(Review) Neubodi's Bra Drive 2017 x Product Review

Hi lovelies,

Last week I got the chance to drop by Neubodi's HQ in Kota Damansara for a fitting session and also educate ourselves with caring for our bra etc.

Before I continue, have you already checked out the campaign that I had blogged about?
It ends on 05/11/2017!
Be sure to drop your used bras into their pink bra bins at any of their outlet!!!!

Outlet includes:
• Mid Valley Megamall
• One Utama Shopping Centre
• Bangsar Village II
• Encorp Strand (High Street)
• Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Mall
• Imago Shopping Mall
• Vivacity Shopping Mall
• Suria Sabah Mall

I have dropped 3 of mine into the bra bins

I saw a customer who entered and grab this immediately.
Let's do our part in this Neubodi Bra Drive 2017.
Just donate, support, & recycle!
It'll definitely cheer up somebody's day!
Bras of any brand are welcome!
Bras to-be-donated includes sport bras, dailywear bras, nursing bras & mastectomy bras.
Before you donate them, be sure to wash it, check it & bin it!

Before the fitting session starts, these are the thoughts running wild in my head:

What ifs..... What if I couldn't fit into any of the bras at Neubodi (even the smallest cup??) coz when I shopped at Young Hearts I barely can fit into their smallest sized bra cups. In La Senza or Cotton On, I go for padded ones 98% of the time and for sure I go for As or small Bs max.

"I always thought that I was a small small A...until I was fitted and measured at Neubodi."

My Fitting Session Experience with Neubodi:

#1 Magical Hands!
The way they "measure" you is just "magical".
NO measuring tape is required!!! ONLY her hands!
Its a unique hand measuring technique!
*go try yourself!* 
She just simply cup her hands around your rib cage (at the underbust area) and she gets you your bra to try. I was with two other friends and the staff got all 3 of us the right bra size at the first choice she chose.

If my jaw can drop, sure it is on the ground!!

#2 Getting the right fit!
Upon trying the first bra the staff also taught me how to "properly" wear my bra (by pulling the extra boob meat at our sides and back of our abdomen) and I am a mid-B when wearing their non-pushups. Just surprised and speechless.

I feel so cheated for my 20ish year of my life and felt sorry for my breast coz I have clearly neglected it for so long.

Also, strap are tightened till one finger still can go under it. same goes to the bands.

When you get the right fit, you shouldn't feel any pain or discomfort when you properly wear them.
Go for the fitting for the wow experience!

Go experience yourself at Neubodi:

Hands down to the fitting session! I have never felt so relaxed when getting bra coz there are just so much sizes and styles to choose from. Here at Neubodi, they ensure that you get the right size and educating all-you-need-to-know from fitting to caring for your bras!

Also, you can always tell them your preference first and let them take the bra for you.

I personally am happy with the bra I got.

It was a push up bra but it was different from the other ones I had at home. The ones at home were far thicker than the ones at Neubodi. A little push up is enough and actually done a better job in the long run.

Also, purchasing decision was much simplified for me. I got what I want and whats best for me and my breast.

Most importantly, the bra gave me 3 Cs.

Fun Fact:

NOT all types of bras are suitable for all kinds of breast shape/size.
I always thought all types of bras fit all kinds of breast. So wrong! XD
At Neubodi, a certain breast will fits most to a certain type of bras there, but of course you can always pick the others not in the top of the list.

CARE for your bra:

Bras at Neubodi can last up to 180 washes.
So of course you are gonna rotate among several bras right! You do the math! ^^

When soaking, choose gentle detergents over the normal clothes detergents and only scrub the underband. For the cups, gently press it with your palm and fists together.

When drying, do clip it horizontally at the underband part so it dries literally upside down.
I always have it hang in a U shape (where the cups kinda sandwiched each other by hanging at a horizontal bar) which is wrong!!
Never hang and clip by the straps coz that way your straps will become loose at a faster rate.

When storing, go for containers or clip it upside down.


The store may look little but here I would like to refresh your memory a bit on how versatile and thoughtful Neubodi is in ensuring that they can cater to all shapes and sizes in the market.

WE sell more than undergarments at Neubodi. Our hand-sewn lingerie consists of over 600 sizes, colours and designs, available up to I cup.

Some maternity wear, sports wear, sleep wear, construct wear and occasion wear.

Models and designs of bras are just wonderful.

Higher bands and buckles help to give support and reconstruct your boobs.
You must go try the fitting session yourself!
Some of them are also pretty and sexy.


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