(Review) Achieve that V-face with ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack

Hello loves!
How are you prepping for your Chinese New Year?
I will be really busy these few days up till the last day of Chinese New Year but I would love to share with you this magical beauty that helps me to achieve the V face gradually in my 2-weeks trial!

Its the ID.AZ Face Fit line, a functional cosmetic product that aids in finding your beauty contour! With proprietary ingredients and patented formulations, FACE FIT help in Slimming, Giving Volume & Lifting through its product line up.

Founded by Dr. Park in 2014. IDPLACOSMETICS was first developed to treat patients' sensitive skin after facial surgery and treatments.Based on more than 18 years of surgical experience and data collected from over 60,000 successful facial surgeries, IDPLACOSMETICS specializes and caters to functional cosmetics that provide after care to facial contouring products which are non-invasive. 
IDPLACOSMETICS presents Dermastic (Dermatology & Cosmetics) for caring of sensitive skin and incorporates their know how through specialty functioning products that helps provide lifting and contouring through non-invasive Placosmetics (Pastic Surgery + Cosmetic) products.


BLee's 2-Week Review:
I use it every night before I sleep. On my more hardworking days my routine would be like this!
First Cleanser > Second Cleanser > Toner > Serum > Sleeping Pack.
But mostly I am on my LAZY days, only 1 Cleanser > Sleeping Pack XD.
Current skin condition: Dry combination with acne visiting especially my T-zones and a little on my cheek. Slight sensitivity too.


Brand: ID.AZ
Item: Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack
Content: 30ml
Origin: Korea
Cost: RM199 (discounts available at Watsons online and offline)
Rating: 4.9/5
Re-purchase: Yes when I can splurge!

Star Ingredients:
ID-AST:312 - consists of Anemarrhena, Sage & African Marigold aids in Lifting.
ID-DCA.3 - consists of Buckwheat, Ginkgo Leaf, Lotus Leaf Blend Extract, Sodium Deoxcholate & Thyrosine Complex aids in Firming.
ID-SIV.FIT - consists of Turmeric, Gooseberry, Yam & Mulberry Complex Extract aids in Slimming.

Promotes slimming & firming function.
Smooth out wrinkles by enhancing elastin formation and helps maintain it.
SDC (Sodium Deoxycholate) smooth & tighten the face & break the fat in the skin.

Use it every night before you sleep. It is the last step of your skincare routine.

Result among 24 users (ages between 29-55):
After 2 weeks, 8.87% experienced increase of dermal density & 21.61% experienced a more lifted cheek for saggy face.


It comes in a cool ice-cube-looking packaging.
It would be great if a spatula comes with it for better hygiene.

Scent & Texture:
It is in this white cream that spreads easily, almost in between a gel & cream texture. It has this mild alcohol-ish but more of a high class aesthetic clinic kinda smell XD Lingers quite a bit and leave a layer of shine after application. It does take a while for it to be fully absorbed into the skin if you are just applying them on like your normal moisturizers. I do massage in an upward motion with my fingers (at my second week) to accelerate the absorption process and helps lifting effect more quickly attained!! ^^

Full Tub of Love:
I love how full the product is.
The last picture is after a rough 2 weeks usage and a little goes a long way! ^^

Hand Swatches:
Here is a quick hand swatch of how it dispenses (under natural lighting).
The next two pics are taken under a fluorescent lighting as it shows more clearly of the 'shine' that I am talking about. I did not massage much. Only apply like how I would apply any other moisturizer.

I find that using a tool or just massage with your fingers would greatly help the product to work as well as with its absorption ^^

After a religious 2-weeks usage, I observed that my forehead lines are slightly lighter (it will need a longer usage time to see more effect as they are quite deep imo). Although it is slightly "shiny" after application and waking to a "shinier" face the next morning, I do look forward to wake up and see my face as it looks glowy and almost flawless - my forehead lines were almost not visible to my naked eyes. However after rinsing my face, the forehead lines re-appear XD Let's hope they get lighter as I continue using them ^^
Incase if you are wondering how my morning routine is like:
Rinsing with water > Toner > Serum > Moisturizer > Sunscreen

Look at my cheeks!
Left is after Day 1 of usage while Right is after Day 14 usage.
I was really surprised to see the result coz for the first week I applied it like normal without any massaging or upward motion technique. I only started massaging with upward motion at week 2. XD Skin also seems healthier overall but of course do note that both images are taken under different lighting!!
From the above pic, it is obvious that my cheeks are more lifted and slightly smaller. Also, my neck lines are slightlyyyy lightened.

At this second pic I am just showing you a before (after Day 1 usage) and after (after Day 14 usage). It is to show you that they are taken under almost the same lighting with same location, to avoid the misunderstanding that I have become instantly fairer or anything. This is the glow I was talking about. I haven't wash my face yet XD

Overall I really love using this product and would highly suggest you to only use at night as its price is steep but works effectively to help you achieve that beauty contour over night and also fight signs of aging!!! Of course, long term use and being discipline is really important to lead you to that V face you desire! I am also glad that I do not experience any itchy reaction or anything bad so it is approved by my dry-combination and slightly sensitive skin. The only slight con is the layer of shine after application. I feel that it will transfer onto my pillow every night while I sleep with my face on my pillow. Anyhow, it is countered when I wake up to a glowy flawless face the next morning ^^

What do you do to prepare for your CNY? :)
Get this to make your face feel CNY-ready!! ^^
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