(Review) Maintain Healthy Lips with Mentholatum Lip Pure

Hello loves.
Last month I found an affordable lip balm I receive in my mail box.
Before I go more into it, how frequent do you use your lip balm?
My baby sis uses it so fast as if she is eating them (JKJK)

She cares for her lips a lot and you'll be surprised at the amount of lip balms she buys from just a trip when she only have one lip balm left.
Me on the other hand only use it when I have severe chappy lips and always wear it before I wear any lipstick, lip stain or whatever on my lips for events.
My lips are never smooth after a 5 mins sip of water so I definitely do envy people with wonderful perfect pout ^^


Today's review is on Mentholatum Lip Pure.

Mentholatum Lip Pure knows whats best for your lips.
It is made of the best and purest ingredients that your lips will love.
Moisture locked-in ALL day.

Brand: Mentholatum
Item: Lip Pure
Variant: Botanical Oils, Fragrance Free
Cost: RM18.50


Notable ingredients include the highest quality of food-grade ingredients globally sourced.
Among them are:
Beeswax, Royala Jelly, and Manuka Oil from honey bees - Lock in moisture and keeps your pout smooth and supple all day.
Shea Butter and Avocado from America - Rich in Vitamin A, D, E that is proven to promote natural collagen production to maintain youthful, soft and plump lips.
Almonds from Spain, Macadamia from Australia - Rich in fatty acids which naturally moisturize the lips.
Argan Oil from Morocco - Long lasting moisture.

Packaging is clean and sturdy.
Application is easy and moisturize my lips well.
I like that it does not just sit on the lip surface, so its good enough for me.
Lips look smooth and dewy.
My lips don't feel oily or sticky <3

FYI, my lips are somewhat sensitive with eczema visiting once in a blue moon.
My lips love this lip balm. With just one application my lips are well hydrated from the inner layer. I do wear alone most times and also under my lipstick/balm coz I have dryyy lips and they only peek out after some hours later.

Get at:
All leading pharmacies nationwide!!!



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