(Review) GingiLacer Toothpaste Helps Stop my Bleeding Gums Issue

Hello loves, its now coming to the end of July. How has your July been?

Currently I am getting more sluggish and my third trimester will be ending soon. So excited to see baby. My biggest concern in my third trimester so far has been the bleeding gums. It has become more frequent and severe. What do you do to fight bleeding gums issue? I have tried brushing more consistently and changing toothpaste but it doesn't work. Earlier this month I was fortunate enough to be contacted and introduced to this GingiLacer Toothpaste. It was 2 tubes of 5ml toothpaste. I accepted coz I simply want to know and test if this little tube can really help me fight my bleeding gum issue.

《Causes of Bleeding Gum》
Gingivitis / Pregnancy gingivitis
Medications (eg. blood thinner)
Dentures that don't fit well
Lack of Vitamin C & K
New flossing routine


Item: GingiLacer Toothpaste
Content: 75ml
Cost: RM33

Lacer is a Spanish pharmaceutical laboratory firmly committed to public health since 1949. Its headquarter is in Barcelona, Spain. Their service focus on improving people's well being and quality of life and is ranked among Top 10 in domestic health companies. Lacer is a specialist in oral dental hygiene.

Reduce gum bleeding within 48 Hours.
Reduces dental plaque formation.
Strengthen and protects gum.
Suitable for daily use.
Prevents tooth decay.

One tube can last me about 1 week and on day 3 usage, a significant reduction of bleeding gums is observed! :)

《Notable Ingredients》
Enoxolone - has congestive & anti-inflammatory properties which improve the reddened gums issue.
Triclosan - clinically proven to reduce mediators of inflammatory reaction.
Triclosan & Zinc - have prolonged effect of inhibiting bacterial activity.
Xylitol - a non-cariogenic sweetener, protects tooth enamel by preventing plaque from adhering to it.
Zinc - has astringent properties that reduce gum bleeding, improving the overall condition of inflamed gums.

Simple normal toothpaste packaging.
Normal white toothpaste texture with a mild minty taste.
Before I tell you my result, I must let you know the severity of my bleeding gums issue. It used to be red all over at each spit and gargle. No kidding! I am glad to find lesser bleeding on day 2 of usage. Much more significant result on day 3 usage! Will buy this for my bleeding gum issue coz they work! Will definitely recommend to those with pregnancy gingivitis!

I will definitely purchase this for my pregnancy gingivitis issue ^^
Do consider this if you too are facing the same issue and has yet to find a solution ^^

《Recommended to》
Bleeding when brushing
Persistent bad breath
Receding gums
Swollen gums
Loose teeth


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