(Shoutout) Shizens x Amber Beauty Tips!

Hi lovelies!

December is here and I am so sorry for the lack of update in November coz I have been quite occupied with my personal stuff & am re-organizing a new schedule for me.

A week back I have attended a beauty sharing event, thanks to Bella for inviting me along.

Here is the roadshow where you can sign up for two sessions of facial treatments at RM68 (with expiry of course! But SO AFFORDABLE!) and also discount of their serum!

I got the chance and gather my courage to ask Amber for a selfie.
She is truly the most humble supermodel and an aspiring soul!

Mom said I was super duper happy, even more happy than when my hubby kissed me, lol XD

Beauty tips:

Amber begins by telling us "There are NO ugly women, only lazy women!"
This quote is very true and I have noticed that when I am much more hardworking in caring for my skin versus days where I don't give a shit about my face (my skincare routine can be as simple as cleanser & moisturizer!)
Don't be like me coz you'll regret later!

She goes for light make up when there are no important function
(Thus it won't be a problem when she bumps into friends, fans, or relatives who spontaneously wants to take wefies)

Amber recommends her favorite- Shizens lip tattoo can be used for both her lips and cheeks.
"...regenration of pink lips are important especially for those who wear lip products ALOT!"

Amber's skincare routine:
Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Moisturizer, Sunblock & Facial (during her down days!)
Facial is super important especially when you need immediate treatment for your skin.
She exclaims her love for facial at Shizen's cabin as the staff doesn't pressure you in signing for packages. What's important is that the shoulder massages makes her doze off so fast and the absorption of subsequent products are much better.

Here, Samson is teaching us how to use the Shizens Silky Matte Foundation.
Darker shades can be use for contouring while lighter shades (that matches your skin) can be used like any other foundation that blur pores, even skin color, cover freckles etc.

Best to apply it with you fingers.
Finger application is said to help product adhere better to the skin.
Rub the product, dab the product onto desired area and blend for a smooth texture.

I was surprised that you can apply over already make-uped face!


The skincare and makeup packaging are so classy and clean!

Both the above are their newly launched product, the Shizens Silky Matte Foundation & 2-in-1 lippie (lipstick & gloss at the bottom)
Above are the tips mentioned using it!
Comment down below if you want me to review the products! :D

Here are the skincare range available for your skin's need.

Group Photo:

Amber casually chat and give us tips in caring for our skin, taking photo and so much more! ^^

Fellow influencers and their goodies ^^
Thank you shizens and Amber for a wonderful afternoon!
I am putting in the tips to my routine ^^

(Image by official photographer. I tweaked the lighting etc.)

Psst...stay tuned for my facial experience at their cabin!



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