(Event) Enjoy Hours & Hours of Joy with your Little Ones featuring PETPET

Hello loves!

These are all the activities at the PETPET Joyland that day.

Its my first parenting event and I am excited to share with you this quality & affordably priced diapers from PETPET. It has important improved features which claims to make parenting journey more convenient and fulfilling by keeping your little ones happy and comfortable for longer periods of time. ^^

Dahlia Shazwan together with her hus band and daughter taking a family photo at the PETPET Joyland.

As a first time expecting parent, from a point-of-view of an aunt, I do not know much about diapers other than it needing to be soft and comfy while also being able to keep the baby/toddler comfy. NO leakages is very important too! I have been leaked on by my nephew at least 2 times XD

PETPET R&D team looked from the point-of-view of parents/consumers and so they have developed these new & improved range to deal with the top three concerns:
1- NO leakages
2- Long lasting
3- Continuous dryness

Patt Sue Ann (Right) conducting a demonstration on the absorbing power and durability of PETPET's new diaper range to a guest.

"We understand that family time is extremely important in this day and age where everything moves at lightning speed. With this new range of diapers, lets collect the memorable moments together!" says Yeoh Aik Cheong (Managing Director of PETPET Malaysia).

Unique Features of PETPET New & Improved diapers:
1- Utilizes non-woven fabric and absorbent material processing and moulding techniques
2- Superior 'Fast Dry' technology + 360degrees AirThru system allows more comfort and a quick drying mechanism keep babies comfortable and happy for up to 10-hours* a day.
 *Up to 10-hours of dryness is applicable for sizes M, L & XL
3- Significantly softer diapers for New Born and size S diapers.

The PETPET Joyland was last month. If you did not get to visit, its okay.
Check out their Facebook page for the latest info !

Patt Sue Ann (First Left; Commercial Director of DSG Malaysia), Dahlia Shazwan (Third Right) and Yeoh Aik Cheonng (Managing Director of DSG Malaysia), together with mothers and baby models, presenting PETPET's new range of baby diapers.


*All images credit to ContinuumPR*

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