(Event) Workshop on AHA-GINN Magic Detox Treatment

On 7th April 2018, we attended a workshop at WSPACE, Northpoint, Mid Valley City.

The speaker is none other than Ginnie Lam, the founder of Ginn International.

Meet Ginnie! ^^
(Image from Google)

This is a snippet during the workshop when she tells us about her victory in her first pageant. In a gist, one should always be confident no matter the result but enjoy the process and learn from it.

Here is a list of achievements by Ms Ginnie (obtained from Google). She have had bad reaction after a treatment at a beauty saloon at 19. Nothing in the market help improve her condition so she eventually have low self confidence. She attended various classes (beauty, nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and natural ingredients) in the hope that it would improve her skin condition. She did it! It did not stop there. ^^

Up till today, she have successfully improve the lives of many with sensitive skin, acne inflammation, hormone imbalance, and porous skin.

She is such an incredible, inspiring, strong woman!

What does Ginn mean?
Ginn comes from the founder's name. In korean it translate to "zhen" which means truth.
Ginn International aims to be a fairy instead of a goddess so she created a group called Ginn Fairy Club.

What does it mean to be a fairy?
Being a 'fairy' means to posses positive qualities (such as continuous self-improvement, open-mindedness, confidence, gentleness, graceful beauty, well-mannered, knowledgeable, appreciative, helpfulness, selfless dedication, happiness, being understanding, full of energy. love yourself and love others) and fight through darkness (obstacles in life).

The speaker is Ginnie Lam herself while the one demonstrating the facial is Alice (a loyal user and her testimonial link is below!)

"Being born with a pretty face is not something everyone can have. But maintaining the youth and improve our skin texture requires commitment and discipline. To being truly pretty, one should know and regulate their flow of 'chi' essence. A poor flow of 'chi' leads to fatigue, lowered immunity and metabolism, cold hands and feet, insufficient sleep, and inability to focus. To improve the flow of 'chi', it is important to care for the heart, lungs, spleen, liver and kidneys," says Ginnie.

To improve the flow of "chi", you must incorporate all 3 qualities in your lifestyle:
1- good fitness program
2- good diet
3- healthy mental & emotional well being

About Ginn Fairy Club?
It is a platform to provide knowledge & technique in fighting darkness together (stress etc).
Register HERE.

Here's a group pic with the models of Ginn Fairy Club, Ms Ginnie, fellow bloggers and the Madmaverick team.

Ginn Fairy Club Membership?
5-year membership for HK$2000

You'll get?
1. Redeem HK$2000 worth of Ginn Skin products
2. Benefits & Privileges **Refer to webpage for the "Monthly Ginn Fairy Club Member Benefits"**
- Join online on various training courses (such as Beauty Makeover, Self Image & Mannerism, Nutrition Regimen courses, Slimming & Beauty Recipes, Model Training, Speech & Presentation Skills Technique, Social Etiquette, KOL Training, Therapist Training Course).
- Join GinGin Facebook Live (to join lucky draws, quizzes, complimentary health and beauty consultations and birthday parties).


About Ginn Skin:
Ginnie (the founder of Ginn Skin) believes that beautiful skin comes form proper skincare with healthy lifestyle. Ginn Skin is a chinese herbal skincare series that has the best ingredients with maximum effect for your skin. Ginn Skin is a fusion of Western nutritional concept with Oriental Chinese medicine theory.

Why Ginn Skin products?
Suitable for all skin types. Protection. Moist. Nourishment. Anti-allergic. Soft. Suitable for pregnancy

Does not contain:
Artificial flavors. No metallic elements. Does not block pores. Does not influence hormones.


Workshop with Ginnie Lam
AHA-GINN Magic Treatment : Face DetoxSlim

AHA-GINN Magic Treatment is a collaboration with Korea technology where AHA plays an important role in extracting toxins. This magic treatment helps detox and repair our face.
Who doesn't want a more toned, V-face & improved circulation to remove excess water that causes water retention?

Here, Ms Ginnie is explaining how our toxins and excess water (hiding in the very deep layer of our skin) are flushed out.

Here she is highlighting the star product of her series, the Extra Healing Herbal Mask! It has the most overwhelming TCM scent that does soothes the skin coz of a cooling sensation and a very moist finish for the skin. It can be either used as a wash-off mask or a sleeping mask. ^^

It's an informative session to hear and see for myself the effectiveness of the Magic Treatment after just 1 session!

This is the complete Ginn Skin series.
You may hop over to their site for more information or consultation!

#1: Lymphatic & deep tissue massage using AHA Balance Massage Cream
This massage motion helps to "liquify" jelly-like toxic substance under the layers of your skin.
#2: Deep press acupuncture beauty points using AHA Aroma Oil
Stronger massage to improve circulation in lymphatic nodes. Also able to stimulate blood flow to enter deeper layer to get ready to flush out excess "water and fats" in step #4. You may feel stinging pain at this stage. 
#3: Stimulating massage using AHA AC Gel Base Cream
Its like a thick gel texture and requires some time to dry. During the process of drying, toxins and dead skin cells are "pulled" out. Your skin will feel tight as the cream dries up. 
#4: Release toxin, soothing and calming using Ginn-Herbal Mask
It gives a cooling feeling. Make sure to scrub well and cleanse off.
#5: Re-structuring the face shape & balancing the hydration of the skin with roller ball using Ginn Skin Essence Treatment Water, Ginn Skin Eye Serum & Ginn Skin Face Serum
Ginn Skin Essence Treatment Water helps to refine pores and control oil secretion. With enough hydration, it helps to moderate skin condition and de-swells puffiness, moderate oil secretion and allow skin to regulate to a more normal condition. Ginn Skin Eye Serum hydrates your eye area. Tap a lot to improve circulation and it also give a lot of positive stress to encourage your body to work too! Same goes to when using the Ginn Skin Face Serum.
#6: Conditioning and protecting the skin using Ginn Skin Eye Cream and Ginn Skin Face Cream
Its the sunscreen step. Its like a tinted moisturizer but with weird clumps that you need to press in and it will melt into your skin if its well-hydrated.

We got to try a few products on our skin and to be honest, they all are light (like water!) but have this herbal smell. The sunscreen melted so well into my skin but not on Sharon or Karen. I don't know why but I guess a super well-hydrated base is important and I kinda like applied it right after a moisturizing water or cream!


This is Joanne (Volunteer, User, and Blogger).
One side of the face is treated, can you see which side?
Its the Left!

There is obvious lifting & toning comparing the face on the right and left! Lifting-toning is seen at the tail of the eye, cheek, and jaw line. Oh, eye bag also much reduced and dark circles are almost gone? :)  Much energized and more youthful looking already! ^^


Testimonial and video on Alice's skin improvement, click HERE.
For other testimonials, click HERE.

Thanks again for having me.
For my review on a few goodies I got, stay tuned! ^^



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