(Review) Sugao , the latest J-Beauty Makeup You gotta Have!

Hi Lovelies!!

I have been using this product over two months with other babies I have and I must say I am lovin' this Japanese make up product so far.

First of all I wanna thanks pr for the surprise mail as I really really really wanna get it upon seeing it in Watsosn store. Arisa recommended me to get both the lip tint and lip and cheek tub coz they were super good when I asked her which lip product is better :)

Of course, the main impulse to get the product was the swatches I see in IG!

So light, natural yet build-able.

Rohto-Mentholatum Malaysia is awesome coz they have launched Sugao, that draws on naturality, sheer lightness and softness in achieving natural beauty.

Here with me are the babies from Sugao.
More deets below ^^

Sugao is a Japanese word which means bare, natural face.
I believe this product would be favorable among many especially for those who prefers natural makeup and also on days where laziness kicks in but you still need to look presentable!


Lets start the test now!!

Bee Lee's  Sweet, No Make Up Attempt with Sugao makeup 

My just cleansed face.
Looks not too bad from afar & with the help of natural lighting ^^

*especially obvious flaw was my darkened forehead*
I personally have a dry-combination skin.
A closer look of the imperfections:
Uneven skin, pores, redness around nose and acne areas, acne marks, & freckles.
Not forgetting that aging eyes and panda eyes :/

After cleansing using Meditree cleanser (full review will be up soon!), I prepped my face with theses babies for a simpler skincare routine. Firstly is the Diamond spray mini review (at the bottom of the post) instead of toner, followed by CNP Laboratory Propolis Energy Ampule & Meditree moisturizer (full review will be up soon!). Then finish off with  Mentholatum Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Mild Gel SPF30,. 

Its time to go for Sugao's first product!

#1 Sugao Air Fit CC Cream
(25g  RM69.90)

It comes in two variations: Moist and Smooth.

Also available in Pink Bright shade that gives a softer look with slightly pink tints.
Mine was the Smooth version in 01 Pure Natural <Bright Skin Tone>

Simple clean packaging.
Nice tube and good control over amount dispensed.

It does slight brightening and evening out of my skin; that natural sheer coverage, I like!


Swtaches on my face

I think my overall skin tone looks much better, tho I should have dispensed more on my forehead and chin area.

That healthy glow on the cheeks & smooth-looking skin! ^^

I love the light souffle-like texture that makes the application EASY and COMFORTABLE on my skin, as if I am wearing nothing. Pores are less visible and skin more even toned with just a thin application (of 0.01mm to be exact). It also keeps my oily T-zone at bay and dries down to a silky matte finish. I wore it for the whole day and needed a touch of loose powder at the second half of the day ^^

4-in-1 (Powder, Foundation, Makup Base, and SPF 23 A+++)
It is awesome as well coz it is fragrance-free & alcohol-free!!

#2 Sugao Cheek & Lip
(6.5g  RM59.90)

It comes in three variations: Natural Red, Active Orange, and Brilliant Pink.
Mine was the Natural Red version.

I love multi-use product!

Just swatches of the Sugao Cheek & Lip.


After doing my eye liner and brows, I gave my cheeks life!

It may look super red (which I was initially really scared), but look at the next picture! ^^

That mild natural flush, me likey ^^
For days where I feel 'extra', I the flush on the cheek is totally buildable ^^

Same light souffle-like texture that immediately melts into powder form for a soft natural flush.
The color is also build-able too! I find that it is suitable to be applied on both lips and cheeks for the fresh and healthy look, don't you agree?

2-in-1 (for the lips and cheeks)
Have yet to try to see if it works well as an eye shadow XD 
Convenient & natural!

#3 Sugao Lip Tint
(4.7ml  RM45.90)

It comes in three variations: Juicy Red, Sweet Pink and Apricot Pink.
Mine was the Sweet Pink version.

I like how this wand makes the application a breeze!

The swatch for the lip tint are the top ones.
Definitely natural too. It looks slightly on the orange-y side.

My dry, pale lips which I have tried to prime with my lip balm but... XD

It looks so girly and definitely watery.
I like how it does NOT accentuate my lip lines.


My full look!
What do you think?

It comes in a water form which I love upon application coz it feels slightly cooling. Overall, my lips look & feel natural, comfortable and weightless. It last quite some time but not as lasting as I hoped it to be. Most importantly, it does NOT accentuate my lip lines <3 Over time, it dries down to a silky matte finish.

However, from super up close, I can see that the color tint does not color the lips evenly. So I will use it as a base and top up with my Sugao Lip & Cheek in Natural Red. Love the combi and also it is suitable to be used with my other lip product from Canmake ^^

A little goes a long way

Spamming a few more with my full look after adding a second layer of Sugao Lip Tint.

Get yours a SELECTED Watsons outlets!


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  1. I love the products you used and I really like the overall look. The application looks really fine and smooth. Thank you for sharing your reviews with us