(Feature) Eternalize Unique Moments with Trollbeads Malaysia

Hi lovelies, how many of you have seen or purchased from Trollbeads before?

I have seen its outlet in Midvalley and their pieces are more of a rustic-ish feeling compared to the clean cut ones from Pandora. I don't know about you but I love the concept of Trollbeads of how it started.

About Trollbeads

Trollbeads first started in 1976.
The name "Trollbeads" came about as the first ever bead designed by Soren Silversmith contains no less than 6 faces, and was sold in his father Svend's jewellery store in central Copenhagen, Denmark.

Eight Faces (It left the collection in 2008)
Designer: Soren Nielsen
Price: RM299.00

 When Soren took over, he had the leather cord go through the beads instead of the traditional method of the leather cord going through the eyelet. Soon, Soren's sister, Lise (founder of Trollbeads), began to put beads on silver bracelets, one on each bracelet.

One day, a customer asked Lise to put an extra bead on the silver bracelet. She was surprised. From then on, customization is prioritze while the collection grew.

The first glass beads (go check them out!!!!) entered the collection in 2001 and more variations grew with the growing demand!  

They currently have more than 90 designers contributing to the designs you see in the store and are available in more than 30 countries!

Trollbeads VS Pandora & Thomas Sabo?

Some of the rings from Trollbeads site. 

Their rustic beads and also other more interesting glass beads.

Trollbeads started in 1976
Trollbeads is established in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Products are manufactured in Denmark.
Designs are more rustic with a fun element to it!
Read on to see some of their designs from each category!!
(Full Trollbead histroy here!)

Pandora started in 1982.
(6 years after Trollbeads!)
Pandora is established in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Products are manufactured in Thailand.
Designs are more clean cut, modern, and even relatable to children (in collaboration with Disney)
(Full Pandora history here!)

Thomas Sabo started in 1984.
(8 years after Trollbeads!)
Thomas Sabo is established in Frankfurt, Germany.
Products are manufactured in Germany.
Designs are also of a clean cut, modern but slightly more matured (Thomas Sabo history)


Trollbeads Accessories


For the ring choices, I had two that caught my eye.

Blushing Bubble
Lone Lovschal
Price: RM419.00

It looks simple but look closer and you'll see a cubic zirconia at the centre of the blushing bubble. I personally think this calls for a romantic first date or celebrating special anniversary and such.

Blue Flower
Designer: Soren Nielsen
Price: RM419.00

It looks like a blob of dew drop encasing the magical blue flower. And with the wearer feeling like some forest fairies or flower fairies in my opinion, just magical!!
Applause for the silver stems details!!!!

Two caught my eyes and one of it is in their upcoming Enchanted Forest collection.

(From L - R):

Raining Pearls Earrings
Designer: Trollbeads Design Group
Loving that exclusive and elegant touch.

Peacock Pearl Oval Drops
Designer: Lise Aagaard
Price: RM629.00
They represent mystery, independence and strength.

A wonderful gift that represents me best would be their Wishful Sky Bracelet
It'd also make a perfect gift for your girlfriends and anyone who loves stars and blue IMO.

"I've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night"
- Galileo

Upon seeing the product at first glance I was attracted to the Shimmer Royal Bead. A close up gaze at the twinkling blue bead makes me feel like I have the galaxy in my hand. It brings about calmness and remind me too chill abit when I feel stressed or tired.

They have intricate and also simple looks but this particular necklace from their Enchanted Foresst collection caught my eye.

Fantasy Necklace with Peacock Pearl
Designer: Lise Aagaard
Price: RM709.00 - RM929.00
Can you see all the details? <3

I would love a tiara and I have bee dreaming of being a princess since I was a child.
Definitely a wonderful gem for prom or even for your wedding day!

Its not seen at all in both Thomas Sabo nor Pandora!!!
At most was a crown on your fingers ^^
Each design on the crown too, like the beads, have meanings.

Sooooooo many choices!
They are definitely different from those you see in Pandora and Thomas Sabo.
A mix of both rustic and magical.
I am more drawn to the glass beads category.
I have curated two designs  XD

Bee Lee's Combination #1: C for Cherish

Bee Lee's Combination #1: C for Cherish
It contains Malachite (RM299), Head of Buddha (RM149) & 
Sahara Night Facet (RM199).
I derived the meaning of concentrating at the present moment (Head of Buddha); appreciate loved ones while learning to balance work, relationship and love life in general (Malachite); also reminding myself to take time off to do nothing but just gaze at the stars and dream away (Sahara Night Facet).
*Malachite are believed to protect children and also travelers

*Head of Buddha is in memory of my grandma. May she be the star in my sky...I miss you.

Bee Lee's Combination #2: Be Your Own Best Version

Bee Lee's Combination #2: Be Your Own Best Version
It contains Pink Petals (RM149), Compass (RM199), & Shimmer Royal (Price N/A)
It gives me a reminder to only settle for what I want and what I truly love to do.

Not really fond for spacers but 2 caught my eyes.
(Spacers prevent other beads from rolling on your bracelet and make beautiful endings on your bangle)

(From L - R):

Night Sky Spacer
Designer: Kim Buck
Price: RM149.00
"Great wonders are found in the pattern of the night sky"
I agree with the meaning as many wonderful things are produced when the night kicks in (especially for me ^^) It also matches well with both of my creation as above!

Rose Spacer
Designer: Anders Martin Bruun
Price: RM198.00
Everybody (mostly!) loves roses. It simply means love and appreciation.

I love simple clasps for most of the time but I am attracted to this clasp!

Sun Moon Stars
Designer: Tomas Cenius
Price: RM259.00
It gives the magical feeling, don't you think so?

Nonetheless, they have loads of Kits according to themes, and below is the very cute Winter Forest Kit (most bottom left).

They say, love melts a frozen heart. Agree!!
That is why I love autumn much more as it melts away the snow and brings life again to the frozen forest in cartoons.


There are a variety of them. From sterling silver, gold, 14k gold & leathers (in various colors).

I'd opt for sterling silver chains as they look timeless and is easy to match.

Locations (Offline & Online)?
In Malaysia:

Trollbeads Mid Valley Megamall
75Syed Putting Circle
Kuala Lumpur
Tel.: 0060 322020728

Trollbeads Sunway Pyramid
Street PJS 11/15
47500 Petaling Jaya
Tel.: 0060 356130728

Trollbeads Vivacity
Jalan Wan Alwi
93350 Kuching
Tel.: 5646 654654

Full list of stores, HERE.

For more info on new collections and the upcoming Mothers' and Fathers' Day gift, follow:

That's all from me!
Hope you find this post helpful!


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