(Event) Malaysian Babywearers - International Babywearing Week 2019

Hello loves, a quick update on a Babywearing event that I have just attended, especially helpful for new mommies and daddies. Babywearing is extra helpful as it acts like an extra pair of hands for when you need to run errands, cook, shop or even reply emails when no one is around to help look after baby! ^^

“Babywearing” is a very new word for me. I have not thought of babywearing mostly coz I have few mommy friends and I initially didn’t see the need of it.

What is Babywearing:
Babywearing is the action or practice of carrying a baby close against one’s body in a sling or similar carrier.
FYI, there is NO evidence that babywearing with modern carriers CAUSES HIP DYSPLASIA- it instead is often diagnosed at birth or soon after.

Benefits of Babywearing:
(Based on Mr. Google)
Strengthens the bond between parent and baby, as you maintain a closeness throughout your day, especially during the “fourth trimester”.
Aids in baby’s physical, emotional and language development.
Promotes neural development, respiratory and gastrointestinal health, and aids in balance.
Decrease risk of SIDS and flat-head syndrome.
Let’s moms discreetly breastfeed on-the-go.
Boosts breastmilk production due to close contact with baby.
Caregivers can be “handsfree” to get stuff done while holding baby.
Fosters a close parent-child bond through toddlerhood. Toddlers can be worn too, reminding them their “home base,” and allowing that bond to continue as they grow.
FYI: A carried baby is generally calmer.

“A carried baby is a happy baby!”


The Malaysian Babywearers -International Babywearing Week 2019 took place on 2nd November 2019, from 10am-5pm, at The School by Jaya One.

Upon arrival, I first went to register and receive my goody bag. Then went to The Asian Parent booth to download the app and spin the wheel of fortune. :)

Come join me at The Asian Parent community. Members there are friendly & helpful! And yes, I am scouting for a baby carrier suitable for my 3 month old ^^

The Asian Parent app is a community for you to ask questions and get immediate suggestions or help. There are also interesting articles covering various topics such as pregnancy, relationship, parenting, baby, news, beauty, lifestyle, nutrition, health and education! By being an active user, you can earn points simply by asking/answering questions and polls. You can redeem rewards using the accumulated points for stuff such as mug, dining set, skincare, photobook or even shopping discounts for Grab ride, Shop Back, Mamaway, & Boost.

Here they are showcasing various baby carriers and styles for different age groups. There were a lot of people and most of them carry their baby in the carrier while there are also many that comes to check out and buy carriers that day!

I have no idea what to expect, only expecting to see different carriers but it was more than that. From babycarriers from different booths to helpful talks covering topics from tips and tricks when using baby carriers to car seat safety, gentle birthing, breastfeeding, soap making and natural remedies for health and beauty. There are also various healthy snacks and food as well as local kuih and cakes and healthy cold pressed juice! Also spotted some skincare and natural household products too!

Here are a few stores that I visited. A video on the event at my instagram, @beeleec

I have also discovered this Malaysia diaper brand that is super affordable from The Manja Company.

Look at the available sizes, price & testimonials! Aren't you tempted? Visit them at Shopee too for more info.

I will definitely go the next year to discover all the amazing carriers when my baby is bigger. I meet friendly owners who are passionate in advising or just simply talking to me on why they started their business on manufacturing their own baby carrier and so forth. Even if you’re not buying, there is just a lot to see and learn. I am sure you will definitely grab some snacks or toys for your baby coz it’s too hard not to not get anything! Also, I met blogger friend and new mommy, Aliza, that day and seeing how comfortable her baby is in this pittari wrap from UnisonCA that I was super tempted to want to get something from their store too as it has the most versatile of carriers there + the promo price is very reasonsble!!! What you see there are mostly local Malaysian entrepreneurs with their product! I am truly amazed on the quality of their work! A quick video on the event and what to expect at a Babywearing event in my Instagram ;)

Visit their store online or offline!
Image on the bottom left is the promo and retail price of their products.

Image on the right is a quick snap of lady boss, Mummy Charmaine, demonstrating the latest in-store product, the Beco baby carrier!

Why you should come?
FREE entrance & goodie bag!
Lucky draw!
Free consultation on different baby carriers!
Promotion price for baby carriers & more!
Free sampling on health food and drinks!
Awesome deals like nursing wear and baby accessories
Free spinning at the wheel of fortune from The Asian Parents booth!
Support Local!!

Here’s my goodie bag thanks to sponsors & thank you The Asian Parent for inviting me :)
From vouchers to skin care & household samples to cocoa powder, batik wallet & carrier protector thingy (I think its called a drool pad or teething pad if I'm not mistaken).

Here is a close up. The quality of batik wallet and drool/teething pad is really good!

Thanks to sponsors for the cute gifts and what’s not in the pic is 2 mini bottles of healthy cold pressed juice, a bread and a snack.

About Malaysia Breastfeeding Support Group & Cozy Lady.

For any breastfeeding related questions, visit them!

For fashionable yet comfy wear, visit them!


Thanks again The Asian Parent for having me!
It was a pleasure to learn the many benefits of babywearing as a first time mom ^^