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Remember I wrote a review on an interesting 100% organic soap before?
Just incase you need a quick recap of what this 1 Bar solves ALL, HERE is my full first impression review!

Congrats on their official launch and thanks for having me!

This shows you the various method of usage and how this one bar helps one maintain one's hygiene and improves the overall health.

Its so gentle even your baby can use for various skin issues like milk rash and so on.

If you are interested, hop over to their product info HERE.

Mr. Carlos Yong, Founder
Our first speaker is the founder and user of Diamond Sapindus Soap, Mr Carlos Yong.
He used to have skin issues, primarily human papillomavirus (HPV) infections.
Doctors told him its very common and that it cannot totally be cured.
Later, a friend of his introduced him to try the Diamond Sapindus Soap. He tried.
Mr Carlos felt significant improvement of his skin condition and decided to explore more and later on improved its ingredients and began its mass production.
The main ingredient of Diamond Sapindus Soap is Sapindus!

What is Sapindus?
It is recognised as the oldest praying bead in India and "Sapindus kernel" have since been named the "Bodisu". The rich tea polyphenols extracted the Sapindus kernel is able to clear facial oils, act as an astringent to minimize pores, disinfect, sterilize, and stop skin from aging!

This is a Chinese idiom but "edited" by Mr Carlos. It simply means we are always surrounded by "poison" without truly acknowledging their presence.

This is relatable as he explained on. According to Mr Carlos, one's skin issue arises when your skin has accummulated too much chemicals (aka poison) and over time, when your skin have bad reactions such as itchiness, there is no "cure" and can relapse anytime when something triggered it.

Dr. Chong, Founder
Another founder, Dr. Chong, further explains the various usage and importance of Sapindus.
She says that its especially helpful for ladies with odor issue especially during their menstrual cycle.
I must say, I love to use this Diamond Sapindus Soap as compared to the normal liquid body wash as it much more moisturizing and lightens my darkened area gradually.

Dr. Chong also taught us how to do the "invisible mask". This means that when you do the 2 minutes masking, you do not need to rinse off with water and let it dry on your face. OMG, I actually washed it off the first time when I tried it. XD But its ok. Will try again next time with it on IF I need to treat any itchiness and stuff like that.

She also mentions that you can use the "invisible mask" on areas like baby's milk rash, or even on your scalp to treat your dandruff issue and so forth.

They have received feedback from customers saying that their dandruff issue have recovered over a continuous one year usage and the hair amount have increased too. Nope, this soap does not accelerate hair growth BUT it cleanses and detox your scalp. "With a healthy scalp, embrace your healthy hair," she says.

Congrats again in bringing a soap that is children friendly and environmental friendly to us!
I am sure many would be interested in trying this, especially for travellers and ladies! ^^

A quick demo was performed by Mr Carlos on the many different brands of organic soap already in our market as well as on the Diamond Sapindus soap.

Each soap will be burnt under lighter and when it melt it will drip on the plastic.
It is said that if the soap contains chemical ingredients, the melted soap will actually melt through the plastic creating obvious holes.

Mr. Carlos starts burning with other brands and a kiddo was smelling each of it saying if its stinky or not after burning the soap.

Each soap when burnt, created holes on the plastic and also gives out a stinky smell.

Surprisingly, the Diamond Sapindus Soap does smell slightly different but not stinky and what's surprising is that the melted Diamond Sapindus Soap does not create holes on the plastic.!

This round the kiddo smelled the burnt Diamond Sapindus Soap and he actually said that it does not smell stinky.

They also dripped the melted Diamond Sapindus Soap on the plastic and there were no holes!!!
Amazing! I, as consumer, will be using this with ease since I have seen this demo LIVE ^^

It was an educational session and thanks for the thorough explanation and demo!
Also, Dr. Chong is in her 60s but her skin looks amazing still!

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