(Review) NION BEAUTY Opus Express

Hello loves, I hope September has been amazing for you!
Its been 1 whole religious month of me using this new facial cleansing device and I wanna give you my verdict on how my combination dehydrated and sensitive skin is reacting.

The parcel came in a green box.
Inside, there are 2 cleansing device, one is the Nion Beauty Opus Express and the other is the Nion Beauty Opus 2 Go.

Here's a little sneak peek of the Opus 2 Go.
It's nicely seated in the dust bag.

I just tried it today morning. FYI, its internal battery can last up to 20 days usage but fret not, you can still use it manually without battery.

This has only one speed, which feels awesome especially on my nose area. The bristles are also made using S-ion Technology® silicone allowing effective yet gentle cleansing.

Its so cute and portable, especially useful when going on a trip! ^^

It's soft and flexible, making hard to reach places easy! ^^

Let's divert our attention back to the star of today's post, the Nion Beauty Opus Express.

Overall, I am really glad that I am up-ing my skincare routine with this new device from the Nion Beauty Opus, thanks to The Butterfly Project for the intro! ^^

Generally similar devices like these in the market helps to clean our face effortlessly giving us glowing clear skin as compared to traditional hand wash. Similar devices like these offers wide choices like inter-changeable heads, re-chargeable battery or even built-in battery that can last about 100 uses or so. However, the ones I know of are definitely going to make my purse cry, that explains why I have not been using tools to clean my face up till now. I did however purchase a dupe, non-branded one before but let's keep it for another post! ^^

Nion Beauty has got you covered if you are planning to try facial devices like this! You may try this affordable Opus Express and Opus 2 Go before diving in with the more luxurious & expensive ones! ^^


Nion Beauty is a revolutionized skin care cleansing device in USA based company developed by team from USA & Korea while combining the technology from Japan. It not only cleanse your pores but also contains the negative ions that will aid in deep cleansing. Its silicone brush are bacteria-free, effectively remove toxins, improve blood circulation and preserve skin's natural oil!


Kinetic Skin Cleansing
It uses vibrational energy (that is, brushes moves up and down instead of side to side) to delicately and effectively break up and whisk away impurities.
The magical proven reasoning behind this kinetic skin cleansing is that negative ions have 'feel good' properties known to boost your mood, reduce stress, & promote better overall health.
Overall, good to cleanse skin, remove dirt & toxins while preserving skin's natural oil and moisture balance!

S-Ion Technology®
It means that they have integrated negative ions from tourmaline into the highest quality Japanese silicone. This negatively charged ions in the cleansing device will act like a 'magnet' that attracts positively charged environmental toxins (dirt on skin). Consequently, the bigger particles will be more easily rinsed away.

Silicone is Better
Gentle on skin.
Exceptional durability.
More durable than rubber.
Bristles will not wear down!
Impervious to UV rays and heat.
Resistant to fungus and chemicals.
Continuous running lifetime (at least 250 hours).

Do You Know?
ALL Nion Beauty silicone have been treated with silver, delivering antibacterial skin care devices that are resistant to fungus, easy to clean and keep your skin radiant and clear!



Last month, I have received the Opus Express worth RM187.90.
It was a delight to receive such a girly device.

There are 2 colors to choose for the Nion Beauty Opus Express series, pink and white.
It came with a warranty claim form, pouch  and how-to card.
This is the Warranty Claim Form so be sure to keep it or email them if you encounter any problem.
I started using this twice a day for a period of 1 week.
Then I used for only once a day at night for the rest of the weeks.
My combination dehydrated & sensitive skin prefers the once a day usage more as the skin feels clean enough. Also please do not use exfoliator with scrub-y particles as it will get stuck in between the bristles. (Of course, you do not need to double the exfoliating step when your device is already doing that!)

Prepare - Wet face. Spread preferred cleanser all over face. Wet device. Turn on to desired setting.
Cleanse - Guide your Nion in circular motion across your face and let it do its thing for 3 minutes.
Rinse - Rinse your face and pat dry for gorgeous glowing skin.
Glow - Apply your favorite skin products for effortless radiance day after day.

Ready your own battery ya! ^^

I feel that it has helped unclogged most of my pores effortlessly my bare hands can't deliver. Pores are cleaner and my whiteheads are more readily extracted. On normal days, my skin is much clearer compared to last time.

At the time of the month acne are sure to pop by (especially my forehead, chin and sometimes my cheek area). This time, there are 2 huge ones my forehead and 2 medium to huge ones at my cheek. My skin has obviously healed faster compared to last time. (See pic below!)

8th was when I was about to have my menses while the 22nd was the end of my menses. I honestly think that it have healed my acne scars much faster. What do you think? Yes to a step closer in my journey to more even skin! ^^

When I had a minor surgery for my wisdom tooth extraction, I honestly don't feel like I wanna wash my face as I felt sharp pain at my swollen left cheek when washing with my hands. However I felt little to no pain when cleansing my swollen cheek using the Opus Express. I am shook!!! Face feels clean and nice still even when I am feeling under the weather.

Overall it serves me well for my combination dehydrated sensitive skin.
It did not dry me out and it works well with gel cleansers at my sink.

Love love this tool!
Definitely more affordable than other devices already in the market.
Would love to check out their other devices soon.
*Obviously edited overall pic for smoother effect.*

Here is a collage on where I usually use the device on. Forehead and chin is a must as I have thicker dead skin cells at these two areas. After rinsing off my cleanser, I have the habit of using dabbing motion on my eye area to relax my eyes. It feels like my eye area was rejuvenated. ^^ The given pouch is also waterproof so it makes bringing around easy ^^  

The only CON is there is no timer like a beeping noise but the two device from Nion Beauty have audible notification with integrated timer: Nion Beauty Opus Elite and Nion Beauty Opus Luxe .


Get at:
Official Store: Luxor Beauty World
Watsons Malaysia: Online & Offline



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