(Review) PCC Hair Treatment at Hair Equation

Hello loves, since my first post for 2018 is on premium masks from ID.AZ Korea, this second post will be on premium hair treatment !!!

It's price is affordable too and the effect is for long term!
Its quite a bargain for me as most treatment these days are temporary only :)

That's me right after my PCC hair treatment. Thank you Daniel from Hair Equation! Me lovin' my strong manes ^^
(Scroll till bottom of the post to see my before-after!!)

I was super excited ever since I was first introduced to the groundbreaking Protection Cheveux Complexe (PCC) treatment last October 2017 and in December 2017 I got to experience it myself at Hair Equation, Setia City Mall (They are a complete hair salon that covers from basic hair cut to colors and treatments. They are one of the few salons that offer PCC treatment in Malaysia).

Who needs Protection Cheveux Complexe (PCC) treatment?
Damaged, brittle hair.

Damaged hair + PCC = regeneration of stronger healthier hair

Why Should You Get It?
Prescriptive products (each treatment are tailored to your needs)
Pure premium ingredients (a little goes a long way!)
Handcrafted from purest raw ingredients!
No extra treatment hours (your hair will thank you in the long run!)


Upon arrival, I was greeted by the kind staff there.

Each step was explained to me and let's jump right in!

With only 4 products, you will achieve stronger hair in 1 hour++!


Step 1:

 Ampoule aka Complexe 1 Concentrate (only available at salon)
It contains cysteine, criss-linked cysteine, & keratin that repairs broken bonds and helps brittle hair regenerate.

Either use it alone or with other hair chemical. Soak each strand for 5 mins and rinse off. You will smell sulphur scent (but I weirdly like the smell! XD), but do not worry. Your sulphur bonds (strongest bonds) are repairing itself.

Step 2:

Rinse away and wash with La Biosthetique Color System Interactive Shampoo. It has a pleasant fruity-ish smell.

Step 3:

Towel dry your hair. Instead of the conditioner step, apply Complexe 2 Spray follow by a leave on Mask Intense hair mask for 10 minutes. Comb thoroughly.

Step 4:

Steam at the lowest temperature (not necessary!) for 10 minutes. Rinse & blow dry. You will have a smooth, strong and nice smelling hair. ^^

Continuous usage of their La Biosthetique in-home kit will ensure healthier hair in the long run! ^^


Overall, service was wonderful!
The image below tells you everything you can expect from just 1 treatment!

Personally, my head and hair feels lighterHair looks amazingly smooth and healthyColor looks refreshed too. Smooth wise not so much (coz its all about the improvement of hair strength!) but nothing a hair mist/oil can't solve!

I was told that if you do this treatment continuously, your hair will slowly regain its smoothness as well. ^^

Price ranges from RM1XX-RM2XX only!!!! Isn't that affordable!
Would definitely return for a second treatment for further review ^^

Make an appointment with Hair Equation (Setia City Mall) now:
Tel.: 03-3358 4066



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