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Hello lovelies, today's post is a little different from the usual skincare post that I write.

It is fun to note down that this is actually my first time attending a Malaysian International Jewelry Fair (MIJF) 2018. It took place in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center at Hall 1 on 5th August 2018.

Thanks Joanne and Ginn International for the invite!

Image credits to bae Shannon.


The Ginn International August Showcase was a blast as the emcee of the day, Isabelle Lee, introduce the various brands and business partners fully endorsed by Ms Ginnie Lam (Founding President of Ginn International), Mr Nicolas Pang (Ginn Artistry President), and Mr Derrick Yong (Operations Director).

Emcee of the day, Ms. Isabelle Lee.

The Ginn International Showcase kicked off with 3 fashion & red-carpet Runway Shows in a single showcase by the very own Ginn Artistry Fashion Show with designer evening gowns by Glitter Venus & Ginn International sponsored jewelry.

These are the 12 most prominent Malaysian Beauty Queens and local top models.

Here's my lucky but blurred shot of three of the twelve Malaysian Beauty Queens/top models.

These 12 most prominent Malaysian Beauty Queens and local top models are appointed as Star Brand Influencers at this very showcase.

Star Brand Awards International presentation by Professor John Hee Chul Jung (President of Star Brand Awards International). It is a contract to the 12 Ginn Artistry Models who have graced the MIJF Runway.

Professor John also exclaimed the next trending wave of the Korean entertainment scene and beauty  industry landscape, that will soon see a convergence of Asian Models, Entertainment Artists, Education Institutions & Pageant Promotion Platforms.

Next, the Top 6 Graduating Stewardesses and Steward from the Cabin Crew Academy KL (Subang Skypark) graced the runway with a Special Academy Uniform Parade with the popular theme song of Triumph in the Skies.

Aren't they charming! ^^

Captain Amin Said (Managing Director of CCA KL) Official Appointment of  Ginnie Lam as the International Ambassador of Cabin Crew Academy KL. This aims to promote the aviation hospitality into an even nobler and socially equitable profession.

Before the finale, there are a few sharing sessions. First up is Ms. Mikasa Chong (JCI Malaysia) sharing about their campaign for the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (for all UN countries targeted for the year 2030). Ms Ginnie is the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. Next is Ms. Vicky Law (International Aroma Association) sharing on the "Art of Feminine Elegance" through aromatherapy. Lastly is Ginn's very own Mr. Derrick Yong (Operation Director) and Mr Nicolas Pang in sharing the progressive journey of Ms. Ginnie Lam in Malaysia ever since becoming the Coffee & Tea Lifestyle Ambassador, introducing the best Malaysian cafes in 2017.  

The finale showcase is what I enjoyed the most as its a rare occasion to see this in Malaysia! ^^
The runway was graced by Korean Senior Models' Association's Traditional Hanbok Elegance Showcase.

Here are the top 10 senior Korean models showcasing the finest designs, from uber traditional pieces to contemporary chic everyday pieces.

5 outfit here are stunning. The purple flower designs caught my heart! Which caught your eye? :)

More formal designs with a very sexy pink tube puffy dress there! ^^

Ms. Ginnie Lam was also part of the finale showcase, looking so sophisticated in  a specially designed fusion statement piece. It is created by the attending Korean Celebrity Tailors.

Ms. Ginnie Lam looking so gorgeous!

Love the simple color combinations with intricate designs on the cloth itself!

My lucky shots! ^^

Mr. Jo Hoi Kim (Association Chairman) Official Appointment of Ms. Ginnie Lam as the International Ambassador of the Senior Models' Association of Korea.

Below pics are what went down that day! ^^

The crowd was huge!

A group pic of all the partners and platforms involved in making this event a success!

A fun group pic with the amazing Korean Senior Models, Ms. Ginnie Lam and Mr. Jo Hoi Kim.

Its great to meet you girls! ^^
(Image credits to Lee Yann's boyfriend)

Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity Ms. Ginnie Lam.




*Better quality image are by the MadMavericks Team.

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  1. I am an event photographer, I love this venue, and I will revisit this venue NYC in a heartbeat. They have really great staff and pretty decent drinks. Their halls and rooms are absolutely gorgeous.