(Event) (Mini Review) Althea's A'bloom Launch Event & Althea Angels Malaysia Tour

It was a pleasant Saturday afternoon.
The theme was pastel and its Althea's A'bloom Launch Event as well as the first ever Althea Angels Malaysia Tour! How exciting! <3

This blue dress subtly hides my 23 weeks 3 days bump while also feeling comfy without restricting my bump in anyway ^^ If you're wondering where I got this, its from Room 8008.
(Image credits to babe Jia Shin)

An artisan ice cream parlor that specializes in creating unordinary ice cream experiences.
A good venue for hangout and great place to take pics! You can find softserve ice cream, waffles, toast, parfaits, kakigori, desserts, sodas, coffee and teas.

Softsrve Ice Cream, Dessert & Balloon Bar
D-G-11, Plaza Arkadia, No.3, Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa Parkcity, Kuala Lumpur.
Operation Hours:
Sunday - Thursday : 12pm - 11pm
Friday - Saturday : 12pm - 12am
Facebook  /  Instagram

We had charcoal waffle which is super yummy. Crunch is just nice and totally perfect for the non-sweet tooth current preggie appetite me right now ! ^^ Upon arrival I had this rose lychee + vanilla white ice cream. Its nice and refreshing and I think the pre-preggie me would loveee it! All the desserts and drinks that day are inspired by this cute and funky launch from A'bloom!
We were also given a Petal Velvet Powder each to decorate with the sweet desserts. I feel like a kid again, thanks Althea Korea! ^^

Althea Crew
As an Althea Angel, I am always grateful to get the first sneak peek of new launches.
A huge thank you for all the hard work and love to Althea Pixies, managers and mamasan Tammy!!

This is the Althea Team and Angels that made the day more magical!
(Image taken from IG of @maybeitssyahira)

Before A'bloom was born, we had all enjoyed one of the many babies Althea has given birth to. From a basic line of skincare from the Bare Essentials line, Petal Velvet Powders (4 variants), Petal Velvet Sunaway, Waterful Green Bamboo, Skin Relief Calming Cream & expanded to Althea's own make up line called the Althea Collection (I love that its multipurpose too!).
Which is your favorite? :)
I have a small collection of their Petal Velvet Powders and enjoyed their latest summer drops! ^^

Althea's A'bloom Launch (+ first impressions)
A'bloom line is all about delivering fast, fresh & funky k-beauty products!

This is one of the limited edition A'bloom box. Super cute and funky looking just like their products!
We have the meringue puffs in 2 sizes, masks and blackhead blaster.

A'bloom - Refreshing Fruits Mask Pack

Brand: A'bloom
Item: Refreshing Skin Mask Pack
Variants: 4 (Avocado, Lemon, Peach, Watermelon)
Content: 25g
Cost: RM2 per piece / RM15 for 10 pieces
Launching Promo (23/4/2019): RM15 for 20 pieces

Avo-cuddle-me (Nourishment) : For pH balancing, wrinkle improvement. Rich in Vitamin E to improve skin's elasticity and add a radiant dew to the skin.
Sparkle-me-bright (Brightening) : For pH balancing, whitening effect. Lemon and lime extract helps to brighten the skin making it looks clear and transparent.
Ac-me-peach (Anti-blemish) : For pH balancing. The peach extract contains vitamin A that helps regulate oil and moisture balance of the skin while soothing sensitive skin & provides purifciation for smooth skin.
Water-me-long (Moisturizing) : For pH balancing. The watermelon extract keeps the skin hydrated and supple for a long period of time. Watermelonextract is brilliant at retaining moisture, effectively quenching and soothing dry, chapped skin.
If you've seen my instastory, you'd know I have already tried this Wattermelon variant coz it's Tammy's FA! My skin feels cooling upon application and after removal of mask. Definitely a mask to be included into my summer must-have list! After 20 mins application only a little part of the mask is dry but the overall mask is still very moist. Application is surprisingly easy and not messy. I love how soft the mask texture was and the adherence is amazing! After 2 hours, my face still looks really moisturized and glowy!!! The serum in masks requires some time to absorb completely. If you cannot take it, just lightly swipe with a toner and continue with your moisturizer to seal in the goodness! ^^ I think this is a mask suitable for all skin types and will come in handy when travelling ^^

Aren't they all looking soooo cute! They are priced very fairly too!

A'bloom - Meringue puffs
It is of cute pastel color and made of non-latex sponge that will expand 1.5x when soaked in water. The Giant Meringue Puff (RM8) is for foundation, powders, baking etc while the Baby Meringue Puffs (RM11) are for more detailed work like concealing your panda eyes and redness around your nose etc. It can also be used 2 ways depending on your preference- moist, glossy finish or a matte, flawless with more coverage finish! ^^
They are super cute & soft when damp and does what a blender claims to do.

A'bloom - BHA Blackhead Blaster
It is a quick & easy triple treatments daily care for blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin. It retails at RM16 only! :D The natural BHA gently deep cleanse the pores and removing dead skin cells, Apricot Seed Powder helps to remove excessive sebum, Charcoal will absorb dirt in pores & the Tea Tree Leaf Oil helps soothe & prevent any irritations or redness on the skin.
I tried this yesterday and it is my first blackhead stick. It feels easy and does not tug my skin during application. After rinsing I do feel clean but slightly dry. Nothing a moisturizer can't fix! Cleansed area feels smoother tho. Will need more time to review it.

Althea Angels X BTS
Its always a fun time getting to meet new and old faces sharing the same interests in all things beauty!
This is the first ever Althea Angels Malaysia Tour and I am very thankful to be part of the amazing Angels team ^^ Below are some selfies by my phone and others credits to Eros the pro photographer for all our event pics! ^^

From Top L-R to Bottom:
Bo, Tammy, Anis, Zoelie, Aqalili, Yana, Cheryl, Shannon, Tiffany, Eros, Dash, Charlene, Mira.
From Top L-R to Bottom:
Aliza, Yana, Syafiqah, Sharon, Ridley, Dash, Zoelie, Me, Rachell

Before we mingle, we were gathered for a welcome speech led by Tammy & Angela, followed by an introduction to Althea Exclusives with Althea's Marketing Manager, Cindy. The center is the huge group photo, all taken by Eros (stalk his blog too!)! 


 That's all for today and I hope this is helpful for you when you shop at Althea Korea!
Gonna set my alarm to wake up and buy the DAEBAK promo of A'bloom babies before they are Out Of Stock! 

Dim Sum, Marshamallow, or me? :)
(Image credits to babe Betty)


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