(Game) Asia's First Ever AR / VR Theme Park @ Mid Valley Megamall

Hello lovelies I know its been awhile since I last wrote on games but one is on the way XD

Meanwhile, here's something real exciting for you!

Firstly, thanks to PR, I got to be one of the lucky ones to preview and experience myself the largest AR/VR hybrid theme park in Southeast Asia- 40,000 Sq Ft of space, if you're curious! ^^

Upon arrival, the exterior looks pretty normal.

Let's enter The Rift & Exit Reality!

One cute pic coz am unsure of how I'll look after all the games! ^^

Currently they have 3 promo packages and its valid from today and ends on the day of the Grand Launch (mid February). Go now before they go back to their normal price!! ^^

From L - R:
The Rift Package   (Promo: RM98 ; NP:RM133)
10 games & Zero Latency
Exit Reality Package   (Promo: RM55 ; NP:RM68)
10 games only!
Junior Reality Package   (Promo: RM30; NP: RM52)
4 games only!

Here's some Rules. I'd recommend you to wear fitting top, long pants & sport shoes. This can ensure you to stay cozy and comfortable throughout the game play session. Fitting top or tops that you can tuck in would be recommended if you are playing the Hurricane game. 

Upon entering, it feels like I have been transported to a space ship or something. At the centre are the arcade and a "Star War VR space - they are FREE!

Look at the mini entrance for kiddos *cute*

Zero Latency
(Zone Blue; Multiplayer)

We took the first left and head to the Zero Latency area. I heard really exciting stories about it!
Just feeling cold and nervous XD

We were recommended to go for Zombie Survival & honestly I was beyond excited and nervous.
All these while I have been playing it in front of my PC / laptop and here I am gonna play in this VR condition while also running around and manually reloading and shooting etc. *crazy*

So you just register yourself and that's the name you will appear as in your VR world ^^
Next, we were brought to suit up and brief on how to use our gun ^^
Really felt like in some space shuttle vault, don't you think?

Here's a clearer pic I got. Each player will need to carry the bag, eye piece, headphone with an attached mic. Upon entering the room, you will see your guns on the floor.

The game is over once the objective is reached ^^
Here's a scoreboard on how each of us did (most right table!).
IMO, if you want a higher score, go where there are more zombies. Some places where you stand might have lesser zombies, thus, you'll score lower.

Each game lasts around 20 minutes.
I felt the rush and exhaustion after just one round of the Zombie Survival.
I really felt like I was in the game, EXCEPT
1 - I don't feel the pain. When I died, my screen is in red and yea, just waiting to revive and strike them back XD
2 - I am reminded of being in the reality as we were constantly chatting through our headphones while the game master aid & remind us, so playing the game was a breeze XD
Funny thing is, I was more jumpy when someone else bump into me than when the zombie in the game attack me. XD

I highly recommend you to play this!!!!!!
Not gonna spoil your fun so won't be revealing anymore! ;)
Oh, did I tell you I took an elevator in my VR Zombie Apocalypse world?

Upon exit, you'll be at the Arcade area, Star Wars area & also The Egg area. 

Arcade area

For you people who loves arcade game!
I hope they bring the music one in! ^^ it's like the O2 jam concept!

The Egg
(2 Player)

Basically The Egg is similar to you know, the games where you just sit and wait for the jump scare. You can only look around and not being able to do anything. It was relaxing but gets more nerve wrecking as the story proceeds. XD

Its super fun coz I went for the horror genre. there's shaking when the person falls and tickles when jumpscares are about to happen.....jsut go try yourself!

I tried this, it was scary too! But horr, my video was funny coz I was trying to close my eyes but I cannot really close it with my hands XD *lol*

CJ and I went for "Eye of Fear" under the horror genre.
It was recommended by the staff if you ask for the scariest game under the horror genre.
CJ & I agreed that it was indeed scarrryyy! Go try for yourself!

(Red Zone; Multiplayer)

Don't mind us, we are just trying to make the bat stay awake so they don't become angry bats XD

Hurricane VR
(Red Zone; Multiplayer)

What do you think when you see this?
It looks pretty scary and I was actually really scared.

A mandatory selfie while waiting for our turn! ^^

Yes, that's us! Swinging 360 degree in a VR was actually fun but less scary & more safe compared to sitting in a real real roller coaster! We went for two rounds actually XD
Recommending this too! ^^

It'll be so fun coming with friends of similar interests! ^^

The Leap
(Red Zone; Single Player)

We did not get to try this coz it was not ready yet.
Another area  (called Terminator X) was also not opened too but its a laser tag concept, so exciting! ^^

(Red Zone; Multiplayer)

Its said to resemble a real race car and the racing map was of the real Sepang circuit.
The steering is definitely much much stiffer and yea,we chose the easiest mode so we only need to manage the speed and brake pedal as well as turn the steering wheel ^^

(Red Zone; Multiplayer)

This is similar to the dodge ball concept.
Definitely a game for those who loves running around. XD
We were exhausted after a round. I just let the fireball hit me as I was too tired to move XD

VR Adventure
(Blue Zone; Single Player)

This I recommend for you coz its a solo shooting game. You can choose the minotaur mode (where its more spooky and scary but with amazing scenery!) or a cutesy bunny mode (I did not play this!). Basically its a race against time mode. Just chill and walk through the game ^^

Motion Blaster
(Blue Zone; Multiplayer)

We were having so much fun. Basically you just sit there with your 3D glasses and shoot all monsters EXCEPT for civilians. 8 players at one go and it was exciting. ^^
You can feel all the shaking when you hit the ground etc and the wind too in the game!

Pics of use while we game ^^ We look funny! ^^


I did not play this. Lemme know if you think this game is recommended or not ! ^^

The Rift Junior

It consists of Junior Rope Courses, Playland & Party Bunker for your little ones who craves for adventure!

The Rift Facebook Page
The Rift Website

Mid Valley Megamall, North Court, Level 3, T012 & T012A.

Operation Hours:
10 am - 8.30 pm


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