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Is there anything you want to change about yourself but never dare to share about it or ask for help? I have always always had low self esteem about my hunchback issue. Needless to say coz its obvious but its hard to remind yourself when its an automatic habit. As I grow older, I am keen in wanting to improve my hunchback issue. It not only makes me shorter and physically less appealing when I take ootds but also give me backache when I sit for too long sometimes. It all started when I was in my primary school years where I love doing my homework on the floor. As if my heavy backpacks didn't encourage me to hunch more XD

According to studies, about 80% of adults experience lower back pain at some point in their lifetime and one of the primary causes of work-related back pain is improper sitting positions. *Yes, I am guilty!* With this causes in mind, Jon Lai founded Kiper and embark on a mission to combat backaches, stiff shoulders and to a degree, scoliosis.

About Kiper Sdn. Bhd.:
Kiper Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian brand that specializes in finding solutions to backache and spinal issues. The company has worked closely with industry experts to develop products that are effective, affordable and pain-free anytime anywhere. Kiper has officially launched two products - the Kiper Essentials Lower Back Brace and Kiper Essentials Shoulder Corrector. Both of the Kiper Essentials assist in strengthening the upper back, lower back, neck and shoulder.

"The first goal for Kiper Sdn. Bhd. is to relieve 100,000 individuals from backpain before the end of 2019, and the company is off to a good start. Even before being officially launched, the company managed to sell 3,000 units of the Kiper Essentials Lower Back Brace and Kiper Essentials Shoulder Corrector and within a span on seven days of its introduction," says Jon Lai (Founder and CEO of Kiper Sdn. Bhd.).

The Kiper Essentials Lower Back Brace is designed to make any chair ergonomic, encourage a healthier sitting position for a healthier spine, and to help relieve back pain after using it. The Kiper Essentials Shoulder Corrector is the first ever orthopaedist-designed shoulder corrector in Malaysia and helps to align a person's shoulder to its natural position & discourage hunching. You can use them together or individually, depending on your needs ^^

About Master Dato' Dr. Chris Leong:
Meet Master Dato' Dr. Chris Leong. He's one of the most prominent figures in Malaysia when it comes to bone-setting procedures and endorses on both products. He recommends that both products be used for at least 15 minutes a day for maximum effectiveness. Master Dato' Dr. Chris Leong is the founder of Chris Leong Method (CLM), a company dedicated to healing spinal discomfort using traditional bone-setting method aka "Tit-Tar". To date, he operates two CLM outlets in Klang Valley and has been prominently featured on social media in Malaysia and around the world.

"Good body posture is essential for the overall health and well being of an individual. However, many people are not aware that they have bad body posture or suffering from backaches, which most often is induced by poor sitting positions or hunching over laptops. Hence, we believe the Kiper Essentials Lower Back Brace and Kiper Essentials Shoulder Corrector will be able to reach out and help more people to retain their musculature so that their back will maintain an upright position without a lot of effort and can begin building those muscles in a way that helps strengthen the upper back, lower back, neck and shoulders," says Master Dato' Dr. Chris Leong.

During the launch, 30 lucky customers were given the chance to experience the two products first hand, whilst being given five quick tips by Master Dato' Dr. Chris Leong on how to maximize the effectiveness of the products. They are the 'Diver Pose', the 'Rearward Arm Stretch', the 'Arch Style', the 'Paddle Style', and the 'Waist Twist'.

This is an exciting collaboration! Thanks for introducing me and I hope you will check them out if you too have hunchback or back pain issue like me ^^

After that we had a bone-setting session with Master Dato' Dr. Chris Leong and other staffs which is scary but amazing after. My stiff shoulders has loosened and I ended up with a good night sleep after ^^ Thank you for the wonderful session and I would definitely recommend you to go for a session at least to be more aware of your own bones! 

I am also thankful to be able to bring back and experience both the Kiper Essentials Lower Back Brace and Kiper Essentials Shoulder Corrector. A lot of times I'd be sitting in front of my laptop all hunched up. I find wearing both the Kiper Essentials Lower Back Brace and Kiper Essentials Shoulder Corrector really helps me to sit in the correct posture with little effort. The only thing is I need to be more discipline in wearing it on a daily basis for 15 mins! ^^

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