(Review) How I Multi-Mask with ID.AZ Dermastic 5 Minute Clay Mask

Hello lovelies.

An exciting post to wrap up an awesome June 2018!

I have been playing with them for more than a month now.

Before I begin introducing to you these new clay masks that I am hooked on, hop over to my love for their premium masks last year!! Full review on their Premium Dermastic Facial Masks HERE.

If you don't already know, ID.AZ Facial Mask and Clay Mask are manufactured by ID Hospital. ID Hospital specializes in the field of Orthognathic Surgery Center, Facial Contouring Center, Eyes and Nose Surgery Center, Breast Surgery Center, Anti-aging and  Lifting Center as well as Anesthesiology and Pain Management Center. This said, I do expect a lot from them since I have wonderful experiences with their facial masks. Also, their Dermastic Facial Masks are especially beneficial for people who have just undergone a surgery or even to soothe, whiten or improve their skin concerns.

ID simply resembles ID = ID Hospital, while
AZ represents that they (ID Hospital) understands what your concerns are for your skin from A to Z.

This year they came out with clay masks.
I don't really do clay masks coz the ones I encounter usually takes a long time and is troublesome when removing them.
ID.AZ Clay Masks convinced me to use them as they are unique.
Just spare 5 minutes and then you can rinse them off! plus it is said to be effective for various skin concerns!


Tried & Tested:

From L-R:
ID.AZ Dermastic Pore Clean Clay Mask, ID.AZ Dermastic Oil Control Clay Mask, ID.AZ Dermastic Brightening Clay Mask, ID.AZ Dermastic Hydrating Clay Mask

The nozzle allows easy dispensing and in controlling the amount I need.

Quick swatches. Wanted to do a better swatch and asked tips from a blogger friend, she recommend me to use brush which I failed to find so a better swatch will be up in next post hopefully. Forgive me!
All clay masks applies in a smooth manner. Not too runny and just nice, making application easy and not messy! ^^

Brand: ID.AZ
Item: Dermastic Clay Mask (4 Variants)
Content: 150g
Cost: RM59

Each colored clay masks serves different skin concerns.

On days where I am too lazy but still wanna multi-mask, I will definitely use all tubes as I have a dry to combination skin! The overall effect I get from just one session is not super obvious but enough for me to see and touch ^^
Smooth, clean and slightly brightened! ^^
Yellow Clay helps to brighten the darkest part of my face, my forehead. Red Clay gives hydration to my cheeks leaving them soft and supple to touch. Green Clay to control my oil secretion at my T-zone while the Black Clay helps to detox or thoroughly clean my pores (I usually apply at places where my blackheads, whiteheads and acne sits).
*Please do not apply this method if you DO NOT have combination skin like mine!*

Spread a liberal amount on dry skin and let dry for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water and remove all residue. Use once or twice per week.

I use all tubes (if necessary) once a week, separating to two rounds of multi-masking session.
Of course, each application is different depending on how my skin was that day.

Round 1: Prepping for Important Date 

ID.AZ Dermastic Oil Control Clay Mask contains Canadian Glacier Clay, Calamine, and Avocado helps balance skin oil (especially T-zone).
For: Healthy-looking complexion.
Scent: Mild cucumber scent that is relaxing for me.
ID.AZ Dermastic Hydrating Clay Mask contains Moroccan Lava Clay, Calamine, and Pomegranate helps in moisturizing and soothing one's skin.
For: Dry and sensitive skin. Especially helpful when I have redness or when acne visits.
Scent: Powdery-floral perfume.

Round 2: Detox and Energize

ID.AZ Dermastic Pore Clean Clay Mask contains Hawaiian Sea Silk Fermented Clay, AHA/BHA, and Charcoal soothe sensitive skin while exfoliating skin and tightening pores.
For: Sensitive skin and large pores.
Scent: Perfumey.
ID.AZ Dermastic Brightening Clay Mask contains Amazonian White Clay, Calamine, and Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Glucoside) to revitalize & tone up one's skin.
For: Dull and tired skin.
Scent: Scentless according to my nose XD

Packaging is simple and pretty. I like that its color coded for easy recognition.
All comes in a tube form for easy dispensing. Each tube has a unique scent (mentioned above!).
The texture makes application easy and not messy. Removal is also easy too! I like how efficient and fast ID.AZ Dermastic Clay Mask is and would definitely use it on lazy days where I need to mask!- 5 mins only, don't tell me you cannot spare that little time to care for your skin! A lazy girl like me love love this mask! Overall I do feel my pores cleaner (as I see whiteheads at the surface of my skin more!) after using the ID.AZ Dermastic Oil Control Clay Mask with an immediate follow up of the ID.AZ Dermastic Pore Clean Clay Mask after (I think it helps to clear the whiteheads already at the surface and tightens my pores somehow). Overall, all the clay masks make my skin much smoother, soft to touch and hydrated.

Save time! (5 mins only!)
Easy to apply & wash off!
Upon application face feels cooling ^^
Make my whiteheads move up for easier extraction!
Dermatology brand (safe to use and for even sensitive skin!

If you do not like perfume scent then I wouldn't recommend you to get the black and red ones.


Get Them At:
Exclusively at Watsons Store nationwide, HERE (with discount!)
I also saw an ongoing promo in Watsons that say : " Free ID.AZ Brightening & Pore Clean / Hydration & Oil Control Mask with any purchase of range RM20 & above in Watsons. T&C Apply. While Stock Last.

Wanna thank you The Butterfly Project for pushing me in making better contents for you guys! <3


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