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Its been awhile since I last took supplements but now I am tempted to resume my supplements taking habit. Before I share with you more, who here takes supplement religiously and why so? If not, why not? ^^


Who should take Supplements?
Supplement in general when asked who is it for, we'd (mostly) think that the elderly need it more than the youngsters do. But is this correct? After the event and with my personal experience, I agree that supplements should start when we are young and especially great if you're a picky eater like me! XD

Good Nutrition is Key to a Healthy Life!

What do you do to achieve better health?
Sleep early and have plenty of fluids!
Adopt a good hair care and skin care routine!
Try out some "Beauty Diet" for short term to assure a balanced diet!
(Eg Detox Diet, Paleo diet, 100% Organic, Low Carb, Vegan and Vegetarian)
Natural collagen for youthful skin can be obtained from sea cucumber, salad and berries.

Balance Diet Tips:
I honestly have a hard time consuming a balanced diet and do salute those who can!

The nutritionist that day shared with us 6 tips to follow.
The last tip is the easiest! ^^

#1 Variety
#2 Have 5 colors of veggies & fruits per day (green, red, white, orange, purple)
#3 Go for whole grain (eg brown/black/red rice, whole wheat, quinoa etc)
#4 Go fresh
#5 Shape your plate ( 1/4 carb, 1/4 meat, 1/2 veggies and fruits)
#6 Start your skincare routine with "nutrient supplement" eg vitamin C

About Nature's Bounty:
Nature's Bounty is actually a 40 year old nutritional company from America. They are known for manufacturing and delivering high quality vitamins and supplements in the USA to consumers around the world.

The importance of nutrition & beauty cannot be stressed enough. The Ester C is their star product and definitely easy to pickup by anyone of any age!
Their continuous research have produced this innovative gummy supplement that help people stay healthy, active and feeling great!

Nature's Bounty Products:
There are plenty of products and here are some that I got a snap of ^^
Not in pics are Nature's Bounty Ester C 500mg (30 tablets for RM27.90; 90 tablets fro RM69.90) & B12 500mcg (100 tablets for RM35.90).

Nature's Bounty Ester C 500mg (in the clear box!) is more unique and effective as it contains a potent amount of Vitamin C that is readily absorbed with long lasting effects; it is also gentle on the stomach as it is non-acidic.

B Complex Plus C (45 tablets for RM41.90)

Calcium Magnesium Plus D (60 tablets for RM45.90)

CoQ10 100mg (30 tablets for RM69.90)

Omega 3 Fish Oil 1360mg (30 tablets for RM74.90 ; 90 tablets for RM121.90)
Salmon Oil 1000mg (120 tablets for RM55.90)
Red Krill Oil 1000mg (30 tablets for RM99.90)

Why I Consume Supplements?
I personally take supplements since my early 20s coz I have been a rather picky eater and especially when I am abstaining from eating certain food right now. I was told that it will also help those who do sleep late at night. Throughout my previous consumption of supplements, I do see the effects after a year or more of consumption. I would advice you to start taking at least a Vitamin C if you do not take much fruits and you will sure see a difference in the long run!

Thanks to Watsons Malaysia for bringing in Nature's Bounty with such an affordable price tag! ^^

Do comment down below on why you take supplements and what is your motivation in doing so? ^^


Here are some snippets on what happened that day!

The granola making session was so fun! ^^

Here is my creation ^^

With the lovely Eddy and Jia Shin.

With gorgeous Mira.
(Image by Mira, edited slightly using Snapseed!)

A group pic by the Nature's Bounty photographer ^^

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