(Shoutout) All NEW Facelift of Bio Oil®, Sleeker and More Elegant

Hello loves, today's post is simply a shoutout and update for you Bio-Oil® lovers and fans!

On the left is a big bottle I last purchased in their old design.
On the right is a smaller bottle I received in their all new design!
I am excited to share with you the all new facelift of Bio-oil®!

This new facelift was launched on 15th December 2017.

Bio-Oil® was well-loved by many for its decade long presence in Malaysia. It's miraculous multi-purpose oil has revealed a sleeker, contemporary facelift.
"No.1 Selling Scar & Stretch Mark Product" in over 24 countries including Malaysia, UK, Australia & New Zealand.

Let's jump right in!

This is the old design:

Their signature "Fresh, Clean, No-nonsense look"

Their latest facelift:

Their signature look of "Fresh, Clean, No-nonsense" is maintained and added "Approachable & Elegant look". 

Do note that the facelift is strictly physical so no worries when using it!

What I Love about its Packaging:
I love how functions and info are printed both on the box and bottle so when I throw away the box I still know how to use it. Various methods of usage are listed in details too.
Its new facelift is definitely sleeker and clean.
I like how they kept their signature white and orange colors

I do not have to rave about the effectiveness of Bio-Oil® coz you, your friends or someone on the net would have been raving or recommending it to you.

PurCellin OilTM aids in deep penetration and nourish the skin without leaving any oily residue.

Ingredients Highlight:
Vitamin A & E
Natural Plant Oils (Lavender, Calendula, Rosemary, Chamomile)
PurCellin OilTM

Suitable for:
Sensitive skin (hypoallergenic and non-acnegenic ie. do not cause acne)
Pregnant women (prevent stretch marks, pigmentation etc)

60ml (RM34.95)
125ml (RM58.25)
200ml (RM79.45)

Available at:
ALL leading pharmacies and personal care stores nationwide.

Thanks again to amazing PR team for including me in as I am a big fan of Bio-Oil®.
I use it to hydrate my super dehydrated and also to help reduce appearance of insect bites and new scars XD 


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