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On 10th May 2019, we were gathered at Grand Salon, Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur to witness the relaunch of Johnson’s®- a range of baby care products with Ultra Gentle formulas that contain 0% Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates and dyes, and designed to be irritation free for baby and toddlers’ delicate and developing skin.

Congrats Johnson's® on the relaunch of the product with better and gentler ingredients for babies and toddlers!

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I like the new packaging. Looking so sleek and user-friendly.

I bet everyone have heard of or has once used on by your parents as a baby!
I personally was a user as a baby, thanks to mom!

“The NEW Johnson’s® is more than a reformulation exercise, it represents a reinvention of the total Johnson’s® baby care range from the user or parents’ perspective. It is also created with the brand’s 125 years’ experience and in-depth knowledge in baby skin and manufacturing science,” says Mr Prashant Mahalingam (Country Director, Consumer at Johnson & Johnson Malaysia).

New & Improved Johnson’s®:

1) Purposeful Ingredients & Complete Ingredient Transparency
Over 400 ingredients have been rejected during the reformulation. Mineral oil has been replaced with naturally-derived oil like coconut and cottonseed. The new range has 0% Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates and Dyes - less than 2% of cosmetic ingredients globally meets these standards of gentleness.
2) Fragrances designed with mom & baby in mind
Smell, memory and emotion are intimately connected, with decades of research showing that multi-sensory experiences are a key part of happy, healthy baby development. All fragrances are now formulated to be FREE OF Allergens, and continue to follow the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) global standards,
3) Parent-friendly Packaging
Pump design enables one-handed use so parents can remain focus on their baby.
4) Products specially designed for every age & stage in a baby’s life
Johnson’s product don’t simply cleanse and moisturize, instead each are formulated to address special skin needs of babies from Newborn to 6 year old kids.

Why babies/toddlers MUST use gentle products?

“Infants’s skin is under-developed and is therefore delicate and requires gentle cleansing and care. A newborn’s epidermis is 30% thinner than adults. Baby’s thinner skin means it cannot absorb and retain moisture in the skin and is prone to moisture evaporation and dry skin. Strong cleansers will only disrupt baby’s vulnerable skin barrier causing further dehydration, thus, opting for gentle cleansers is a must for a healthy, hydrated skin barrier for baby and toddlers!” explains Datuk Dr Zulkifli Ismail.

Here's the consumer test result.
Isn't it awesome! ^^

Why CHOOSE Gentle?
Amyra Rosli (Mother in 2017, an advocate of gentle baby care products for her 1 year 7 months olds son Aqeef Anaqi bin Amar) opted for the gentle Johnson’s® Milk + Rice Bath Lotion to assure that her active crawling baby is well moisturized and protected to enjoy his exploration and develop happily. Gan Mei Yan (Comedian, Actress, and famous Radio Announcer, an advocate to her 4-year old son, Seng Jo, and has just delivered a daughter, Seng Sum, 6months old now), mother of two recommends Johnson’s® CottonTouch Wash and Lotion for newborns and infants below 12 months. This ultra-light, easy-to-rinse wash and lightweight lotion with no sticky residue allow Mei Yan to get a good grip of her daughter during bath and change. It gives her more confidence when handling her baby and the smell makes her daughter more lovable to hug and hold.

Here's a capture during the Q&A Session from mothers/celebrities to Doctors.

>90% ingredients of natural origin
50% fewer ingredients
Preserves mildly acidic pH of babies’ skin, helping maintain barrier function
No added Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates & Dyes
No added Fragrance Allergens

The NEW Johnson’s® Range:

Johnson’s® CottonTouch Top-to-Toe Bath and Face & Body Lotion for Newborns
Newborn’s skin is thinner this require the gentlest cleanser and moisturizer to protect skin barrier.
TOUCH is the foundation to newborn’s sensory development.
Unlocking parents’ gentlest touch with the latest newborn care innovation CottonTouch.

This is the CottonTouch series for Newborns.

Johnson’s® Milk + Rice and Milk + Oats Wash & Lotion for Toddlers
Toddlers are crawlers and walkers thus keeping the skin barrier intact is important to keep these little explorers healthy and happy.

This is the Milk + Rice series for Toddlers.

This is the Milk + Oats series for Toddlers.

Johnson’s® Active Kids Shampoo for Toddlers and Kids (3 years and above)
Less delicate skin but still developing this adult shampoo is less suitable for them. A gentle shampoo will help cleanse the scalp and mange their hair, especially in Malaysia’s hot and humid weather.

This is the Active Kids series for Toddlers and Kids that comes in 3 variants:
Shiny Drops - contains Argan Oil and Silk Protein for soft, shiny hair
Clean & Fresh - formulated with Active Fresh technology for long lasting freshness
Soft & Smooth - contains Honey and Wheat Extract to bring out hair’s natural smoothness and shine.


About Johnson’s®:
Johnson’s® is a trusted name in baby care for mothers with its Clinically Proven Mild products and is recommended by doctors for over 120 years. This heritage of trust is built upon a deep understanding of what it takes to keep the baby’s delicate skin healthy, making Johnson’s® Baby one of the most loved brands amongst mothers globally. Going beyond safe, milk and gentle products, the brand believes in enriching baby care rituals that unlock and release the full power of senses.

Nothing is more important to Johnson’s® than ensuring a stimulating start and a vibrant future for babies around the world and empowering families and health care professionals. Because Johnson’s® knows, when it comes to bringing up baby, more is more. As an expert on baby care, Johnson’s® has been advancing baby science and setting the standards in baby care. Johnson’s® offers baby and adult products in over 175 countries, the brand has touched almost 8 billion babies across the globe.

Tested these and they are really light and smells amazing!
Cannot wait to introduce to my little baby in August! ^^
Thank you for the gift Johnson's®!


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Available at all major retail outlets nationwide starting June 2019!
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