(Review) Eucerin UltraWHITE SPOTLESS Challenge

Hello loves.

How has your July progress so far? It’s really exciting & nervous for me as my bump is now halfway in the third trimester. Do you know that some pregnant women have more pigmentations during their pregnancy and it'll be either gone for good or still remain on the face even after labour? I also noticed my skin getting darker even with constant use of sunscreen. FYI, I am not taking any collagen or supplement that helps in brightening or whitening so I am looking forward when trying this new Eucerin product that claims to diminish dark spots and achieve fairer skin in 4 weeks time WITHOUT laser treatment! Also suitable for sensitive & pregnant skin!! ❤️


Eucerin is launching their brand new baby which would help me with my current skin concerns- say hi to Eucerin UltraWHITE SPOTLESS Double Booster Serum!

This new breakthrough product EucerinⓇ UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS with Thiamidol diminishes dark spots, in just 4 weeks to give you fairer skin. Best of all, it is completely gentle on your skin!!!! 

In the past, the only treatment to diminish dark spots is laser treatment. Now, with UltraWHITE SPOTLESS, you can opt for a gentle and safe skincare product to diminish dark spots, uneven skin tone & pigmentations!!!!


About Eucerin:
Eucerin has more than 100 years of expertise in the science of skin care. Since it’s launch, the brand has been leading innovation in the science of skin care. It is now one of the world’s most trusted derma-cosmetic brands, endorsed and recommended by dermatologists and pharmacists to help keep skin healthy & beautiful. The brand is committed to research, development and testing to deliver innovative and effective products for the face and body. 

Current skin condition:
I have uneven skin tone (darker at T-zone), some freckles on my cheeks and nose, some new acne which will leave marks soon as well as overall dull dry skin with minimal sensitivity.

About Eucerin UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS Double Booster Serum:

Ain't the packaging so innovative and convenient? :)

An innovative dual-chamber system (protect active ingredients for maximum efficacy) in a plastic packaging with clear instructions on how to use the product.

Texture & scent:
Dispenses in both Gel & Cream formula and has this clinical perfume-ish Eucerin scent but dissipates after application.

Gentle, safe & effective on skin.
Diminish dark spots in 4 weeks WITHOUT laser treatment.
Leaves skin fairer and brighter with patented active ingredient, Thiamidol.
10x more effective in reducing dark spots without the need for laser treatments.

Press precisely in the middle of the pump to ensure release of both formulas equally.
Press slowly to allow the formula to fill the pump.
Apply to clean skin at night routine, tapping gently until serum is fully absorbed,

Chamber 1 (Metallic Silver-Pink) : Thiamidol - a light emulsion cream that inhibits melanin at its source, prevent pigmentation.
Chanber 2 (Metallic Silver) : Pure concentrated Hyaluronic Acid is a clear transparent gel that easily absorbed, boost hydration & prevent fine lines. Dexpanthenol (Vitamin B5) promotes cell regeneration.

I am definitely doubtful whether my dark spots can be diminished just by using creams. I have tried many but they only lighten a while or a few days max and not diminish dark spots fully from underneath my skin. I enjoy looking at the packaging and it is super light to bring around when traveling. I love how fast the cream-gel gets absorbed into my skin & the scent don’t really bother me much since it dissipates after application. I do notice the slightest stinging sensation the few times I applied on my skin but after that it’s all normal & soothing. I tried to apply on my eye area too and it does not leave me any oil seeds or such but the already-formed fine lines will need a long way to go.

The biggest change I noticed is the lightening of my acne scars and overall more glowy and even skin toned! Super happy with my face.

Definitely recommending you to experience this cream yourself if  you too are facing issues of dark spots / pigmentation, uneven skin tone and improving acne scars!!! 

Thanks for dropping by and I hope this post is helpful for you! ^^


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