(Review) What I Love about Beautea Rose Tea, the King of Roses!

Hello lovelies.

Premium rose tea this round!! ^^

Benefits of Roses:
Rose petals were initially used in baths of the ancient Greek & Romans.
Many of you may know that roses has been widely used in the beauty industry and slowly crept into the f&b industry.

Roses are known for their antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant, moisturizing, relaxing, and toning properties while also a natural fragrance.
P E R F E C T !!!
Thus it is great to treat abrasions, burns and other skin conditions.
As for inner consumption, it helps to ease sore throat, cough and fever.

Using my Samadoyo Teapot hubs got me in 2015, I love how easy it is to filter out the flowers whilst enjoying my aromatic Beautea rose.
Of course, you can also consume the flower if you'd like ^^

I actually received this at the end of December 2017 but due to some personal stuff going on my post was delayed.

Thanks for the Christmas gift Beautea! It comes in a sturdy box decorated in green satin ribbon and a bell in the centre that highlights the festive Christmas season. Upon opening the box you will see the lovely pink rice paper that gives a very feminine touch.

Here is the sturdy and chic can that looks really classy and inside is a tiny pack of Premium Beautea Rose Tea.

It comes in a sachet of  15g, priced at RM69 (HERE)

I personally think that it would make a good gift to your friends or loved ones who would appreciate flower tea.


Beautea Rose has existed for more than 1300 years, locating strategically at the foothill of a high mountain, along a river stream. It is also accompanied by the four seasons (summer, spring, fall and winter).

FYI, Beautea Rose is considered King of Roses under the rose family species for its immense petal, flavor & essential oil.

Why Beautea Rose?

The roses grow organically WITHOUT the use of pesticides, fertilizer or artificial weeding. Due to its delicate nature, harvesters pluck them only between 4am - 6am, to avoid sunlight exposure. They managed to obtain the purest form in terms of color, aroma, essential oil & nutritional value of the rose by using low temperature steam-drying method.

FYI, it  only blooms for about 20 days in early May. Harvesters gets to enjoy the pleasant rose aroma while picking the largest rose between 4am - 6am.

Beautea Rose VS rose buds?

Both are Beautea roses.
The less expanded Beautea rose in darker color is the one I put in  much later while the Beautea rose with lighter color and much expanded was steeped for quite some time.
(Under natural lighting!)

Rose buds are harvested prematurely while Beautea roses are fully matured, thus contain the highest amount of nutrition. Rose buds are picked at anytime of the day while Beautea roses are only harvested between 4am - 6am (that's when the essential oil is at its peak!). During brewing, the rose buds outer layer are only exposed and can only be steeped for 2-3 times. The Beautea rose slowly expands over time, secreting aroma continuously & can be steeped for 7-8 times.
Nutrition-wise, of course Beautea rose has a much higher content.

More FAQs, HERE! ^^


Upon opening the sachet, the light rose fragrance flowed out. Love that its light, natural and not overwhelming to my nose.

Time for the taste test!

Here I am just smelling its scent upon steeping for the first round. I love seeing the rose expands and its color getting less intense every second. The tea also has a light yellow color to it but no worries, they are the very nutritional rose essential oil! Its also surprising that every sip is light and I just want more of it.

I do observe the sweet tinge among the light floral smell and taste.
Definitely a different experience coz I previously only buy rose buds and their taste quickly disappear.

Would re-purchase soon as my mom and siblings love love love it!

I tried steeping it in my 1L bottle and boy it was super nice.
Initially thought that the scent and taste would not be detected as there is too much water...I was wrong, I LOVE it!
Definitely a pleasant incident.


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