(First Impression) Multi-functional Diamond Sapindus Soap from Taiwan

Hello lovely, have you heard of this Diamond Sapindus Soap before?
I personally have not heard of it until recently.

It looks like a semi-opaque orange-y bar soap with a mild sweet scent.

About Diamond Sapindus Soap:
It originates from Taiwan & is made of 100% natural ingredients.
The founder of CM3 Premium has actually suffered from a dermatological virus warts (which is caused by viral infections, primarily HPV infections). Some recovers fast but some takes a long time to treat and may be recurrent too. After trying out various ways, he accepted his friend's recommendation & gave Diamond Sapindus Soap a try. To his surprise, the HPV infection vanished after a short period of usage! It was a miracle to the founder & inspired him to help more people with this soap. He also further researched on Diamond Sapindus Soap, improved its ingredients and began its mass production.


Let's jump right in!

This is how it looks like.
Classy and clean gold packaging that comes with a netting for easy lathering!

I love that its a double layer netting. However, I'd appreciate much more if a choker/stopper is on it to secure the closing!

This is how it looks like once its inside. Add water and give it a few rub to lather.

Brand: Diamond
Item: Sapindus Soap
Origin: Taiwan

Benefits of Diamond Sapindus Soap:
Since its made of 100% natural ingredients, it is suitable for all ages and skin types.
The sapindus genus has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory & anti-itching properties!!!
Coconut oil is added in to aid in the easy lathering, thus deep cleansing can occur effortlessly!

Rich tea polyphenols (in Sapindus) is able to clear facial oils, minimize pores, disinfect and has anti-aging (reduces wrinkles) properties.
Ferulic acid (in Sapindus) is big in the beauty industry as its known to help making skin delicate, shiny and elastic.
Citric acid (in Sapindus) aids in whitening (removes keratin accumulation), hydrates, reduces acne, and accelerate skin healing.

Suitable for people who desires:
a more moisturized, brightened skin
smaller pores & wrinkle-free
fresh breathe & NO body odor (or even menstrual odor)
NO dandruff & lesser hair fall
Overall a healthier version of yourself!
*long term usage will improve skin condition!*

From bathing, shampooing, facial cleansing & tooth brushing --- it helps solve cleanliness from head-to-toe!
(I wanna try too!!!)


Reviews (based on my first impression):

I like the golden outer packaging that symbolizes the diamond sapindus soap. It also comes with a soap net that I like coz its a double layer net. Unfortunately I would prefer the net to have a stopper so that it won't keep opening when I am lathering the soap.

It only closes if I hold like that but opens when I am holding the netting place. Maybe I should tie a knot instead?

I'd recommend you to take a pic of your product where the MFG date is printed on as the exterior boxes does not have it.

Lathering was easy and the foam is thick and creamy.

I tried applying it as a facial cleanser, facial mask, body wash and shampoo (on my scalp only!) and this is what I feel based on my one time usage:

Lathering and application of foam as face cleanser was super easy.
I like the mild scent. Face is squeaky clean and slightly soft but not drying.
Was surprised as for me, I tend to stay away from things that bubble a lot as they are usually drying to my skin.

Application with a waiting time of 1-2 minutes are the masking time and when deep cleansing is needed. It was a quick mask time which I like but as I rinse off with water I noticed that the cleansing was much stronger and feels the slightest itchiness for my recent more sensitive skin + some tight feeling for my T-zone. After I resume with my remaining skincare routine it was all okay ^^
I will only do this once a week. ^^

As a body wash, it feels nice and buttery. I was surprised too that it did not leave my limbs feeling tight as I have dry dry limbs. However after continuous usage on the third day I noticed some peeling....maybe its just shedding my dead skin layer? Will update you guys again coz I need more time to observe ^^

As for my scalp: I did not take a picture coz it was hard doing it alone. XD Anyways, I only apply at my scalp area (as I learnt its most important to scrub your scalp) and after rinsing my scalp feels squeaky clean but drying so the conditioner and serums help a lot! ^^

If this multi-functional Diamond Sapindus Soap interests you, check it out HERE!



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