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Hello loves, this post will be beneficial for you who are always on the hunt for new cosmetic products at an affordable price tag! On 8th November, Asia Healthcare, distributor of health and skincare products introduced its latest brand - W7.

Third from Left:
Ms Sherlene Low (Senior Marketing Manager of Asia Healthcare Sdn Bhd), Ms Yap Ming Ming (Category Cosmetic Manager & Merchandising of Guardian Malaysia), Ms Jessica Barnabas (Head of Cosmetics & Merchandising of Guardian Malaysia), Mr Edgar Liong (Executive Director of Asia Healthcare Sdn Bhd), Ms Alice Leong (General Manager of Asia Healthcare Sdn Bhd), Ms Shereen Chiew (Marketing Manager of Asia Healthcare Sdn Bhd) 

About W7:
W7 name is coined after a postcode in West London, the UK-based cosmetic brand that uses only the finest ingredients in the formulations and innovations of all its products to help users create the desired look while staying trendy. There are more than 100 W7 makeup products in the Malaysia market right now suiting for all young and fashion forward individuals who seeks to transform their look instantly. W7 makeup products include primer, foundation, concealer, face powder, blusher, contour, eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, brows, lip liner, and lipstick - price tag starts from RM20 onwards.

Here's some of their hero products/best sellers! More details below!

Why W7:
Eye-catching packaging and product names.
FREE from heavy metals eg TBTO (preservative) and other harmful ingredients.
Ingredients used comply with the strictest worldwide regulations (USA, Canada, EU, Japan & Asia).
W7 is against animal testing and has never tested any of its product on animals.

"W7 themes around 'Who Will You Be Today?', aspires to encourage young and vibrant women to be bold and confident in creating looks that matches their unique style," says Mr Edgar Liong (Executive Director of Asia Healthcare).

W7 Products:

Full list of available products below.
W7 Hero Products: marked with 
W7 Best Sellers: marked with 

Who Will You Be Today? Let your makeup express your personality! ^^

<Primer & Foundation>
Prime Magic Face Primer (30ml, RM36.70)
A clear formula that helps create smooth and perfect base before makeup application.
Face Fantasy Matte Finish Foundation (30ml, RM46.13, 3 shades)
A creamy medium coverage that dries down to an even, matte finish.
Genius Feather Light Foundation (30ml, RM41.41, 5 shades) 
A feather light formula gives natural & consistent coverage with a dewy glow.
HD Foundation (30ml, RM34.81, 5 shades)
A rich and creamy foundation giving excellent and long lasting full coverage.
Legend Lasting Wear Foundation (28ml, RM41.41, 4 shades)
Super light-weight formulation.
Sheer Foundation (30g, RM24.43, 5 shades)
A fine liquid foundation giving even coverage and smooth, lasting finish.
Catwalk Concealer (9ml, RM23.49, 3shades)
Creamy consistency and lasting formula.
Banana Dreams Loose Powder (20g, RM36.70)
Set makeup and highlighting purpose. For all skin types and tones.
Sheer Loose Powder (16g, RM34.81, 4 shades)
Set makeup and prevent shiny appearance.
Catwalk Complexion Compact Powder (7g, RM33.87, 3 shades)
A silky smooth powder compact complete with mirror and sponge.
Puff Perfection (10g, RM24.43, 4 shades)
An all-in-one cream powder compact formula giving lasting, flawless coverage for a radiant appearance.
<Contour & Highlighter>
Contour Stick (4g, RM34.81, 4 shades)
Portable, double-ended super creamy and blend-able highlight & contour stick.
Strobe & Go! Strobing Stick (5g, RM31.04, 2 shades)
Sits lightly on skin and lasts all night.
Duo Blusher (7g, RM21.60, 4 shades) 
A duo of color in a handy compact.
The Fixer Face Spray (18ml, RM25.38)
Seal the makeup, giving a fresh and dewy finish.
<Eye Shadow>
Color Me Buff (15.6g, RM53.68, 12 eye shadow shades) 
Pigmented, blend-able and lasting colors from pinky nudes to coppers and browns.
Blazin' (15.6g, RM53.68, 12 eye shadow shades) 
Pigmented, blend-able and lasting colors of oranges and browns.
Beat it! (15.6g, RM53.68, 12 eye shadow shades)
Pigmented, blend-able and lasting colors of matte & shimmer shades from nudes, pinks & coppers.
Delicious (11.2g, RM53.68, 12 eye shadow shades) 
Colorful palette from nudes to browns, pinks to plums and creams to oranges, with different finishing and textures of shimmer, glitter and creamy mattes.
In the City (7g, RM34.81, 6 eye shadow shades)
Mini palette contains 6 matte tones from pink nudes to light browns.
<Eye Liner>
Lime to Five Waterproof Eyeliner Pen (1.2ml, RM31.04)
Super Gel Deluxe Eyeliner Blackest Black (1.5g, RM25.38)
Aye Aye Captain Very Black Liquid Eyeliner (5ml, RM27.26)
King Kohl Eye Pencil Black (1.2g, RM22.55)
Absolute Lashes Mascara (13ml, RM34.81)
Help boost volume, length, add extra curl.
Absolutely Waterproof Mascara (10ml, RM34.81)
Oh So Waterproof Mascara (15ml, RM34.81)
Lastastic False Liquid Lashes Mascara (15ml, RM31.98)
Massive Lashes Volume Mascara (15ml, EM31.98)
Forever Lashes Extra Volumizing Mascara (15ml, RM34.81)
It's Brown Really Brown Mascara (15ml, RM31.98)
Lengthening Thickening Mascara (10ml, RM28.21)
Lashes Galore Gel Volume Mascara (15ml, RM34.81)
<Eyebrow Pencil>
Twist & Shape Combi Eye Pencil (0.3g, RM27.26, 3 variants)
<Lip Liner>
Lip Twister (0.28g, RM21.60, 8 shades)
Kiss Matte Lipstick (3g, RM25.38, 4 shades)
Kiss Lipstick (3g, RM25.38, 14 shades)
Mega Matte Lips (7ml, RM25.38, 9 shades) 


Stay tuned for my impression post soon on a few products that I have received! ^^
Thanks for having me! ^^

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