(Review) Cutie Nails Spa Saloon

Hello lovelies, how is your Ocotober so far?

I am so glad to be able to refresh my nails again since my last one done at Posh! Nail Spa at TTDI branch.

This time, I am having my gel mani with nail art done at Cutie Nails Spa Saloon.

Before coming to the place, my expectation was hiked coz my friend, Racheal commended on how fast the whole thing took.

You can easily waze the location and identify a cute pink sign.

Here is a list of their services ^^


It is a simple place that compensates with the efficiency and hygiene level of the manicurist there.
I like how the manicurist is open to suggestion and the price is actually quite affordable IMO.
Read more and see promotions ongoing now !!!

Most her clients are by appointment.

There are several brands that are for normal lacquer and only 1 brand for gel lacquer, that is, a local brand called Catwalk. Such a cute name!

These are the qualification of the manicurist, lady boss herself!
So impressive!

A panorama shot of all the designs of mani you can imagine.
Of course, you can always show her what you want.
That oven thing on the right is a sanitizer for all her tools and such.

Kiple users, you can pay via your kiple app in case if you forgot to bring your wallet!
Isn't that convenient? :)


Gel polishes are of local brand, called Catwalk.
Basically it helps to hasten the mani process, especially the nail art that may take the longest time to finish.

This is the complete nail art.
Only with 2 gels (Gel Polish A & B), viola!

The art is dependent on how the manicurist direct the stroke.
Traditional mani also can do this kinda nail art but an extra step is required (by applying with a special lacquer).

As she draws on my nails. It first appears as solid colors. Less than a minute, it feathers out as if it is "blooming".

Overall I really like the finish of my mani as it isn't the really really thick layer.
For the top coat, I have the option to choose either the normal glassy top coat or a "rubber seal" known as the matte, rubbery coat that has a similar touch sensation to balloon.

I personally really like how fast the whole thing took.
Mine was about at max 1.5 hours, including me taking pics and such.
There is no downtime. For example, "you can only touch water after 1 or 2 hours leaving the saloon!" , "the under layer isn't completely dry so be careful", etc. You get the picture right. I can technically do anything including cooking right after without worrying about anything that is gonna destroy my nail art.

I was also super excited when I heard that her gel polishes ("Catwalk") are of Malaysia brand.
My first time hearing that Malaysia has their own lacquer which is also certified as organic products (this means they are made of lesser chemicals). It is also said to be safe even for pregnant ladies.

I am impressed with the end result.
Would wanna try marble nail art next with the Catwalk gel polishes.

What do you wanna try?

Here are the ongoing promotion if you are interested to try the Catwalk polishes ^^

Another shot of privileges if you would like to be a member. ^^
If only I live nearer, I will consider this XD

For more info, you can always visit their:

Operation hours:
11am - 6pm

Make appointment:
+ 60 16 915 8360
(via Whatsapp, WeChat, or message)


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