Also, as the baby grows I would definitely recommend to get baby carrier if you too have weak arms like mine XD

That's us doing things together while babywearing him.
Now we have more enjoyable moments to remember ;)

I also got some nursing top and bras to make the breastfeeding journey smoother while wearing the PITTARi wrap. If you do not want to purposely get nursing tops, opt for round neck or V-neck t-shirts or even wrap top or button top!

Do get in touch with Unison CA to know which kind of carrier suit you and your little one more! I would definitely babywear my second baby earlier in the future! Gonna babywear my little Z till he don't allow me XD