(Review) Mary Kay Gel Semi-Shine Lipstick

I am a girl who never wears lip gloss coz I just don't really fancy super shiny & gooey lips.
Here with me is the Mary Kay Gel Semi-Shine Lipstick.

To be honest, I was actually quite excited when I got to try them!
The word "gel" makes it sound like a comfortable wear and that "semi-shine" makes me wanna own that moist lips with just the right amount of shine to it!

Since the word "matte" isn't there, I do not expect it to last long.
But... ^^
Let's try them out and the verdict is as below!


Features of Mary Kay Gel Semi-Shine Lipstick:
Exceptional Color & Glide - The base of the gel lipstick is translucent, allowing for rich color saturation. The surface of the lipstick is specially coated to transform it into a gel-like fluidity for smooth application.
Staying Power - Advanced "Cushion Matrix Technology" uses ultra fine silica microspheres to embed & retain color on the surface of the lips.
Soft Focus Effect - Optical diffusers in the lipstick helps create smooth appearance on lips & also prevents feathering/bleeding during application.
Lip Conditioning - Sunflower Seed Oil & Jojoba Butter helps to moisturize lips throughout application ^^ 

Uniqueness of Mary Kay Gel Semi-Shine Lipstick:
Dermatologist tested
Clinically tested for skin irritancy
Clinically tested for skin allergy

Upon opening them from their pink-black Mary Kay packaging, I see these sleek black packaging with silver accent. I like how the top of the cap is see-through as I can easily see the colors without the need to open them in the first place ^^

Love the sleek, chic design!

The left and right lipsticks shade looks almost identical but yet its not.
Left (Haute Pink) is more of a loud girly pink whereas the right (Raspberry Ice) is more of a dusty rose pink.
The centre (Tranquil Coffee) lipstick is more of a earthy-coral tone which I can rarely pull off.
Comment down below on which you think best suits me! :)

A closer look so you can distinguish the colors ^^

The colors are smooth and pigmented in just one swipe!

Swatches will be swiped from Left to Right!

From Top - Bottom:
Raspberry Ice (094624)
Tranquil Coffee (094618)
Haute Pink (094645)

Looks on Me:

#1 : Bee Lee's To-Go Everyday Look

Using the Mary Kay Gel Semi-Shine Lipstick in Raspberry Ice, I personally think it suits an everyday makeup look that I constantly go for - the No Makeup Makeup Look!

It has this dusty rose look to it. Not too loud and just similar to my natural lip color.
Definitely helps to make my lips look healthier with the pink tinge. What's best is that I do not need to apply lip balm prior to using this Semi-Shine lipstick range!

Ta-daa! My personal favorite, wearing Mary Kay Gel Semi-Shine Lipstick in Raspberry Ice!

#2: Bee Lee's Other Side of Me

This Mary Kay Gel Semi-Shine Lipstick in Tranquil Toffee, is more of an earthy color.

I rarely use this color as I cannot really pull off such color.
However, I think it looks not too bad on me! Maybe it'll help me look slightly more mature? XD

Not too bad right?
So far my favorite earthy lipstick that does not make me look sick or toooo mature ^^!

Oh, I also tried using it as a blusher!

Dot 3 dots. Hopefully it'll look natural ^^

Natural flush, me likey!
I love how its creamy gel texture allows for easy blending!
It is also build-able and would love to try it out as a contour or even eyeshadow!
*will update when I have done that!*

#3: Bee Lee's Girly Night Out

Using the Mary Kay Gel Semi-Shine Lipstick in Haute Pink, I personally think it is really feminine and girly.

I do not have much loud pink lippies like this!

Definitely opting this for occasion where I go for dates with my hubby or just hanging out with my girlfriends!

Upon application it feels creamy and hydrating. Just like a lip balm + lipstick!
Application is fast and easy. No bleeding or feathering! <3
My lips look smooth and feels comfortable
There is no greasy feeling.Thumbs up to that!

After some 3-4 hours, lips feel less creamy but not drying and also not that shiny anymore.
At this point, there is no color transfer at all which I am surprised and love!

After a meal, my lip color is still there! <3
Talking about the staying power of this semi-shine range, I am surprised!

But after 2-3 big/oily meals, of course, the application at the center of the lips are faded leaving an awkward outline of the lipstick. Re-application is a breeze, no worries. ^^

Overall, I really like the Mary Kay Gel Semi-Shine Lipstick as it does a wonderful moisturizing job without the need for me to apply lip balm prior to wearing the lipstick.
My lips looks much smoother and I definitely recommend for dryyy lips user like me.
Color pay off is awesome as it is vivid in just one swipe!

What I love about it too is that it is multi-functional, as a lipstick, lip balm, blusher and probably eye shadow too! ^^
Tell me if you have tried the last two functions ^^

Retails at:
Each Mary Kay Gel Semi-Shine Lipstick retails at RM55.

Contact your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant today 03-77117500


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