(Shoutout) Be Confident in Your Own Skin, #makeyourmark with Bio-Oil

Bio-Oil needs no intro as there are numerous testimonials about it!
My family and I love it. Currently I have been using it on-off (only when I wanna extra pamper my skin) as a moisturizer for my dryyy skin. Will be using it like the many out there during and after the pregnancy period (please don't ask me when as I have 0 idea about it XD).
Anyways, have you already checked out its new packaging?

About Bio-Oil
Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare product long favoured for its superior efficacy to improve the appearance of various skin woes, such as scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Its unique formulation contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™ that works synergistically with a blend of vitamins A & E and natural plant oils - lavender, calendula, rosemary and chamomile to regenerate and deeply nourish the skin without leaving an oily residue. Besides improving old and current marks on the skin, Bio-Oil can also be used as a preventative measure to keep stretch marks at bay. On top of that, the highly popular product is also commonly used to smooth and tone ageing and wrinkled skin or used as a protective barrier to prevent skins natural oils from being stripped by the drying effects from air-conditioning and bathing. 

Bio-Oils 223 skincare awards and its No.1 standing in 24 countries worldwide as the best-selling scar & stretch mark product, including Malaysia, is a testimony of the products efficiency.


Last month, March 2018, Bio-Oil Malaysia pays tribute to several outstanding Malaysian women in its latest campaign, #makeyourmark.

It is common for women to feel insecure and unhappy about how they look due to the unrealistic media portrayal and societal pressures, Bio-Oil Malaysia is set to uplift and empower women to feel better about their skin and remind them of their worth. 

At Bio-Oil, we understand the struggles of being a woman. Sometimes, it feels like we are expected to do it all and be it all while looking our best! When you think about it, it is really not an easy feat. That is why we are here to remind women that they are all beautiful in their own unique ways; that they are all strong, remarkable and capable of greatness. And while you make your mark in this world, you can count on Bio-Oil to keep your skin mark-free. Let us erase your self-doubts and help you to love yourself so that you can step out feeling confident.” says Ms. Low Hooi WanBusiness Unit Manager of Bio-Oil Malaysia.

About #iamremarkable Bio-Oil campaign
The #makeyourmark campaign is the first of Bio-Oil’s year-long campaign to empower women called #iamremarkable. #iamremarkable celebrates the marks created in their journey to the most meaningful achievements in life while helping to keep skin free from marks with Bio-Oil. Let Bio-Oil be part of this journey to help women achieve beautiful and glowing skin. It is all about encouraging women to pursue their passions while being comfortable in their own skin, at all stages of their livesThe #iamremarkable campaign will feature various themes and women from different industries.


Here we have some remarkable Malaysian women sharing about their Bio-Oil experience:
#makeyourmark #iamremarkable quotes

Elaine Daly (Actor, TV Host, National Director of Miss Universe Malaysia Organization, and Channel Director of www.hurr.tv)
"Know your self-worth; what you're about and what you stand for. Know what you want, know how you're going to achieve your goals (there isn't a goal too small!), and when you will achieve it. Time management is definitely the biggest challenge right now. Being a working mom (of a two and a half year old and 7 months pregnant with my second child), I have to manage my time right so that I get to care for those dearest to me. Having a set schedule which I follow to helps. Prioritizing, having the right support system, and a right amount of me-time are the keys in time management challenges.

“I already have so much on my plate; family, work and schedules to take care; at least I know that with Bio-Oil I don't have to worry. I let it play its role and let it take care of my skin with its abundance of natural oils. Besides its use to regenerate and deeply nourish the skin, I use it on my growing belly to avoid stretch marks, as a preventive measure to keep the stretch marks at bay. It is moisturizing and what I love about it is that it doesn't leave an oily residue.” says Elaine Daly.

Madam Molly Khoo (Founder of Heritage Village Restaurant)
“It is important to always think positive and look for the bright side of things. Life is tough enough as it is; we should not let negative thoughts bring us down. There will be days that will make you feel like giving up. Be strong and remember that there is always light at the end of the darkest tunnel. Raising four children was the toughest thing I ever had to do. Good planning and time management was the most important thing to help me through tough times.

“Bio-Oil helps me look young for as long as I can. It helps with dryness and plumps my skin without leaving it greasy. I am more confident and comfortable in my own skin!” says Madam Molly Khoo.

Nadia Hasbi (Founder of Fit Rebel)
Making the leap from the corporate world to becoming an entrepreneur, designing my own sportswear and building my brand from the ground up has been life changing and provided me with many lessons.

The most important lesson that I have learnt is that each and every one of us must have the courage to pursue our dreams fearlessly. This can be a scary thought because sometimes, our dreams are so big and overwhelming. My advice is to take your dream and break it down into small, do-able tasks and work on those tasks. Bit by bit, you are taking steps to get to where you want to be.

The second lesson I learnt is that failure is the best thing ever. When I decided that I wanted to create the world’s most beautiful sportswear, I had no experience and no idea what I was doing. I failed many times. I soon realized that failure is great, because after each failure, I learn and I get better. Every failure has been a step forward and nothing else.

Bio Oil is an amazing specialist skincare oil that supports women by giving the best care to our skin. It is similar to baby oil, but smells heavenly, is light, non-greasy and absorbs easily. I recommend it!!” says Nadia Hasbi.

Jesrina Arshad (Co-Founder CEO of PurelyB)
Never underestimate the power of self-belief and positivity. If you harness a positive mindset, conquer your doubts, fears and truly believe in yourself and your capabilities, you can do anything! Just know that any hardships you may go through are there to help you learn, grow and eventually achieve true greatness. So don't give up!  just continue to work hard, persevere and defy the critics and soon your dreams will be made a reality. 

I myself have struggled with self-belief and insecurities in my capabilities, feeling out of my league especially as a first-time entrepreneur in such a fast-paced male dominated technology industry.  But once i shifted my mindset, strengthened the faith i had in myself and took ownership of my success, I was no longer intimidated. I knew I was capable of conquering every challenge that came my way, and making great things happen. A shift of mindset can do wonders in letting your true self really shine.

"I use Bio-Oil as a body moisturizer as it helps in both hydrating my dry skin and evening out my skin tone. I like how it's just a feel-good brand that helps women boost their confidence, flaws and all!” says Jesrina.

Stephanie Looi (Co-Founder CEO of PurelyB)
“ Always make sure you are top priority and take good care of yourself; get enough sleep, eat well, exercise and do things you love, spend your “me time”. You are no good to anyone if you are ill or have a burnout. Think positive thoughts, because negative thoughts can destroy even the strongest woman. Who is going to be your cheerleader when you don’t even cheer for yourself? To be honest, I have a hard time ‘juggling it all’. Being a mother and a boss can be exhausting. But one thing that I learnt is to ask for help and say “NO”.  Sometimes you can’t please everyone. So, do what’s best for yourself.

"I was using Bio-Oil for both of my pregnancies. Being a first time mother and worried about stretch marks, I use it diligently and I’m glad to say that, I did not have a single stretch mark. With my second child I used it again with the same great results. Bio-Oil gave me the confidence and a peace of mind throughout my pregnancy. It is important because as a pregnant mom, you already have 1 million things on your mind, at least you know one is being taken care of!" says Stephanie Looi

Aamal Farhain (Managing Director of Foby Houz)
Always do your best and be sincere in everything that you do. I believe that if we are sincere in what we do, good things will eventually happen to you. Apart from that, just be yourself. Do not try to be someone else that is not you. Be confident in your own skin, follow your passion and work hard to achieve your dreams. I do what I do today is because this is my passion. Many thought it was impossible for a young woman like me to successfully run my own business. It was hard not to get consumed by what others thought of me but with the support that I had from my family, friends and my employees, I turned my dream into a reality.

"Bio-Oil inspires me to improve myself, yet still stay true to myself. It hurts to see the scars but with Bio Oil, it helps to make my scar look better, it helps me to regain confidence. Don't let the scars (literal or figurative) bring you down. With all the hurdles and hardships that I have faced throughout the years, it helps me to learn and mature and also to regain my confidence to face all the challenges. Be confident with who you are. As women, we should all learn to embrace our uniqueness and seek triumph in every moment and journey in life.” says Aamal Farhain.

Share with me below about your moments with Bio-Oil too!
Let's be positive & learn to embrace our own uniqueness at every stage of our lives!


*Facts and images credits to PR EverQuest

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