(Event) Good Hair Day Everyday with Hair System by Watsons &First Impressions

Hi loves, how was your CNY celebration or holiday?
On day 5 of Chinese New Year and I am severely deprived of sleep XD

Let's rewind to 6th February 2018!
That was when I got to experience a on-the-go hair pampering session at A Cut Above with Watsons' Hair System.

I always fascinate with product when a brand like Watsons, Guardian or even AEON and such comes up with their own line of  products.

I just need to see for it myself.

About Hair System by Watsons:
Watsons new hair care range, Hair System, promises salon quality results!
It has a patented technology formula that effectively strengthens the surface of hair fiber while preventing hair loss, allowing hair to return to its original elasticity and easy maintenance.
It is designed for consumers especially those that has a busy lifestyle. It is safe (with 7 FREEs - read below!) to use and they also added in the hair oil & hair mascara for you who die die (that's me when I get old!) also need it in your hair care routine! ^^

Here's the 7 FREEs for the Hair Systems' product!



Shampoo & Conditioner
They look like the standard looking hair care range in the market. Shampoo comes in a black pump bottle while the conditioner comes in a silver bottle. Each comes in three varieties.

As usual, various choices caters for different hair concerns.
From L-R:
Damage Repair (Pink) for dry/damaged hair.
Keratin Silk (Green) for frizzy/dull hair.
Strengthen & Protect (Orange) for weak/fragile hair.

Ultimate Hair Oil
This hair oil is suitable for all hair types.

The Ultimate Hair Oil is the pump bottle in clear orange body on the right; while the other two mascara-like products will be introduced below!

I love love love hair oils ever since I got my Mise En Scene from Althea Korea and Yungo Hair Oil from my HK trip so long ago. Here's my comparison post if you are interested.

The Ultimate Hair Oil contains 8 natural plant oils complex and claims to recover hair elasticity by 99%. Will be reviewing this when I am done with my own hair oil! Stay tuned! ^^

Tsubaki Oil seals split ends.
Sunflower Oil tames frizzy hair.
Manula Oil makes your hair smooth.
Argan Oil nourishes hair intensively.
Coconut Oil strengthens the hair shaft.
Avocado Oil replenishes hair with vitamins.
Macadamia Oil moisturizes both the hair and scalp.
Olive Oil protects the scalp against excessive heat and dryness.

Hair Mascara
I was surprise they even have hair tint for covering grey hair temporarily.
It is enriched with Tri-K Repairing Complex plus Pro Vitamin B5 for an all-rounded color treatment to reveal healthy and energetic looking hair. It has a quick dry formula and is easy to use. 

The other two mascara-like products are actually hair mascara!!
My first time seeing this coz I have never really bother to check out these products.
Will be updating my mom's feedback when she have try it! ^^

Thoughts & First Impressions
The whole hair care range that I used that day (the damage range) smells fruity!
Effectiveness? Well, I feel that it is not moisturizing enough for my already dry and damaged hair.
The Ultimate Hair Oil makes my tangle lesser but I personally think the hair oil application was too less for my current hair situation XD
Will update again when I use them!

I swatched (with a strong hand XD) the Hair Mascara on my hand the other day. It dries up quite fast and lasted quite a long time until I washed it. It is NOT waterproof which makes me not wanting to recommend to you BUT as I wash it, it does not comes off fully which makes it semi-waterproof??! XD
Anyways, let my mom try for a few days first and see what she says ^^

Just to show you my BEFORE:

During shampoo-ing:



Hair flip at my IG story (third story under the highlight tab of #hairgoals) if you are interested! ^^

Will be updating some more after my usage and trial.

Hair System by Watsons are priced affordably between RM21.90 to RM27.90.

You may get any of the products of Hair System by Watsons exclusively at all Watsons stores nationwide & Watsons Online Store.


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