(Event) A More Natural Brushing Experience with Red Seal Natural Toothpaste

Hello loves.

What brand of toothpaste do you get for you and your family?

How many of us actually check what's in our toothpaste?
I don't know about you but I used to just go with anything until both, my hubby and I have sensitive gums, we opt for sensitive series in brands already in the market. Maybe I shall try this instead?

Its a habit for me to generalize that all toothpastes already in the market is safe since everyone is using it! I realize that its a really really WRONG assumption as it can bring more bad effects in the long run.

Do you know that the mucosal lining inside the mouth has approximately 90% absorption rate? Can you imagine how many toxic chemicals were actually absorbed throughout the many hours and years of brushing our teeth?


About Red Seal:

From L - R :
Dr. Daniel Zuellig (Director of Cambert Malaysia), Michelle Irving (Naturopath of Endeavour Consumer Health), Mr. LB Tan (Supply Chain Director of Caring Pharmacy), Mr. YS Chong (CEO of Caring Pharmacy), Anthony Robinson (International Director of Endeavour Consumer Health), Sean Duggan (CEO of Endeavour Consumer Health), Andrew Vidler (Executive General Manager of Endeavour Consumer Health), HC Ch'ng (Procurement Director of Caring Pharmacy), JL Loo (Marketing Diirector of Caring Pharmacy), & SL Ho (General Manager of Caring Pharmacy).

Red Seal is a brand from New Zealand, since 1923. In the filed of  toothpaste, they have been serving for 34 years. They are on the quest to cut down the amount of chemicals in our toothpaste, thus enable us (consumers) to have a more natural and safer brushing experience.

Consumers nowadays (including me!) are also looking for safer alternatives, not only for themselves but also for their loved ones. We are aware of potential irritants even in the toothpaste we use. Among the potential irritants are artificial colors and flavors, triclosan, parabens, and microbeads.

Red Seal natural toothpastes replace the potential irritants / chemicals with more natural herbal extracts and essential oils like eucalyptus, aniseed, and peppermint. The combination of ingredients make the toothpaste highly alkaline (pH > 8), creating an environment discouraging the growth of bacteria.

"With 99% market share in the herbal toothpaste category in New Zealand, Red Seal has expanded from a strong base to being available in Australia, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, across the Pacific and now in Malaysia," said Tony Robinson (International Director of Red Seal).

Key Ingredients:

Totara Oil - Totara Tree is a native tree of New Zealand; Totara Oil is a naturally occurring plant extract that comes from recycled totara. Totarol is a natural alternative to reduce bad bacteria in our mouth.
Calcium Carbonate base - it naturally rebuilds / remineralises the teeth.


There are in total of 5 variants:
Natural Toothpaste - their Signature. It is a combination of 12 herbs & extracts to aid in remineralization and killing off the bacteria to prevent tooth decay and plaque formation. It has a mild, minty pleasant taste, suitable for the whole family!
Natural SLS Free Toothpaste - It is free of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS). Thus, providing gentle protection on the mucuos layer. Definitely suitable for people with braces!
Baking Soda Toothpaste - Remove stains naturally, especially handy for coffee / tea drinkers. It has also been used as a natural teeth whitener.
Propolis Toothpaste - Contains 100% New Zealand bee propolis with antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Ideal for gingivitis and sensitive gums sufferers.
Kids Toothpaste - It has real banana and peach flavors! This yummy taste will sure encourage your kiddos to brush their teeth without worrying about the risk of swallowing harmful chemical! ^^

The price range for this Red Seal Natural Toothpaste is between RM18.70 - RM28.20.

Will get this for my nephew soon ^^

Have you tried any of these line? :)

From the Q&A, I think I will get this soon as its more preferred by new users ^^

Q&A Session:

One very important question a lot of you will be concerned is, "Can I just conveniently get the Natural Toothpaste for my whole family including toddlers?" The answer is, "Yes, as long as your kids don't mind the minty scent. However, if your kid prefer the Kids Toothpaste taste and desires for their own toothpaste, then get the Kids Toothpaste for them as you do not have to worry if they do swallow it accidentally." XD


Miss Ana (Korean) has been working in Malaysia quite some years. She have been a loyal user for the past 2.5 years. She have been searching high and low for a suitable toothpaste for her sensitive gums. Until one day when she visited her friend in New Zealand. That time she was also moving to a more healthy (lesser chemical) skincare and also toothpaste and her health-junkie friend introduced her to Red Seal. She have been trying it awhile and persuaded her whole fam and a few friends to try. She is very happy with her choice and would recommend the propolis series!
The proud user below is a mother of 2 boys. A pharmacist herself looks at the ingredients alot and she chooses Red Seal because she is more at ease even if her child really swallows the toothpaste. XD


Available exclusively at Caring pharmacies nationwide!

For more info, stalk Red Seal:



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