(Travel) A 2D1N Escape at Penang

Hello lovelies, there are just so many holidays in Malaysia.

Where would you be travelling if you are given a 2 days leave?

I'd prefer to travel locally for convenience sake and also to discover the little gems we don't realize (coz many of us just take things for granted, including me)!

For this trip, there are 5 of us so its more worthy & convenient to drive. But for my next trip, I'd hope to be just the two of us, so we can travel light & explore with ease via Air Asia Airlines (do you know that Air Asia Airlines offer the most affordable rates when you book through Traveloka Malaysia app?) !

We booked our accommodation via Traveloka Malaysia app and went under the Budget tab of the Domestic Hotel Deal. Then, select the state of interest (for my case its Penang) and lastly select the preferred hotel (I chose EQ Ferringhi Hotel).

Here are the details of the hotel that I am booking via Traveloka app.
#1, I prefer booking a budget hotel when we are exploring locally (and according to the reviews, its quite a tourist and family friendly place. In pic #2 you can see the rating based on both Traveloka users as well as Trip Advisor users (not in pic). In image #3 are the details of the hotel and #4 shows the available rooms and rates. See how much you can save and spend on food & shopping instead! ^^

These are the images obtained from Traveloka app itself and I am glad the image shown is the same as what I see when I have reached the venue the next noon ^^
Its like a dorm style and what you see in the room are sufficient for a night stay. I always bring my own toiletries so no complain there. If I don't recall wrongly, the toilet is not that soundproof and there is no hair dryer.

The neighbourhood was okay for a short staycation as we travel by car and if you are not driving, do rent car or bikes. There are shops around so do not worry too.

After settling down, we explored around and googled for nearby entertainments. ^^
To my surprise, ESCAPE came up and I immediately dig for more info, yippie!


Address: 828, Jalan Teluk Bahang,
11050 Penang,
Tel.: +6 04 8811 106

Here's the Attractions Restriction

I think these are the Monkey Business (Level 1, 2 & 3)
The difficulty (height from ground!) increases with the difficulty level.
I went for level 2 first and degraded to level 1 instead XD
I feel its a disadvantage for short people like me when attempting Level 2 or even Level 3. XD
Also my courage had reduced ALOT as I aged XD

After that we were entertained at the Aerobat section.

Before the aeerobat performance started there was a super adorable 3 years old caucasian lil girl swinging like a professional acrobat!
*jaw drops*
Next time my daughter would do that too I hope, coz I was a monkey once upon a time XD

We also went for the Flying Lemur.
It was zip lining all the way from one end to another, divided into about 3-4 sections.
Throughout the sweaty and fun session, we did not have our phones with us so...no pics of the really cool me XD

Then there is also a Kite Flyer that looks amazingly horrifying but no one wants to accompany me.

In the end I think we kinda burned the money coz we played so little among the many areas they have offered.

Anyway, here's the bared face + sweaty me!

Look at the lounge area.

So cool and definitely instagram-able!

Just chilling with my coconut!

Then we head to some beach nearby before we hit the shower ^^

Avatar Secret Garden

We actually stumbled here by surprise as we passed by the temple and the congestion was making us scratch our heads. We asked one of the passerby and they kindly told us of the Avatar Secret Garden. Basically its a FREE entrance tourist spot and is best to visit at night!
It is located behind a temple. Try parking at Tesco and walk from there as its quite impossible to drive coz of the congestion of humans and cars!!!
I did not capture a good shot of the place too coz I did not bring my camera.
So what you see below are images enhanced by snapseed app.

Avatar Secret Garden
Address: 336, Jalan Tokong Thai Pak Koong,
Tanjung Bungah, Penang Island

Lighting changes from one section to another. SO magical!!

There was a river of blooming petals of various colors which made me stare for some time.

This look like it was taken right out from a movie! ^^

Dinner at Golden Thai Seafood Village

I did not google for recommended place to eat as they are mostly in Penang town (which is quite faraway from where we were.

So as a normal tourist, go for something shiny and still packed with some humans ^^

Here's the menu.
Seems like its more of a seafood lovers' heaven.

Surprisingly there were quite some food that I look forward to eat!
Just a page from the many pages ^^

My most looked forward to dish is Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables with Sambal.
(S: RM28 ; M: RM48; L: RM68)
Love that the lotus is still crunchy and everything is just nice and not overwhelmingly spicy!

Next is the White Tomyam
(I forgot the price!)
But it was really really really nice and the sour taste is awesome!

Fresh Oysters were actually realllllly nice according to hubby and his family and most importantly it was at an affordable price!

I don't remember what this was but this was just okay according to them.
I did not eat it.

I, too, don't remember what flavor and fish this was but I think we like this. XD

The space was huge!
I believe they do have good business.
Lemme know if you've been here and what dish you'd recommend me to have in my next visit! ^^

A pano shot to actually show you the spacious restaurant!

Just a quick shot when exiting the restaurant with a happy tummy! ^^

Look at all these fresh seafood!

Overall it was slightly on the steep side but the quality of the food is quite okay!
So what do you think? ^^

That's how our first day ended.
Day 2, was simple and we only stopped by one destination before we head home.

Chew Jetty

I only know of the famous Big Bowl Noodle located there.
Was super excited to try but no one have any more free space in their tummy XD

A little intro as its a fascination to me how this wooden houses on stilts have stand through for more than a century!!!

It is located at:
59A, Chew Jetty, Weld Quay,
10300 George Town,
Penang, Malaysia.

That's it for my 2D1N trip.

Gonna plan for a more fruitful one in my upcoming CNY trip XD
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