(Event) Neogence Pore Range Launches in Watsons Malaysia

Hello loves, sorry for the MIA.
If you have been following my instagram (@beeleec) closely you'd have known I am now entering my 4th month of my first ever, long-awaited pregnancy! ^^ So so drained, but blessed and thank you for still sticking by my blog. Anyways lets talk about this new skin care range specifically for you concerning large pores, acne skin, blackheads and whiteheads.

Living in a hot and humid country like Malaysia will most likely make one's skin to be more oily and dirty, thus the concern for big, blocked pores. Are you facing this issue too? Blocked pores have been my concern since puberty I guess but my solution is to always do some light squeezing, apply spot treatments, go for facial, always use toner and have a masking session at least twice a week. All this, especially going for facial really helped in unclog my pores thoroughly while also shrinking it. What do you do? :)


During the launch of Neogence Pore Range in Watsons Malaysia (at Sunway Pyramid) last month, I got to meet Shu Sen in person. She shared with us a few tips on how she takes care of her skin and what she uses to improve oily skin issue & zero pore skin - just 3 steps with Neogence Pore range!

A mask (for weekly usage), a serum and moisturizer ( for daily usage) to get zero pores!

About Neogence:
Neogence (the renowned lab-dermatological brand) is composed of an R&D team of dermatologist, bio-medical doctor and professional pharmacist which have been deeply researching and analyzing the skin’s pore and head problems. Neogence has now launched a brand newPore Solution Series, with three steps of skincare: CLEANSES, PURIFIES AND SHINES. By controlling sebum excretion, solving the keratinization problem, and at the same time improving pore conditions which leads to heads and pores, the Pore Solution Series is dedicated to improve skin and remove oily sheen problem!

Tips in Caring for your skin by Shu Sen:
She has the habit to only rinse her face with tap water in the morning (I do that too since I have inner oily and exterior dry skin type). This would help keep her natural oil balanced and her skin refreshed in the mornings. Cleansing will be done at the end of the day to thoroughly remove dirt, debris and makeup. Drink plenty of water and have an early sleeping schedule! Also have a consistent skincare routine!

Neogence Pore Range / How-to-use:

#1 Deep Pore Cleansing Mask (once a week)
The natural clay and charcoal powder in the cleansing mask effectively absorbs sebum, removes dead skin cells, cleanses pores deeply, and weakens the solid roots of comedones. Once comedones are removed, pores will feel refreshed again!

Function: Weakens comedones roots.

#2: Extremely Off-Heads Serum (use daily)

Azeloglicina and AGluconolactone effectively and deeply dissolve heads and blocked pores completely. combined with Sebum Control Enzyme effectively improves the conditions of the cuticles, tighten pores and unclogs pores. This second generation cleansing formula is suitable for sensitive skin too!

Function: Dissolving heads thoroughly.

#3: Skin Refining Cream (use daily)
Do you face darkened skin, large pores, acne pits and rough skin issue? The Neogence Skin Refining Cream can improve all that! It helps rejuvenate your skin by healing it inside out, revealing smooth and flawless skin. The Hydrolyzed Royal Jelly Protein works with collagen in skin cell renewal and repair. High concentration of Salicylic Acid and Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate deliver gentle skin peeling and visibly improve dullness, acne scar and dark spots!

Function: Improve dullness, acne scar and dark spots!


That's it! Check them out at your nearest Watsons Malaysia online and offline stores to improve skin dullness, acne scar and dark spots!

Thanks for the wonderful sharing session Shu Sen and you are such a cutie!!


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