(First Impression) Tips for Embracing the Hot Weather with Mamonde!

The weather is just extra hot these days. Not only does it blind your eyes but burn your skin.

Did you realize the temperature has increase since February. During this time of the year, we perspire more and there will be situation where you get sun burn. There's even news report on the Meteorological Department warning the public about the extreme high level of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, that is, it can reach up to index reading of 15 on a clear day in the noon (any reading above 11 is considered as extreme, according to the international standard measurement of the level of UV radiation exposure).

So please do equip yourself with the UV shields and your skin will thank you!! ^^

So what UV shields can you equip?
They can be as common as an umbrella, hat, ultra thin jacket with UV protection properties, UV sleeves, Sunblock, Sunglasses as well as whitening skincare to maintain a bright, flawless skin!


5 Tips with Mamonde in coping with the hot weather:

#1: Surround Yourself with Flowers

Image from Enjoy Nature.

Best to stay indoor and surround yourself with flowers! Why flowers? Flowers is said to be the source of happiness and who doesn't love the scent of flowers that lifts your mood (unless you are allergic to the pollens then maybe you can try essential oils?). For example, Magnolia have therapeutic properties and is commonly used in Chinese medicine to treat stress. But if you die die need to go out, keep yourself protected with your UV shields and also hydrated with water and mist for your thirsty skin!

#2: Quench Thirst with Cooling Floral Teas
I love making my own flower teas at home and its so easy to regulate the sweetness level with addition of either honey or rock sugar. Example of dried flowers/leaves I usually love is the chyrsanthemum & mulberry leaves.

#3: Infuse your Food with Edible Flowers

Image from Tokopedia.

This I don't really do coz I find it weird and feeling like a rabbit or something XD Sorry for sounding silly but I shall learn to eat them since they contain beneficial nutrients that my body need. Rose is a popular edible flower. Do you know that the petals contain about 95% of water  & also some vitamin C? Bright colored edible flowers have great antioxidant properties as well as vitamins and minerals that our body need. Have a go during this extra hot season to replenish lost nutrients and minerals.

#4: Shield your Skin with Calendula

I have been wanting to try this Mamonde Calendula Sun Cream. Image taken from ebay.

With the high index reading, it is important to shield yourself from the UVA and UVB rays. Calendula in a sunscreen offers restorative properties that promotes healing from burns and inflammation, consequently restore a youthful glow. For outdoor activity, it is recommended to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours (especially during the peak hour between 1-4 pm). I believe in this and bring my sunscreen with me wherever I go. ^^

#5:Apply Whitening Skincare for a Flawless Radiant Skin

Image from Akeru Feed.

I do not use whitening skincare everyday but more of an alternate day thing as whitening skincare may dry out my already dry skin. I personally think this method works best for my skin. What about you? Meet Mamonde's Pure White - it's a whitening and anti-aging range that dispels effect caused by the sun. It is formulated with only the buds of the white Magnolia flowers before blooming. These Magnolia buds contain the highest amount of active ingredients that fights aging signs, blemishes and yellow skin tone in exchange for a brighter, fairer complexion. Mamonde Pure White Ultra Active series consist of :

Pure White Ultra Active Skin Softener, Pure White Ultra Active Skin Emulsion, Pure White Ultra Active Essence, and Pure White Ultra Active Cream.
(Image by PR, not mine)


First Impression:

After testing the Mamonde Pure White Ultra Active Special KIT for a few days and here are my first impression.

This is my bare skin after applying step 1-5. Glowy isn''t it.

#1: The Mamonde First Energy Essence (25ml) is watery and light colorless liquid. It also has a mild citrus and floral scent. A little goes a long way. I use it as my toner step.

#2: Pure White Ultra Active Skin Softener (25ml) has a gel-like consistency. It has a mild floral scent. It absorbs and plump my skin immediately.

#3: Pure White Ultra Active Emulsion (25ml) also has a mild floral scent in a milky light cream texture.I take it as a light moisturizer.

#4: Pure White Ultra Active Essence (5ml) looks so unique! It dispenses in a clear gel that can easily be absorbed into the skin.

#5: Lastly, seal all the goodness with the Pure White Ultra Active Cream (15ml).

Get this kit for FREE if you spend RM350 at Mamonde beauty counter.
This Pure White Ultra Active 5-piece kit worth RM129.
Promo ending on 7th May 2018.


That's all from me today.
Thanks for dropping by and tell  me which tips you find the most effective for you? :)


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