(Event) Hada Labo's Liu Yen Beauty Talk Show Featuring Popular Malaysian Celebrities

Who here loves Hada Labo?
I have been a fan of their lotions and currently finishing my remainder Hydrating Lotion (Light) as well as the Hydrating Lotion (Rich).
Rich one is more sticky and requires more time for absorption. Thus, I will massage more to enhance absorption. Once absorbed it has near to no OR just really minimal tackiness. Tackiness will be gone once moisturizer is applied!

Today I will be unlocking the Malaysian celebrities' beauty secret with Liu Yen Beauty Guru.
Liu Yen Beauty Guru is famous in the beauty industry in Taiwan!

Hada Labo x Liu Yen Beauty Talk Show 2018
A group pic from my lousy phone XD

Before that, I'd like to highlight a few stuff that caught my attention XD

These masks I have not seen before. According to the promoter, other than the 4 types of mask on the rack, there is one more, which is the hydration mask that you do not see. Its already sold out and yeap, I impulsively got 4 of these XD

Hada Labo x Liu Yen Beauty Talk Show 2018
Anyone tried these masks yet? ^^

The below pic shows all the available products in the Hada Labo series.
Most of them I have not tried yet. XD
What about you?
Which do you recommend me to get?

Hada Labo x Liu Yen Beauty Talk Show 2018
Which is your HG?

Today's highlight is all about the lotions!
You may be wondering why one would need so much choice.
Like the old me, I would die die only get 1 kind of lotion and I will stick to that.
The me now knows and interchange with various lotions according to my skin condition as well as my time availability. XD

For my current routine, I use light one for morning and rich one for night.
Planning to open my green lotion as I have acne right now XD

My friend exclaimed her love for this sherbert!
I have not seen this before, feeling like a cave lady XD
But its abit like Bao Fu Ling (where my granny used to buy whenever she visits China) XD

Functions are actually quite similar.
Basically you keep it in the fridge and only take it out when you are gonna use it. It is said to give you a cooling soothing effect and is to be used as the last step AFTER your moisturizer. Also can be used as a makeup base or even after a bad sunburn.

I just love multi-functional products so yes, I got it as its on sale that time, RM66 for 2. Usually its RM66 for one tub. So yeah, I just need to get it and test it myself XD

Hada Labo x Liu Yen Beauty Talk Show 2018
Stay tuned for my review! ^^

Hada Labo in collaboration with Taiwanese skincare Beauty Guru, Liu Yen, has once again hosted its beauty talk show in Malaysia. This time featuring local celebrities namely Jojo Goh, Emily Chan, Carol Ong & Jeffrey Cheng.

Hada Labo x Liu Yen Beauty Talk Show 2018
Liu Yen Beauty Guru was so friendly and cute! ^^

I personally really enjoyed the event as it was interactive and Liu Yen guru unlocked the secret to celebrities' glowing youthful skin --- HYDRATION !

But Liu Yen guru asked if we did our hydration right?
Many of us knew the importance to take care of our face using lotions or toners on a daily basis, but are we using the right product?

Here, Hada Labo got you covered with the 8 variants of lotions to satisfy all skin types and skin concerns!!

Hada Labo x Liu Yen Beauty Talk Show 2018

We have:
Hydrating (Light)
Hydrating (Rich)
Premium Hydrating
Whitening (Light)
Whitening (Rich)
Lifting & Perming 
Mild Peeling (for exfoliation)
Blemish & Oil Control

Hada Labo x Liu Yen Beauty Talk Show 2018

Liu Yen beauty guru personally have ALL the lotions above at her dressing table.
She does layering and point targeted area treatments.

Tips & Tricks:

Hada Labo x Liu Yen Beauty Talk Show 2018
Here, the celebrities are sharing about their concerns and Liu Yen Beauty Guru give them tips in improving their situation.

For Carol's skin, who is young but work around the clock as a newscaster, she has developed fine lines at her eye area. Liu Yen guru advised her to use items that says hydration & also the Hada Labo Lifting & Firming Lotion. ---> Use two fingers to lightly spread the "fine lines" and go in circular motion. Then only tap in for better absorption! And since Anti-aging toner are richer in texture with tightening effect, massage whole face for overall lifting effect! ^^

As for Emily, she has a more acne prone skin so Liu Yen Beauty Guru suggested her to have less makeup and treat it with the Hada Labo Blemish & Oil Control Hydrating Lotion. ---> pour some into mist bottle and use it like a 5 min toner mask step!

Jojo needs proper hydration tips as she often travel to different countries. Liu Yen guru suggested her to not wear makeup if possible and bring about Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion (Rich) for better lock-in of moisture. What's best is that you can use it over your make up too when you need that extra boost of moisture! ^^
---> ALL toners can be usedover eye area EXCEPT for the Hada Labo Blemish & Oil Control Hydrating Lotion!

Jeffrey nodded and points out that many men would often skip the basic skincare step of toning and straight to mask. According to Liu Yen guru, masking is an optional step and that cleansing, toning and moisturizer is sufficient for man. So go ahead and try the Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion (Light) as it moisturizes and absorbs into the skin fast.
---> for express lightening, wet cotton with Hada Labo Whitening Lotion and apply on area (like darker T-zone or acne marks) for 1-3 minutes!

Hada Labo x Liu Yen Beauty Talk Show 2018

Why Hada Labo?
Hada Labo uses the finest, purest and highly effective ingredients to provide you with the ultimate result of beautiful skin. Inspired by traditional Japanese beauty wisdom, Hada Labo adopts a “no more no less” philosophy in the formulation of its products for the “perfect” ingredients ratio to give optimal results. Unnecessary additives, colorant, fragrance and mineral oil that will burden the skin are omitted. Only essential ingredients that are beneficial to the skin are retained to ensure maximum effectiveness – Only the best for your skin and nothing else!!!

Hada Labo x Liu Yen Beauty Talk Show 2018

About The Mentholatum Company:
"Since 1889, The Mentholatum Company has grown and prospered from a small purveyor of soaps and toiletries into an international company, marketing quality proprietary medicines around the world. In the United States, and in many countries around the world, the Mentholatum family of products has earned a reputation for quality and value. Every Mentholatum brand is sold with an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction."

That's all from me today!


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