(Review) Make Your Concept Black Set from A:Concept

Hello lovelies!

Merry Christmas!!!!
I am just stuck at home now rushing blogs XD

Bet everyone have settled with their gift finding and wrapping!
Anyhow, this would make a wonderful gift for birthdays or just a random surprise!

As a makeup junkie, I would be more than happy to receive gift sets like this!

After playing around with A:Concept Make Your Concept (Black Set), I would say its awesome for newbies to the k-beauty world as well as for those who are on-the-go individuals since they are compact and handy.

This is how handy and that is why I love it!

The exterior looks like this!

1x All In One Brightening A:Cushion
1x All In One Brightening A:Cushion Refill
1x A:Coral Lip & Cheek
1x A:Red Orange Lipstick

It opens up like this.
The packaging itself looks so festive and fun!

Looks like another awesome gift for your girls / makeup lovers!

Let's jump right in!



All In One Brightening A:Cushion

Super light dab coz I focus in snapping pics, paiseh!

SPF35 pa++ uv protection

Black classy container which are quite durable.
It opens up uniquely coz if you have inserted your lip or cheek product beforehand, both the casing and the lip product opens up together.

#21 (Light Beige)
#23 (Natural Beige)

I got shade #23 coz I feel dark at times or shade #21 for that tone up effect.

I got #23 (Natural Beige) and it blends well into my skin. I used it after my primer and it blends easily into my skin. It does cover redness but not my dark circles. It lightens my dark circles slightly. Coverage is slightly buildable till a near medium coverage for evening out my skin. I do not use loose powder after that coz using it alone makes my skin have a slightly dewy finish. After some time it does cake especially around my eye area and where my glasses sit, however, a little rubbing still makes me look overall flawless :)

Touching up with loose powder is not necessary for my skin coz sometimes only my T zone will be oily. I do not touch up with cushion coz it actually lasts quite some time.

With a price like this and a free refill, defintiely a steal!!!

A:Coral Lip & Cheek
(You can get it HERE).

A 2-in-1 lip and cheek product.

Simple and chic. 


I only had my primer, All In One Brightening A:Cushion and now dabbing some A: Coral Lip & Cheek on my cheeks.
(Clearly concealer is needed badly for my dark eye circles!)

I can easily blend out and achieve that natural flushed cheeks. Lastly, I finished off my eyebrows and eye liner.
It is said to be a color suitable and loved by Asian skin.
I love how its a multi-purpose product for both the lips and cheeks.
I love how the color is buildable on the cheeks.
It blends easily on my cheeks yet looking naturally flushed, love it!
HOWEVER, the formula is too drying on my lips. Upon application on my semi-dry lips, the product just doesn't sit on my lip and enhance my lip lines. Its just drying and I cannot pull off this color. Probably coz I don't wear make up that often that's why I personally think I look sick-ish I don't know why.
I find myself picking it as my blusher this whole month.

A:Red Orange Lipstick
(You can get it HERE and HERE).

Matte lipstick.

Simple and chic.

A:Red Orange
A:Rose Brown (New)
A:Pink Brown (New)
A:Brick Brown (New)

Cheeks and lips look good!

I was surprised how smooth my lips look tho the base was already dry. XD

Its shape is round so it may be slightly hard to reach at the corner of the lips.
Feels dry on no balm lips but really vivid color and application is surprisingly smooth on lips.
Likes how this bold lips brighten my soft natural look.
Much more moisturising compared to the A:Coral Lip & Cheek


Overall thoughts:

My whole face with  A:Concept Make Your Concept Black Set
Brought along my Brightening cushion for backup (surprisingly no need to touch up!)
Hair from Hair Color Expert Malaysia.
Jacket from HK
Shoes from Nike
(Image credits to second sis, Karen. Her shot surprised me!! Thanks for making me so tall and chio!)

YES. It is still available at Althea Korea. It costs only RM106 for 4 items!
It's super affordable and of quality tho I may not use the Coral one for both my lip and cheeks. I like how each of them perform great on my skin, cheeks and lip. Will try again with concealer and such and update in my IG @beeleec


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