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During the workshop we were asked a question. "How was food preserved before the invention of refrigerators?" The answer is fermentation! Fermentation extends the shelf life of the food/medicines/cosmetics in the olden times.

Fermented skincare is a growing trend and is well accepted by many. This is because its benefits of being safe, non-invasive and harmless to users. Korean skincare that uses this traditional fermentation method usually involves fermenting natural plant-based ingredients such as ginseng, tea, flowers and herbs.

I honestly have not heard about Haruharu until I am at the workshop. It is a new brand in Malaysia as well as in Korea itself however it is already available in 15 countries!! *Wow* I am definitely looking forward to try this brand as they use lesser chemicals. ^^

About Haruharu Malaysia:
A brand that focuses on the basics of skincare routine. Haruharu means 'day by day'. It aims to help all users to deal with their concerns naturally on a daily basis. Haruharu debuts in Malaysia with their Wonder Skincare Series and Haruharu Prologue mask series. They are developed by Korea's top notch natural fermentation experts from OK Bio Lab. The Haruharu series are suited for all skin types while addressing common skin concerns such as dull tone, aging, dry skin etc.

Haruharu Team also did a Moisture Test with different moisturizers/creams on bread. As you can see, the area that is less burnt on the surface is due to the deep moisturization Haruharu Wonder Honey Green Aqua Bomb Cream claims to do. While the others are burnt is because the moisturizer/cream just moisturizes the surface of the bread and did not penetrate the hydration to the inner layer of the bread.

Reasons to get Haruharu Skincare Products?
Fermentation technology - Raw ingredients are broken down into smaller molecules thus more concentrated (8x to be exact!) and allows deeper penetration & absorption into skin layers.
Carefully selected ingredients - Rich antioxidant benefits from fermented natural ingredients (ie. Maqui Berry, Honey, Green Tea).
Patented Natural Liposome Technology - Active ingredients are transferred deep into cells for optimal absoprtion.
Unique & Distinctive Packaging - The 'Wonder' series is an inspired takeaway coffee cup, just like your coffee, that keeps your day going strong on a daily basis!

About Wonder Haruharu Series:
Catered to mid 20s to 30s age users. So far they have masks and moisturizers (in 2 sizes). The larger size of moisturizer is in the form of inspired take-away coffee cup design while the smaller size of moisturizer is in the form of slim tube for easy travelling.

Wonder Maqui Berry Anti-Oxidant Cream & Mask - Infused with Maqui Berry Extract for anti-aging and skin regeneration properties.
Wonder Honey Green Repairative Cream & Mask - Infused with fermented Green Tea with Honey, Schizandra Chinensis Fruits Extract for anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, skin regeneration, and hydration properties.
Wonder Honey Green Aqua Bomb Cream & Mask - Infused with Moso Bamboo charcoal powder in the mask sheet for intense moisturizing and skin revitalizing properties.
Wonder Honey Green Brilliant Cream & Mask - Infused with charcoal powder in the mask sheet, green tea and honey extracts for skin brightening, minimizing wrinkles and increasing hydration in skin.
(Hand model credits to Racheal!)

About Haruharu Prologue Masks Series:
Suitable for young, fun and vibrant users. The Prologue Mask Series features Haru, the skin superhero, that fights and fixes various skin concerns/problems.

That's Reef volunteering for one of the Haruharu Prologue Mask Series
He complimented the tofu-like texture of mask and the grip of he mask! Hoever the grip isn't strong if you have moustache/beard in the way!). I cannot wait to try this myself and walk around the house when masking! ^^

Haruharu Prologue Maqui Berry Lifting Mask - Infused with fermented Maqui Berry & antioxidants for reducing wrinkles and firming properties.
Haruharu Prologue Maqui Berry Brightening Mask - Infused with fermented Maqui Berry for reducing wrinkles, fine lines, brightening skin and even out skin color prior makeup application.
Haruharu Prologue Maqui Berry Soothing Mask - Infused with fermented Maqui Berry for antioxidant properties and also suitable for sensitive skin.
Haruharu Prologue Maqui Berry Moisture Mask - Best for dry, flaky, wrinkled, dull skin and revitalizes skin for a younger, fresher look.

First Impressions:
All creams are nice, just that do apply in moderation. all application sinks well into the skin with little to no tackiness while feeling smooth. ONLY the Brilliant Cream & Anti-Oxidant Cream feels a ad more tacky.

The Honey Green Aqua Bomb Cream texture is very gel-like. Light and easily absorbs into the skin with no effort. Just like the aloe gels in the market. However, I dry skin type like me will need more hydration inside and on my skin.

The Maqui Berry Anti-Oxidant Cream is thicker in texture and my skin feels more moisturized. Use little by little on my first try, I used too much and my face feels oily. XD
The Honey Green Repairative Cream dispenses in the thickest texture. Definitely suitable for winter regions and is selling like hot cakes in Korea right now! Also much more moisturizing and is suitable for dryyy skin type at night.
The Honey Green Brilliant Cream smells like fermented rice. It dispenses in a pudding like texture. Interesting!

Tips to Use the Creams:
There is no fixed Day or Night creams. Use according to the need of your skin.
You can opt to use one in the AM and another at PM or even use one after another in one routine!
If you're in your 20s - go for Aqua Bomb and Brilliant Cream
If you're in your 30s - go for Repairative and Anti-Oxidant Cream
If you're in your 40s - go for Repairative and Aqua Bomb Cream
Mix Aqua Bomb Cream with your moisturizer to boost hydration!
Mix Repairative Cream with foundation for better adherence OR use it as a base before the application of your foundation!

I have been incorporating a few products in my skincare now. Quite loving these fermented skincare  from Haruharu!
Stay tuned for my review as I use them in my IG stories!


Tube Creams (38g) are sold at RM59.
Coffee Cup Creams (90g) are sold at RM139.
Coffee Cup Cream (88g for Repairative Cream only) are sold at RM139.
Starter Kit (masks 1 variant each) are sold at RM40.
Masks sold individually are priced at RM10.90.
Masks sold in a box (5 pieces) is priced at RM49.
Haruharu Super Hero Mask are priced at RM12.90 per piece.
Haruharu Super Hero Mask are priced at RM48.80 per box (5 pieces).

Get at:
Online at I'm Pine
Various SENHENG Outlets (Pandan Jaya, SS2, USJ Taipan, Kepong, Bukit Tinggi, and Setia Alam)
Selected Watsons stores nationwide (coming soon in 2019)




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