(Event) Flower Toner Series at Mamonde Glasshouse

Hello loves, another blossoming post for you.
Last month, Mamonde brought us the Mamonde Rose Garden Pop Up in Everland, South Korea.

Welcome to Mamonde's Garden in the City at Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur.

Image taken from Mamonde Malaysia Facebook Page.

We were introduced to 5 selected flowers used in the formulation of their Flower Toner Series:
Rose, Chamomile, Plum Blossom, Buckwheat Honey & Heartleaf Houttuynia.

From L-R:
Aqua Peel Toner, Chamomile Pure Toner, Rose Water Toner, Flower Honer Toner and Pore Clean Toner. (250ml ; RM 85)

Each of these flowers possess unique properties that help bring beauty back into bloom.
So when you choose a toner, what do you look for first?
Skin type, ingredients, function/benefit or texture?
For me, I go with my skin type first and a few other toners according to function for seasonal acne or dryness that kicks in sometimes. ^^

"Choose your skin type, choose your flower," says Mamonde.

Toners according to Skin Types & Functions:
Aqua Peel Toner (Plum Blossom) - Peeling for combination skin.
Chamomile Pure Toner (Chamomile) - Calming for sensitive skin.
Rose Water Toner (Damask Rose) - Soothing & Moisturizing for all skin types (normal skin).
Flower Honey Toner (Buckwheat Flower) - Firming & Nutrition for dry skin.
Pore Clean Toner (Eoseongcho) - Sebum Control for oily skin.

Cleanser > Booster > Toner > Emulsion > Moisturizer

Let's talk about the star product, Rose Water Toner. What you see here is the upgraded version and is suiting for dry skin type too.

7 Different Ways to Use Rose Water Toner:
1) As a regular toner using cotton pad (it increases hydration level up to 110%).
2) As a facial mist when spritzing from a mist bottle.
3) Soak your makeup sponge in Rose Water Toner to better blend your foundation and create a radiant, dewy look.
4) Soak cotton pads and leave on face as a 10 minutes toner mask.
5) DIY your own moisturizing makeup remover by blending with facial oil.
6) Mix with any powder (eg. Green tea) and use on top of a paper sheet mask to create your own customized skin care.
7) Seven skin method (it increases hydration level up to 182%).

Pore Clean Toner is the most unique as its a double layered toner of Eoseongcho tincture and mud from Korea's West Coast, which helps control and tighten pores, keeping skin soft and supple. Do remember to ALWAYS shake before use!

Use ALL Toners in a Week:
Monday Blue & Tuesday - Stressed & oily skin will need the Pore Clean Toner.
Wednesday - Skin is tired and may be sensitive, go for Chamomile Toner
Thursday & Friday - Prep skin for important date/meeting, go for Aqua Peel Toner.
Saturday & Sunday - Flower Honey Toner to boost radiance.
*Rose Water Toner can be used on a daily basis with the 7 methods of usage mentioned above* 

How-to Toner Layering:
Normal skin with dehydration - wipe with Rose Water Toner + saturate Rose Water Toner at cotton sheet mask for 1 minute to achieve dewy, luminous skin.
Sensitive skin with redness - wipe with Rose Water Toner + saturate Chamomile Toner at cotton sheet mask for 1 minute to achieve healthy, luminous skin.
Combination skin with dullness - wipe with Aqua Peel Toner + saturate Rose Water Toner at cotton sheet mask for 1 minute to achieve soothing, luminous skin.
Dry skin with wrinkles - wipe with Rose Water Toner + saturate Flower Honey Toner at cotton sheet mask for 1 minute to achieve firming, luminous skin.
Oily with large pores - wipe with Rose Water Toner + saturate Pore Clean Toner at cotton sheet mask for 1 minute to achieve clear, luminous skin.


Let's explore the Garden in the City:

#1 Mamonde Photo Zone
Just snap pics and pretend like you've got those green fingers!

Before the crowd comes, an ootd shot with the gorgeous setup! <3

Isn't it so pretty! Definitely loving the glasshouse.

Take a pic and have the #mamondemy for photo printing later ^^

#2 The Mamonde Flower Toners Sensorial Zone
Feel, smell and experience the five flower toners inspired by five different flowers and discover which flower suit your skin type best!

We got to smell each bottle and the Pore Clean bottle was my favorite scent as it gives a very refreshing scent and the texture is the most unique one!

#3 Rose Petal Wind Chamber
It was so romantic to be in the rain of rose petals!
Grab as many as you can and you'll win prizes with numbered petals.
I did not win anything but it was a wonderful experience.
Prizes include:
#1 Fujifilm instax camera
#2 Rose Water Trial Kit Set
#3 Pore Clean Trial Kit Set
#4 Rose Water Toner 500ml
#5 5 Flower Toner Kit Set
#6 RM50 Cash Voucher
#7 RM20 Cash Voucher
#8 Rose Water Toner Pad Sachets

#4 Mini Rose Gardening Station
It was a pleasure to choose my preferred natural mini rose and plant in a pot.
This was for Early Bird Special, first 10 customers who spent RM180++ will receive complimentary Plant-Your-Own-Rose-Kit.

#5 Mamonde Instagram Photo Printing Zone
With the hashtag, you can have it printed conveniently there on the spot.

Other offers that day (from 12-19 August 2018).


For more info, stalk:


Thanks again to Mamonde Malaysia team for letting me bring a part of these gorgeous flowers to add to my plain green garden ^^

That's all to end my blossoming post ^^

Amazing flower basket! These two toners I will be reviewing once I use them ^^

It was so pretty but unfortunately, they wilt real fast. >.<"

Will update you guys when I start using them! ^^


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