(Event) Nestosan

Anybody heard of Nestosan before?
I honestly have not but got attracted to when its for improving our health inside out.
Plus its organic!

This is Co-Founder of Nestosan, Ms Stephanie.
She is sooo young and pretty!
The reason she created this product is to actually solve her own concern.

Ms Stephanie used to face issues like constipation and skin problem.
After meeting with nutritionist, she gains more knowledge and decided to also help people who are facing similar concerns on a daily basis.

They say, take care of your big intestine as it aids better immune system and overall detox. "For one to be truly happy, excrete well!" says one of the speaker. XD

Nestosan is Recommended for people who:
Bad breathe
Eat fried food
Skip breakfast
Sits in toilet very long
Don't go to toilet when you need to
After excreting, you still feel its unfinish XD

What's Unique about Nestosan?
Tastes like green apple!
Organic & safe for consumption.
Helps with overall improvement in the long run.
Suitable for those with lactose-intolerant , vegetarian-friendly , & those allergic with seafood!

How to Get it?

1) Scan this QR code.

2) The app will be downloaded and Register an account.

3) Order from there!

Key Ingredients:

Green Apple
Tastes: Preferred by many of its sweet and sour tastes.
It has high dietary fiber. Using high technology to press the juice from the apple, followed by spraying technique to produce a fine apple powder, it is meant for easy absorption.
All processes are under control to ensure good quality of apple powder.
Benefits: Reduce the risks of colon cancer; Lower cholesterol level; Improve the digestive system; Antioxidants properties; Increase appetites.

Bird Nest
This needs no intro as its big in the beauty industry! It contains 18 essential amino acid which are needed by the human body. There are 4 important amino acid to take note of:
Lysine (production of antibodies & promotes the formulation of collagen & muscle)
Methionines (prevents accumulation of fats in liver, regulate glutathione to neutralize the toxins in the liver)
Phenylalanine (effective to treat depression and chronic pain)
Threonine (supports cardiovascular, liver, central nervousand immune system function).
Benefits: Enhance your immunity system; Maintain the skin health; Cure cough and flu; Improve elasticity of skin and prevent wrinkles; Antioxidant properties.

Psyllium Husk
It is a plant made into powder form. It contains high fiber and helps eliminate waste in colon.
Benefits: Reduce cholesterol; Safe for all ages; Cooling herbs; Lower the risk of diabetes; Reduce constipation problem.

Oat Fiber
It is rich in dietary fiber and is able to lower cholesterol level. Beta-glucan is a type of fiber in the oat. It contains a lot of minerals such as magnesium, selenium, phosphorous, manganase, fiber, zinc, vitamin E and carotenoid.
Benefits: Help in bowel movement, eliminate toxins in colon and reduce constipation problem; Help in weight management as it makes you feel full; Reduce risk of colorectal cancer; Reduce risk of coronary heart disease; Lower blood pressure and glucose level; Maintain gastrointestinal health.

Prebiotics is non-digestible food ferment in large intestine and beneficial to the gut. It is good for the digestive flora.
Benefits: Promote growth of the beneficial bacteria in the colon; Assist body to absorb mineral from food; As bulking agents, it adds bulk and texture to the processed food; Boost immune system; Reduce cholesterol and also triglycerides; Improve bowel movement.

Ab-Kefir (probiotics)
Probiotics are good bacteria.
Benefits: Calcium contains in the kefir is to strengthen bones and teeth; Improves the digestive system by balancing the bacteria in the gut; Kefir is rich in Vitamin B which aids mental processes and helps in cell formation and repair of our DNA; Reduce lactose intolerance; May decrease the risk of cancer.

It is a unique patented fat binder, non-animal chitosan. Its a vegetable chitosan. Its important in managing the weight. It is a 100%  natural ingredient that is scientifically proven to help people manage their weight.

KiOnutrime-Cs® was introduced by KitoZymemanufaacturing in Belgium. KiOnutrime-Cs® has been nominated as finalist for the Nutraceutical Business & Technology Awards 2012 at the Vitafoods Europe Trade Show in Geneva. In year 2012, its self-affirmed GRAS status, high quality, purity, safe, non-allergenic, halal and Kosher certified!

KiOnutrime-Cs® is different from the traditional biopolymer (Chitosan) which are extracted from the shells of the shrimp. KitoZyme was derived from the cell walls of non-genetically modified fungus-Aspergillus niger (Its actually moulded green apple!).

Thus it is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and also those who are allergy to seafood!)
Mechanism: basically the chitosan prevents absorption of fats, fatty acids and bile acids. It then forms precipitates of chitosan thatt allows the excretion of chitosan-lipid complex through colon!

MUST-DO for Optimal Result:
Drink loads of water to flush out the chitosan-lipid complex!
Consume a sachet at morning OR night, depending on your preference of excreting session
(For example, if you prefer to excrete in the morning, then consume a sachet the night before!).
Best to drink when chilled!
Do not add into hot water as it will destroy collagen in it!
You may consume as young as 18 years old!
(Younger than 18 or if you are pregnant/breast feeding is not advisable!)

It is said that the powder in Nestosan have great fat binder feature. By pouring 2 sachets of Nestosan into a cup of coke, it is said that we will observe sediments (of chitosan-lipid complex that will be excreted through our colon!) which I doubt.

This is the sediments after awhile.

Won't be reviewing it anytime soon as I am currently on a course of TCM for body regulation.

I do see the potential of how this Nestosan is promising to the health-conscious market.
1- detox and nourish your body at the same time
2- convenient!

A box contains 15 sachets of 12g goodness.

That's all from me.
Let me know if you would like a review and I will have my mom or who try it and update you!


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