(Event) Launch of New Poke Bowl & Vegetarian Menu at Sushi Tei

Its been awhile since I last shopped at Tropicana City Mall and there are so many changes!
Sushi Tei is still there and standing strong. I am not surprise coz they serve fresh food at affordable prices, always.

On the last Saturday of January 2018 I joined my friends for the food tasting of their NEW menu.
Their new menu are permanent so go check them out if you haven't yet.

Thanks again to PR and Sushi Tei for having me ^^

Here are a few vegetarian dishes and 4 variations of low calorie but nutritious poke bowl!!!

About Sushi Tei

Sushi Tei debuted in 2009 and since then have become a popular choice for Malaysians who enjoys fresh, yummy yet affordable Japanese cuisine. The restaurant combines the conveyor belt sushi concept with ala carte options & private dining rooms for customers to enjoy best of both worlds! ^^

On the left is Mr Cameron Cheah (Managing Director of ST-Taikem, the company behind Sushi Tei brand in Malaysia) and on the right is Chef Choo Kian Yit!

Why Sushi Tei?


NEW Menu

Poke Bowl (4 Variations):
Poke bowl has become so popular as consumers nowadays have become more health conscious. It is also popular among ladies who enjoy on-the-go healthy meals. Each poke bowls at Sushi Tei are nutritious and contains less than 500 kcal per serving (that's crazy!) !

Maguro Poke Bowl   |   RM23.80
Star of the bowl is the fresh chunky tuna; topped with nutritious chia and melon seeds, almonds, crab stick, mixed vegetables & Akita brown rice.
This bowl is gluten free and nutritious!

Salmon Poke Bowl   |   RM21.80
Star of the bowl are thick cubes of Salmon (Yes to Omega-3 fatty acids!); topped with chia and melon seeds, almonds, nutritious black beans (all the way from Japan!), mixed vegetables & Akita brown rice.
Totally trying this first in my next visit coz am a big fan of salmon!

Ebi Poke Bowl   |   RM27.80
Star of the bowl are fresh tiger prawns; topped with chia and sunflower seeds, almonds, shredded omelette, mixed vegetables & Akita brown rice.

Chicken Teri Poke Bowl   |   RM18.80
Star of the bowl are grilled chicken; topped with chia and sunflower seeds, almond, mixed vegetables & Akita brown rice.
This is specially made for the Malaysian culture (coz not all of us take seafood!)

Sushi Tei curated 3 different sauces to go with your preferred poke bowl.

Top to bottom:
Wasabina Sauce (a tinge of wasabi that doesn't overwhelms you!)
The Japanese Styled Wafuu Onion Sauce
Apple Sauce (makes one more appetizing!)
*sauces are near to 0 calories!

Vegetarian Dish (14 new dish):
This menu are thoughtfully added for health-oriented individuals as well as the elderly.
What's interesting is that 95% of the veggies you see on your bowl are not in disguise (eg. no mushroom pretending to be a fake fish or whatsoever) & all are RICH in proteins. Nonetheless, the calories in each are little as brown rice are used instead of white rice.

Personally I am not a super healthy eater. I must admit that with this new menu, it does help me to sail through my 1 month vegetarian journey much easier. Also, for all vegetarian friends out there, go check them out! I have tried only a few dish here and there are actually a few that I would recommend or looking forward to try myself the next time! ^^

Avocado Yasai Roll   |   RM13.80
The insides are of four different veggie and egg topped with avocado and black beans.
I love the black beans as its sweetness is just nice and overall texture feels refreshing!
Definitely coming back for this!

Inari Yasai Roll   |   RM13.80
They are beancurd skin and vegetable roll topped with edamame.
I am not a green bean person but I like this too.

Namako Yasai Udon/Soba/Ramen   |   RM21.80
Vegetarian sea cucumber, button mushrooms, pumpkin, Japanese sweet potato & kitano miso soup.
I have not tried this but I think this will be the only time where I actually eat sea cucumber as I personally don't eat the real one XD

Yasai Itame   |   RM9.40
It's just pan fried assorted vegetables.
I'll skip this XD
Kinoko Chahan   |   RM16.80
Mixed mushroom fried rice is yummy IMO and definitely acceptable for those who don't really prefer brown rice  XD

Satsuma Imo To Kabocha Salad   |   RM7.80
It is made from Japanese sweet potato with pumpkin salad, that is high in antioxidants and dietary fibre. Its super yummy!!!

Okura Natto To Yamaimo Senggiri   |   RM6.80
A Japanese-inspired dish of Japanese yam with lady finger slices, seaweed, soy bean to be mixed in with a half boiled quail egg.
*Its a Malaysian-ified Japanese Natto meal. This is made to be less pungent so we can eat it.
I am looking forward to try it in my next visit. Those of you who have tried the real Japanese Natto, lemme know what you think! ^^

Edamame / Imo / Pumpkin Croquette   |   RM8.80-9.80
Enjoy the green bean / sweet potato / pumpkin croquettes.
Would love to try this the next time too coz I have not tried it this round.


That's not all.
They are wowing us with this Prosperity Tuna Cutting Live Presentation by Japanese Chef Usami-san & Chef Teshima-san.

Prosperity Tuna Cutting Live Presentation

A 40kg Tuna.
My first time seeing a full-sized tuna.

A mandatory shot.
Pic credits to dear Elana and edited by snapseed app.

Full video of the live cutting can be seen in my IG ^^

So fresh!!

And immediately became star of our 'Lou Sang' ^^

With all the shoppers at Tropicana City Mall, let's welcome Chinese New Year 2018 with positivity!


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