(Review) Achieving Flawless Skin with Althea’s Bare Essentials Line

Hello lovelies, you all must have already heard of the Althea Bare Essentials Set by now.

Before it was even announced I remember I expected something along the makeup line as they have launched the highly anticipated Petal Velvet Powder (full review HERE) last year August 2017; the first product under Althea's name. It was really good and I stocked up 2 more tubs after that! I am still using my first tub XD Back then it was a #0 translucent powder. Now it comes in a #23 Warm Beige powder too!

If you haven't already drop by Althea Korea's page, drop by now and see the new face lift of the site!
Althea Korea has been my go-to for trendy K-beauty stuff ever since its launch in July 2015 in Malaysia by Frank Kang. To date, Althea has expanded to over 200 countries worldwide!
Free Shipping. 100% Authentic. Best Price. 30 Days Return.

Anyways, I love all of their packaging so far.
3 words to describe my overall feeling to the Bare Essentials set:
Minimalistic. Efficient. Multi-usage.

What you need to know is that it has definitely simplify the notorious 10-step skincare routine brought to you by the Korean beauty community! I used to try to follow that and it has burden my backpack when I travel or even after a looonnngggg day of work. Now, Althea strips down to the basic steps that your skin only needs and drops all the non-essentials steps. What do you think?
Definitely sounds appealing to a lazy person (ME!) or someone with a busy schedule but still wants to let their skin have the best!

Thank you so much Althea for reminding us that the 3-Step skincare routine are sufficient for our skin!

I also believe that people with more sensitive skin should have lesser skincare step as the saying goes,
“Less is more!”

The marble prop was so pretty and it was included in the box. I saw Ya Na's live in Facebook and realized that the marble prop is from Korea, not BentukBentuk. For you Malaysians who would love similar marble props like above, do check out BentukBentuk for handmade concrete decor that are stylish yet functional!
*They'll resume their business on 26 April 2018 so I shall save up some money now!*

FYI, I am a dry-combination skin with minimal sensitivity currently so let's see how they work on my skin! :)


Althea Bare Essential Set consists of:

Contour Cleanser, Primer Water, Fixer Cream, a leaflet, some samples, a marble coaster prop, and a Limited Edition Bare Essentials Hand Mirror

#1 : Contour Cleanser
Brand: Althea
Item: Contour Cleanser
Content: 150g
Cost: RM23.00

Key Ingredients:
Ice Plant - hydrates & calms redness
Lemon Myrtle - Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants to strengthen skin
*contains fragrance*

Clean and easy to dispense tube. I like how I can see the amount of product left so I know when I need to stock up more of my cleansers ^^

The micro capsules helps with gentle exfoliation while cleansing and overtime is said to reduce swelling for a more defined face shape.

Lemon-y scent that is obvious (but tolerable!) & relaxes me!

White thick cream with super fine micro capsules.

Product is easy to lather. I use about a 10 cent coin size and it is sufficient for me to lather on my palms before applying them in circular motions on my face! The micro capsules are so fine and dissolves when coming into contact with water so they are definitely environmental friendly! After rinsing my face, it has this cooling feeling that definitely helps awake me in the morning as well as soothe my redness. I love how it also helps cool myself down in these recent very hot weather! :) I am also glad that my face doesn’t feel tight or dry after.
**Please do patch test first coz I was looking at skincarisma and it seems to be most suitable for dry skin user but not that great for oily and sensitive skin user (Click HERE) !

#2 : Primer Water
Brand: Althea
Item: Primer Water
Content: 200ml
Cost: RM43.00

Key Ingredients:
Snow Lotus - Smoothens and brightens the skin while evening out its texture.
Patented "dewdrop" formulation - revitalizes the skin and provides immediate, effective moisture.
*contains alcohol and fragrance*

Love the matte bottle that looks classy and cute!

Hydrates and preps the layers of skin.
"Dewdrops" soften and improve suppleness
Also act as primer to smooth out uneven skin!

A similar scent to the Contour Cleanser that I love too!

Thicker gel-like liquid with a.milky color.

It is not as runny as water as it has this gel-like consistency. I love how it’s rapidly absorb into my skin leaving 0 tackiness or whatsoever! I personally love using it as it leaves my skin smooth to touch and definitely also to the eyes ;) Since its also a primer so I would personally not use at night! I love how it makes my skin more even toned and brightened for a more flawless makeup application (if needed). I am not 100% sure but I noticed that my acne scar may have lightened without the need of vitamin serum or whatsoever. Throughout the 2 week trial, I use it as the toner step and it feels like I have added moisture to the surface of my skin immediately. ^^
If you are staying away from alcohol and fragrance ingredients then this is not for you!
**According to skincarisma it looks not too bad but if you are extra dry or sensitive, do a patch test as it contains alcohol that may dry out your skin; however there are Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract that soothes sensitivity and boost moisture content while Butylene Glycol is a powerful moisturizing agent (Click HERE) ! 

#3 : Fixer Cream
Brand: Althea
Item: Fixer Cream
Content: 50g
Cost: RM50.00

Key Ingredients:
Trehalose - Powerful humectant that retains moisture on the skin
Wild Green Tea - Hydrating, skin soothing, and pack with antioxidantts
Baobab Tree Extract - Non-greasy moisturizing agent that helps promote collagen production
*contains fragrance*

Its the most classy looking tub but would be great if a mini spatula comes with it for a more hygienic experience.

A 24 hour hydration that penetrates deep into the layers of skin to plump them and is non-sticky once it is fully absorbed!

Its quite a strong but nice scent of green tea or leafy scent!

White cream that becomes water-like droplets upon spreading on skin.

I love using it as it does sit well under my makeup. Of course I do set it with a little of Althea Petal Velvet Powder before I start my makeup ^^ I personally use it 2 ways. #1 Just the right amount when I don’t need too much hydration. #2 I use a little more as a sleeping mask step.
**According to skincarisma, it has the best rating among the 3 items in the Bare Essentials skincare line. It is especially beneficial to dry skin user as well as oily skin user. I do have slight sensitivity at times and do not have bad reaction with it (Click HERE) !


Overall thoughts:

This is just after 1 wash and its somewhere around Day 14 or 15 of usage!
Its a pic after I have cleansed, toned and moisturized my face! ^^
I always feel good after using it ^^

By Day 5 of usage, I love how the 3 steps have simplified my usual routine (I go for at least a 5-7 or 8 steps last time!) and achieving a brighter more flawless appearance with minimal effort! But after exactly a week of usage, I do notice that it is not hydrating enough for my skin type (especially my forehead! Its only obvious after my cleanser step XD) so I cannot skip my toner or moisturizer. Still, I do think that if I apply more hydrating mask, it should be better! ^^

Plus side is, I think my blackheads and whiteheads seems to move more on the surface now so I can easily remove them with a few light squeeze. Smell-wise I love it a lot! It helps me to relax. The cool feeling after cleansing leaves me feeling more awake in the morning and relieve at night. Not sure about contouring tho as I need more time with it. However my face does brightened each time after my Bare Essentials routine and my acne scars were lightened.

Also love that each step is multi-functional as cleanser also acts as an exfoliator, toner acts as primer too, while moisturizer act as a sleeping mask for me. XD

By Day 10 I have some acne popping out (my own body heat coz I was on TCM prescription) not because of the new routine coz its already day 10 so I am sure its not it! The Bare Essentials line do not help in controlling or reducing acne so I do need to have an additional acne cream.

In short, as a dry-combination skin with minimal sensitivity type, I feel great but over time I do notice I need more than the 3 steps! I just need an additional acne cream (when I have acne popping out) and eye cream (its a must in my routine so I did include my own eye cream!). Also, I am considering of including the masking step as it is beneficial for my dry T-zone! I did ask my sis who is an oily-sensitive skin type to try the 3-step Bare Essentials and she feels okay with it after a 2 days trial (coz she stayed over for a few days only!).

Anyways, I do hope that Althea will surprise us with masks coz I think there are a lot of mask lover out there! Hydration mask for me please!! :)


Already got it before I know I am gonna review this gossip for you!
Glad that I got it in the limited lunar new year box! ^^

I would recommend to newbies who are just starting out their skincare routine!
If you die die ask me which I would recommend most based on Skincarisma, then I would say its the Fixer Cream (especially for dry skin type!) but if its based on my preference then it would be the lovely Primer Water! ^^

Psst, get all 3 now at 10% OFF the total bill and also a Limited Edition Bare Essentials Hand Mirror , if you are interested! :)

Let's embrace our bare but flawless face so we can save time with NO or LESS makeup XD


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