(Event) (Review) LipAddict Tea Party with The Butterfly Project Malaysia

Let us rewind to a month ago, 25th August 2018, a day where everyone wears pink!
I am not much of a pink girl, so glad I picked this dress up from home, not sure who it belongs to but it was made for the event! I feel like a korean-inspired barbie as I paired my white long sleeve top with the pink dress. XD

25th August 2018 was our long awaited LipAddict Tea Party with The Butterfly Project at The Happ Cafe.

Look at the setup of Happ Cafe! So beautiful with bouquets hanging around, as if we are having a garden party.
(Image by Eros aka fishmeatdie!)

Venue this round is amazing!
Scroll for more pics below!

About Happ Cafe:
A cozy cafe with a florist shop together for convenient delivery of both real and artificial flowers. Handmade workshops are also hosted from time to time.
Operation Hours: Tues - Sun @ 8am - 9.30pm
Location: Tropicana Avenue, P-G-09, Persiaran Tropicana, Tropicana, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (Please do not waze the shop name as you will not find it! Do waze 'Tropicana Avenue' instead! Parking is easy and affordable too!)
Stalk: Facebook / Instagram

Quick Rating of Happ Cafe:
Service: 5/5 - I realized food was quickly refilled. Would love to visit again for their unique dessert!
Ambiance: 5/5 - Spacious and instagrammable place.

The gorgeous setup of 1.5 floors! ^^

20 Pink butterflies in action .
(Image by Eros!)
Like the many past events of The Butterfly Project Malaysia, we get our solo shots from professional photographer/blogger, Eros! Thanks for always volunteering.

I love love this!
(Image by Eros!)

Last spam coz the decor and venue was amazing! ^^
(Image by Eros!)

Venue is amazing right but the dessert table and decor by Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party made the whole event much more cohesive and 'atas' too! With the theme all in-sync, I am really tempted in knowing more about LipAddict!

About Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party:
Your go-to party specialist! Stalk their FB or IG for their work!
Contact no.: +60 17 780 6939
Email: sweetestparty.joey@gmail.com
Stalk: Facebook / Instagram

Quick Rating of Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party:
Arrangement/Decor: 5/5 - Too pretty to eat! Super instagrammable! <3
Taste: 4/5 - Not overly sweet, just nice for me and I enjoyed my cucpake. Heard from my friends that the others are awesome too!

This is like The Place for profile pics ^^
(Image by Eros!)

Look at all these details. Too pretty to eat! Also, nothing much is left as its all *almost* gone before I decided to eat them XD
(Image by Eros!)

Getting my pink punch first!
(Image by Eros!)


Now, time for our emcees of the day, to settle us down and divert our attention to the first speaker from ISKIN New York.

Our bubbly emceee as usual, Dee and Sydney.
(Image by Eros!)

Everyone was listening attentively as we're told plump lips is achievable WITHOUT the use of needles! Plus, it gives you more benefits than any gloss!!!! How awesome is that! <3
(Image by Eros!)

I initially thought that this was a new product. However, it has already been tried and tested since 2013 in Malaysia! Have you already tried them? If not, read on below to see my testimonials ^^

About ISKIN® New York:
It is established since 1999. Fraser Research Labs INC has been committed to developing and delivering advanced, targeted skin solutions. Designed by leading dermatologists and cosmetic scientists and manufactured in the United States, Fraser Research Labs INC is committed to bring safe and effective solutions to the market.

ISKIN® New York is the skin solution that has been transforming faces and lives since its introduction to the market in 2002. ISKIN® New York increases the skins tolerance to environmental factors and diminish the visible signs of aging. Their scientifically tested formulations deliver proven results with customized solutions available for every skin type, leaving you younger, brighter and healthier!

Stalk ISKIN® New York:

ISKIN® New York is dedicated to bring effective & safe skin care solutions to the market.
(Image by Eros!)

What is LipAddict?
LipAddict is brought by SoAddicted. A series of products by SoAddicted are (Lip, Lash & Brows) tried & tested since 2013, but only purchasable through particular salons.
Their series of product aims to enhance a more natural you!
Additionally, long-term anti-aging benefits can be seen.

LipAddict transform your lips from 0 to 100 real quick! It is more than a 'lip gloss'- it is a non-injectable lip treatment that instantly moisturizes, heals and enhances your pout!

Stalk SoAddicted:

All 12 shades of LipAddict right in front of me!
(Image by Eros!)

Ready for a flatlay, but forgot to place according to their number code.
(Image by Eros!)

Ta -daa, aren't they beautiful! ^^
Sorry for the weird angle.
They are mostly in the range of pink, orange, nude and clear gloss.

Here's how your lips will look like. Mostly sheer-looking gloss. A few of them are more pigmented. Definitely suitable for both a day and night out look!

Anti-aging (Powerful Peptides & Marine Collagen)
Instant Plumping (Hyaluronic Acid)
Instant Healing (Vitamin C & E)
Instant Moisture (Natural, Organic Moisturizing Oils)
*Long-term usage will give you obvious anti-aging and volumizing effects!*

Pretty swatches by Lee Yann, Yana (hand model) and Miriam (hand model); swatches according to code from Left #213 to #201.
(Image by Eros!)

Notable Ingredients:
Peptides - Specialized Amino Acids help improve skin condition and give it a smoother appearance. It specifically stimulates growth of collagen, which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
Vitamin C - Potent concentration of Vitamin C is filled with high concentration of antioxidants, thus prevents the environmental damages our lips face everyday. Deep nourishment and hydration helps lips stay healthy and supple.
Vitamin E - A powerful antioxidant that reduce appearances of wrinkles and maintain lips looking youthful.
Organic Moisturizing Oils - Contains potent ingredients of jojoba seed oil, apricot kernel oil, castor oil, grape seed oil and avocado oil. It heals inflamed skin, moisturize skin and fights signs of aging.
Hyaluronic Acid - Binds up to 100x its molecular weight in water to provide moisture and hydration from inside out.
Marine Collagen - Responsible for skin strength and elasticity. It is specially formulated to help moisturize and plump skin cells, while the microspheres fill in the wrinkles to reduce appearance of lip creases and fine lines.
Organic Plant Extracts - Vitamins and minerals found in aloe vera, algae, and stevia plant extracts aid in healing. It contains moisturizing and soothing properties.

Free From:
Gluten Free
Artificial Fragrances
Toxic Ingredients of any kind.

Day Treatment: Available in 12 gorgeous colors. Just match them according to your #ootd! ^^
Night Treatment: Gloss on #213 Jewel as a bedtime lip treatment to repair and restore moisture to your lips!

Suitable for?
For both female and male users.
Can be used for pregnant ladies, patient who undergo chemotherapy, users who just did lip fillers as well as children or anyone who wants to treat/enhance their dry chappy or thin lips naturally!


A Day-to-Night Look is demonstrated by Fibbie Yuin Hann Liew.
It was really awesome how these sheer colors actually make your lips look so much better instantly and I am surprised that it can be subtle or stand out, depending on the colors used!!

Go for lighter colors for day look and more vivid colors for night look.
(Image by Eros!)

Lip colors can also be mixed to attain unique colors too!
(Image by Eros!)

All listening to Fibbie attentively while we all start mixing our own unique color.
(Image by Eros!)
I usually don't go for this two colors but was curious what it'll turn out. An orange plus sheer pink makes quite a mute coral tone. Then I further topped it off with a pink shade for more colors.

This is how it looks like. My lips but better look definitely! ^^



Each of us got a box each, approximately RM600 worth of gifts to try and review.
Thanks so much ISKIN New York for the generosity!
Colors are given at random but we all got a clear gloss each for our night treatment!

Follow their instagram for more luscious looking lips and know more about the goodness! ^^

Look at the reflective packaging! I love it <3

The bottom right pics is a closer look of each of the gloss' texture and color.
Colors are suited for those who want to treat their lips while giving life to their lips and also to match with your ootd. The clear gloss can be worn alone or advisable as a night treatment for both male & female. More tips and testimonials below! ^^

Brand: ISKIN New York
Item: LipAddict
Variant: 12 shaddes
Content: 7ml
Origin: USA
Cost (USD): $49 (Approx. RM165)


Packaging-wise I think they look simple and clean. It is easy to identify the color and you know how much is left. Overall, I like that they not only help my lips look good on the outside but also from within. I am addicted to it!

From T-B:
#210 Glamour - a pink color gloss similar to its packaging
#208 Razzle Dazzle - a clear gloss with fine glitter pigments, not all all like its orange packaging
#213 Jewel - a clear gloss 

Pros and cons below. Mostly pros ^^

(+): Simple & clean. I can easily know how much is left and what color I want when I am in a hurry.
(-): The only thing I would hope for is the open & close of wand with a 'click', so that I do not over-twist the cap and break the cap. It would be great for its already steep price. ^^

Application, Texture & Scent:
(+): Within 1 minute, I can already see my chappy lips softened, making it looking better, healthier and just kissable! Lip lines just DO NOT exist when they are on! ^^ Lips feel cooling upon application and lasts a while. I was shocked but it was nice ^^. The wand is a flat round tip which makes application easy and precise. The lip gloss texture may be irritating when your hair blows and they will stick to your face but all is good as long as my lips heal! All of them have the same sweet taste from the Stevia Plant Extract, making my lips taste like bubblegum.
(-): Since it has this lip gloss texture, your hair will just stick to your lips when it gets in the way XD

#210 Glamour
I feel really girly and feminine in this color ^^
I think it gives off a very innocent girly vibe.

#208 Razzle Dazzle
It'll be a good lip topper! I do use this alone for the extra glam moment ^^

#213 Jewel
I use this alone during the day as it just makes a nude lip look soooo good while treating it too.
For night treatment I apply it over my lip contour and overtime I do see a more defined lip contour. ^^
Image Testimonials:
Here's me after 1 week usage & a whole 25 days usage!

After 1 week usage.

After 25 days usage.
Lip lines much lesser.
Lip contour more defined.
Lips plumper and more moisturized.
Lip is smoother to eyes and touch.
Anti-aging benefits are long-term.
Overall a more youthful, plump and kissable lips attained! ^^
*all lips above does not have any gloss at all!*

LipAddict have 12 shades altogether. All looks quite sheer. Colors are safe as it uses natural ingredients and is all gone after I drink my pink lemonade. Re-application is so easy you don't need a mirror! Ta-daaaa, instant hydrated plump lips! ^^ First application doesn't plump your lips but I think the gloss effect does the trick. After about 5 days, I do see slight plumpness. ^^

I give this a 10/10!!!!
Will definitely re-purchase!!!
Even though this is my first lip plumper experience, I am glad there weren't at all any stinging pain like a traditional lip plumper would do. Only cooling sensation with sweet taste and delivers what it says it does! I am saying YES to this! I know the price tag is steep but since it act as an exfoliator + balm + plumper + color + gloss + anti-aging = LipAddict, you need to try one for yourself!!! ^^
It is definitely not lasting on the lips but you can always wear a lasting lippie first and top it off with this LipAddict! ^^

"Addicted At First Swipe"


Get at:
You may get it at the following places below or order online!!

Here's the full list of trusted venue to get genuine LipAddict! ^^


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