(Wishlist) My Althea Christmas Wishlist

Hello loves! Merry Christmas in advance!

Below is a list I have compiled, Bee Lee's Top Ten from Althea Korea:

#1: MAKEUP REMOVER aka first cleanser from Althea - Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser

For a 150ml it cost RM33 and a little goes a long way in melting off makeup, dirt and debris after a long day. I find it especially great for dry skin type like me. It doesn't feel oily upon application and emulsifying step is not needed which is convenient for me! Once I tap dry my face it doesn't give my face the tight feeling and sometimes I use it alone without a second cleanser and my face is reacting positively to it! A full review for this will be up soon! ^^
#2: TONER from Althea - Primer Water

For 200ml it only cost RM43. No problem with layering and I love how my skin feels all plump and smooth! It also gets absorb to the skin super fast. Full review HERE. Also, it is suitable for day & night use!

#3: Exfoliator from Neogen - Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine

30 pieces cost RM74. I have seen many rave about it so I really wanna try it! Its a daily exfoliator suitable for sensitive skin and claims to improve skin texture revealing smooth & bouncy skin. Who doesn't want that? :)

#4: Exfoliator from Althea - Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Green Tea

150ml for RM43 is a deal! A little goes a long way and I use this for 2 times a week on days where I feel lazy to do a full routine. I love that it gives me smooth & hydrated skin. Following up with a moisturizer is important! Full review HERE.

#5: Exfoliator from Onsaemeein - Yogurt Peeling

100ml cost RM30, now at RM26 only! I have never tried this but have read many positive reviews, especially from Zoelie, so I am very tempted to try this once all my exfoliators run out.
#6: Sunscreen & Powder from Althea - Petal Velvet Set

Its a value set for RM53.10 for the choice of your loose powder and Althea's sunscreen! I love love love this set as I love both these product. Its definitely my go-to for my no make up make up look! ;)

#7: Mask from Dr. JART+ - Dermask Shaking Rubber Hydro Shot

50g for RM24. Its a really cool looking mask and I have never tried any rubber mask. There are also so many good reviews. Have you tried it? ^^

#8: Hair Treatment from CP-1 - Premium Hair Treatment

25ml for RM19. For long hair like me, I can use it for two sessions. It may sound slightly expensive but I promise you your hair will be so smooth and love you back! It is definitely portable and has a cool packaging.

#9: Deodrant from Rire - Bosong Bosong Deodrant Tissue in Baby Powder scent

Its already out of stock since approximately 2 years I think. This is one product I cannot live without. It does combat BO just by wiping. Isn't that wonderful! ^^ Please bring this back Althea!!!

#10: A good night sleep from Medi Heally

5 pieces for RM28. I love using warming eye masks like this as it helps to treat my fatigue eyes and makes me fall asleep fast. Haven't tried from this brand before but it has really good reviews too!


That is all from me. I really hope Althea Korea can bring my #9 wishlist back so I will stock up! ^^



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