(Review) Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway SPF50+ PA++++

Still looking for a sunscreen? I love exploring sunscreens as its a must for me especially on days where I do not go out with makeup! Sunscreen is as important as having a drawn brows when I go out these days. I was super duper excited when I got to know Althea is coming out with a sunscreen in the Althea Petal Velvet line! For skincare, you can check out their Bare Essentials Line! ^^

This is the Althea Sunaway Kit that I have received. The star today is the Sunaway sunscreen and best to be paired with the Althea Petal Velvet Powder (in 3 shades!).

If you haven't read my review on the Althea Petal Velvet Powder, click HERE! It overall helps to even out complexion, blurr pores and achieve that soft petal-like texture for your skin! The beige shade is said to be the most natural while the purple-pink shade is for brightening. I use the translucent powder the most as its what I have stocked up the most and I love using it for a smoother looking skin to my eyes and hands ^^

Suitable for:
Long-wearing & strong protection for daily use!
Moisturizing sunscreen with NO with cast, NO stickiness and sebum controlling!
For all skin types- even sensitive skin! ^^

For a soft, velvety finish and petal-like skin.

The cool holographic pouch came with the Sunaway kit. I love love love it!

Natural ingredients
Soft as a flower petal
Light-weight formula

Its a non-chemical sunscreen, thus suitable for all skin types, even the sensitive! It also contains HA that the dry skin type would love!

Claimed Functions:
It is an advanced non-chemical formula with a light, fluid texture to protect the skin from both UVA and UVB rays. It also will not leave a white cast like the many other sunscreens you've used before because of its advanced non-chemical formula!
*non-chemical means that it is gentle on sensitive skin as it does not contain chemical ingredients.
The micro-powder barrier technology absorbs excess sebum production thus give a velvety finish. The moisturizing formula also keeps skin hydrated throughout the day.

Brand: Althea
Item: Petal Velvet Sunaway SPF50+ PA++++
Content: 55ml

Cost: RM43
Origin: Korea

Notable Ingredients (according to CosDNA):
(+) Damask Rose - helps moisturize and smoothen skin. Damask Rose has a natural nanomolecular composition that is rich in vitamins to penetrate deep into the skin, soothing sensitive skin and strengthen it for a radiant glow.
(+) Caprylyl Glycol, Butylene Glycol, and Ethylhexylglycerin - Good moisturizing elements.
(-) Zinc Oxide, Stearic Acid - It can potentially block pores.
(Full Ingredients HERE)

It is a twist up cap for easy opening and closing. It does not spill too. However, at the first few usage it kinda leaks at the nozzle even with the lightest squeeze just by holding it in an upright position. After a few usage, it does not happen anymore so I am glad ^^

Apply a generous layer evenly onto the face in morning or before sun exposure.
*shake well before usage*

Packaging: Clean, sleek, and dreamy packaging. I like the square base as it helps with better grip.

Texture: After shaking, I assumed the texture would be thicker. However, it was still slightly runny in a white milky texture. Do not drip it on dark clothes as it'll leave a stain. No worries tho, it can be washed away.
Scent: It wasn't fully Damask Rose scent that I was looking forward to however it was quite pleasant and refreshing. It somehow reminds me of some lemongrass-y scent. The scent does not bother me much as it goes away after awhile or probably the floral scent of the Petal Velvet Powder has covered its scent ^^.
Effectiveness: It does what it claims to and I like that there is no white cast at all. When I sweat, there is no 'white' sweat like the other sunscreens I have used XD My skin can stay matte for the whole day out! As a dry-combination skin user, I highly avoid mattifying products. My skin feels fine if I wear the sunscreen and powder alone but never okay if under a slightly mattifying foundation. I find wearing the sunscreen alone will make my skin look dewy and healthy. However upon application there is the slightly sticky/velvety texture (from loads of user reviews they claim that it dries fast but your girls is just impatient) and I quickly puffed the powder to instantly smoothen and mattify my skin. For situations where I do use the Sunaway, Powder and makeup, I only powder my nose and under eye area for a quick 10 seconds. Throughout the usage period, there is no sensitivity or whatsoever so I highly encourage everyone to give the Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway a try!
Re-purchase: Yes.

Overall, I do love this especially on my no makeup days!!! <3
The left and right is the same pic. Just that I have edited away my pimples in the left pic to show you that it'd be great when your skin needs the slightest enhancement to looking flawless on better skin days.

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