(Review) My Easy Salon-Grade Hair Care Routine with Le Ment Sparkling Oil Cleansing & Shampoo

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I was introduced to Le Ment Sparkling Oil Cleansing & Shampoo and decided to incorporate it into my hair care routine. FYI, I have flaky scalp issue (dry on the inside and oily on the outside) and flat hair (after day 2 of washing my hair). Moreover, my bleached hair parts are also dry and tangles easily. What's your hair/scalp concerns?

Bee's Current Hair Care Routine:
Shampoo > conditioner > hair oils (optional)
Last time, hair conditioner alone wasn't sufficient and I always opted for hair mask on a daily or alternate-day basis just so my hair won't tangle while showering XD After that, I also need to apply plenty of hair oils after my hair is almost dry. Read more below on my thoughts ^^ 


Le Ment Sparkling Oil Cleansing & Shampoo is a salon-grade shampoo, containing high concentration of carbonated* premium essential oil for the perfect scalp spa experience. It overall helps to develop silky hair starting from the scalp with premium luxury essential oils and 9 organic plants. These are recommended to be used every 3 days. It is also silicone-free with low stimulation of amino acid. How awesome!!! <3

It looks really classy and nice! However its all in Japanese so read on more below to know more about it! Although it recommends to use every 3 days, you can also use it every day or alternate day, depending on your scalp and hair issue. For my hair and scalp situation, I cannot believe that from washing my hair every alternate day, I can now wash my hair every 3 days without feeling oily or dirty!!! AMAZING!!

Key Essential Oils:
Baobab Oil, Argan Oil and Cupacu Oil - Moisturizing; for hair repair and makes hair shiny and beautiful.
Lipidure® - Moisturizing properties extends even after 1 hour of hair washing and drying.
Hydrolyzed Keratin (Wool) - Hair repairing from inside out. Elasticity & moisture is maintained.
Fullerenes - Moisturizing, skin resurfacing (anti-aging care).

9 Organic Plants:
Lemon Extract
Horsetail Extract
Hops Extract
European Red Pine Berry Extract
Rosemary Leaf Extract
Calendula Extract
Lavender Extract
Chamomile Extract
Sage Extract

Why is carbonic acid used?
High concentration of carbonic shampoo's ultra fine foam can penetrate into the tiny gaps that normal shampoo cannot. These ultra fine foam helps to clean the sebum and peracidified lipids (the cause of smelly scalp), and returns to its original clean state. Alkaline residue caused by dyeing, straightening and perming can be washed off, restoring the scalp to a weak healthy acid (pH4.5-5.5). Thus, healthy scalp and hair is maintained.

How is Carbonate* different from Salon and Le Ment?
The concentration of carbonate used in the general salon carbonate scalp SPA is 1,000 ppm, while Le Ment is using carbonate concentration of 5,000 ppm. Not only that, ingredients are carefully selected from precious high-priced luxury essential oils sourced from all over the world. It is also silicone-free. It is definitely an easy and effective shampoo to repair & cleanses our hair and scalp at the comfort of our own home!

Low stimulation of Amino Acid for:
Remove alkaline condition of hair (without excessive cleaning) leaving hair in a healthy weak acid state. It also helps close hair cuticles for a healthy hair and scalp.

Suitable for?
Aging hair.
No shine hair.
Dry, brittle hair.
Flat at hair root.
Smelly, oily scalp.
Dry hair caused by long term usage of shampoos with silicone.
Difficulty in maintaining colored hair, straightening or perming of hair.
Heat damage from constant dyeing, perming, straightening and ultraviolet rays.


Let's jump right into the product shall we! :)

Brand: Le Ment
Item: Sparkling Oil Cleansing & Shampoo
Content: 200g
Origin: Japan
Re-purchase: YES! Definitely using it every 3 days to maintain a healthy clean scalp!

Expensive-looking, brown metallic pump bottle with a plastic cap.
I like that its easy to use and control the amount dispensed.

Scent & Texture:
A mild, perfume-y scent which I cannot really identify. According to the site, its actually the scent of luxurious white jasmine in thick, white, dense foam.

1. Rinse the hair and scalp with lukewarm water for pre-washing.
2. Shake well, squeeze an appropriate amount onto palm and apply it evenly to scalp and hair.
3.Do massage the scalp before rinsing it off.
4. Proceed with your usual hair conditioner.
*2 ping pong balls size for medium hair length and around 3 ping pong balls size for long hair.*
I advise to go with one ping pong ball size at a time. I find creating bubbles with it is much easier when I go in with 2 rounds of shampoo-ing & my scalp feels cleaner. ^^

I love the packaging as its really easy to use and amount dispensed is super easy to control. After my second usage, I got to know more on how to maximize its effectiveness based on my scalp condition. Overall my scalp feels clean and healthy after cleansing. It also does not over-strip my scalp's natural oil so I do not feel itchy or anything like that which is good! I noticed I use lesser hair conditioner and hair oil which shows that this Le Ment Sparkling Oil Cleansing & Shampoo really do have moisturizing properties while also thoroughly cleanse my scalp ^^ I can last 3 days before I need to wash my hair. Isn't that great! Especially for those who have to look on point and always on-the-go! ^^

Both images are taken on day 2 after washing my hair.
As you can see in the BEFORE, my hair starts to become 'streaky' on day 2 in the noon and my manes are just dry and tangles at the ends even after applying hair oil (4 pumps) on day 1 itself.
In the AFTER, my hair still looks fresh on day 2 in the noon and my manes are looking more smooth & neat. It also does not tangle as much and I did use hair oil (1-2 pumps) on day 1 itself.

This is how I shampoo my hair to maximize the effectiveness of the shampoo:
#1 After rinsing my hair, on my first round of shampooing, I went in with 2 ping pong ball sized and assure it's spread all over my scalp only. I massaged it awhile and rinsed it off. This will enable the dirt and grime to be rinsed off.
#2 Second round of shampooing, I used a total of 3ish ping pong ball sized, bit-by-bit. This round I find it easier to create foams when massaging my scalp and also bring them down to my pony tails. I let them sit a minute or two while I apply my conditioner. After a while I rinsed both the shampoo and conditioner off. This round of rinsing allows deeper cleansing of dead skin and flaky dandruff on my scalp. My scalp does not feel over-stripped. Hair also feels smooth without the need of my usual hair masking every time when I wash my hair.

I am really happy to discover this carbonated shampoo from Japan as my scalp is reacting so positively. Also super glad that I can now shampoo lesser and start having a more healthy scalp and hair! Can't wait to order more from them! ^^

Thanks for dropping by and I hope this post is helpful for you!


How Much?
Its now retailing at RM120 per bottle for a 1 month usage.
Buy 3 Free 1 special, thus one bottle only cost RM90! ^^
Such a steal!

You can get it here:



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