(Review) Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse

Hello loves!
Have you found your go-to cleanser yet?
I have quite a few favorites but I always love discovering new items for my ever changing skin concerns.

Let's meet this famous cleanser from Japan.
I see it quite a lot these days on my faceebook ad etc.
Have you seen this before or tried it? ^^

Currently I have dryyyy skin type. My T-zone will be oily by midday with minimal acne popping once a while and uneven skin tone.

What's your skin concern?

Who is Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse for?
Strawberry nose issue.
Makeup gets cakey in the noon.
No matter what you do the pores are still visible.
Blackheads and acne persists even with daily cleansing.
Blemishes around the nose cannot be cleared completely.
More prominent pores around the nose and cheeks region.

Recognized by Medical Association!
Completed clinical trial testing - 93.6% (394 out of 421 users) are satisfied with reduced whiteheads and blackheads, improved oily skin, smoothen skin, tighten pores, etc.; 81.8% felt that it removes makeup effectively; 89.2% felt refreshed, gentle and is easy to wash off.
Developed by collaboration between 30 dermatologists and beauticians and took approxiamtely 2 years to develop it.
Recognized and approved by the Japanese Medical Association
Recognized and received multiple awards including Cosme #1 award for being the best selling cleanser in Japan.

12 NOs:
✘ Alcohol
✘ Pigment
✘ Mineral Oil
✘ Antioxidants
✘ Preservatives
✘ Phenoxyethanol
✘ Synthetic Perfume
✘ Ultraviolet absorbent
✘ 4-Hydroxybenzoic Acid
✘ Petroleum-based material
✘ Old display designation component.

Star Ingredients:
Artichoke Leaves Essence - Resolve pore problems, prevent large pores & formation of blackheads.
7 Fruit Extracts - Lemon, Hawthorn, Red Dates, Lime, Grapefruit, Apple & Orange shrink pores and improves skin.
Arbutin - Penetration is improved 100x , better than regular Vitamin C.
Yuzu Extract - Maintain skin's protective function.
Hibiscus Leaves Extract - Known as botanical Hyaluronic Acid that repairs skin problems caused by UV rays , revealing more youthful skin.
Reducing Water - Helps in skin rejuvenation.

What is Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse?
Works best on purifying pores and you can maintain your pores cleanliness even at the comfort of your own home! The 12 NOs (minimize burden to skin.; typical skin care product don't add about 6-7 harmful ingredients while Fleuri successfully not include 12 harmful ingredients) makes it gentle to both our skin and environment!
Its great to find out that the developers of Fleuri aims not just "rapid skin recovery" but to "eliminate the problem"

Brand: Fleuri
Item: Clear Gel Cleanse
Content: 200g
Origin: Japan
Re-purchase: Yes

Simple, clean, see-through plastic packaging to easily know when to restock.  

Scent & Texture:
Its a clear gel texture with no scent. As gentle as the Fresh soybean cleanser.

As a cleanser - Apply on a wet face with or without tool.
As a makeup remover - Apply directly on dry face with makeup, rub in circular motions. Add water and continue rubbing in circular motion. Rinse off.

The cleanser dispenses in a clear gel form just like its name.
A demo in removing liners, lip product and concealers. I was surprised how much it can remove just by rubbing the product all over and after rinsing its completely gone! ^^

Give flawless skin even without makeup application! More obvious when you use it long term.

I tried using it as a cleanser step. Its sooooo gentle without any scent. Each time after rinsing my skin is soooooo soft and there is no tight feeling *thumbs up* Now I have another favorite to add to my cleanser list <3 I use it every morning and night and it never breaks me out for the period of almost 2 weeks trial.

This before-after clearly shows the improvement in appearance. I see a more brightened, more even skin tone just by comparing the pics. I also have much lesser blackheads & whiteheads. Pores are slightly refined but will need a longer usage period to confirm how refined it can be ^^ Also, my face is much smoother to touch and makeup is able to stay on longer without caking! <3
*So sorry for the brows and lips at my after pic but I promise you I have a bare face here!*

As a makeup remover, I doubt it at first. Surprisingly, it removes even my waterproof liner and non-waterproof mascara so easily compared to cleansing water. However, it does sting the eye a bit if it goes into the eyes. After rinsing, it does not sting anymore. I am surprising with its cleansing and makeup removing power!

I really enjoyed using this Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse for its effectiveness and multipurpose usage!
All the pros above justifies for its price and I will definitely splurge on this when I can ^^

Thanks for dropping by and I hope this post is helpful for you!


How Much?
Its now retailing at RM192 per bottle.
You can get it as low as RM17X.XX per bottle when you go for a 5 bundle purchase! Ask your family and friends to buy together to save more! ^^ There is also a 3 bundle purchase for a lesser group buy.

You can get it here:



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